Puzzle Pieces

I don't really know where this came from...but anyway it's here for you to read :) Sorry if it's depressing haha


1. #1

Why can't life be simple,
A path with lines to follow,
No different pieces slotting together
None missing, hurtful, sorrow?

Why can't it just be easy,
To escape the unknown cause,
The stress that builds, the fire that blazes,
Why can't it all be paused?

Why do we all clash together,
Problem after problem arising,
No hand in hand agreements,
No spot-on perfect timing?

Why can't it just be sorted,
So it doesn't all happen at once,
Because one minute you're breathing, alive,
The next you're hanging on, for months?

For problem after problem comes crashing down,
Pieces flying into your face,
The puzzle mixed up, replaced, forgotten,
But still goes on, the human race.

You try and fit it together,
You try and fix the broken ends,
But no matter how hard you attempt to succeed,
Your outcome twists, it changes, it bends.

Soon enough you're further away than you started,
With the first problem so small in the world,
And all these effects and causes surround you,
Where's my instructions, where have I been told?

Because this isn't what I asked for,
I tried to do what was right,
But all life does is throw back obstacles,
After all, the end's now long past sight.


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