The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


13. Thomas x

He arrives in the box:

I’m fast asleep, snoring, in deep dreams when I’m slammed around the head with a pillow. I squint my eyes open, attempting to look as though I’m still asleep.

“Rise and shine! We need you.” I hear a British accent murmur.

“Couldn’t you need me in my sleep, please?!” I moan. My hands attempt to untangle my hair and I stretch my joints. “What’s up?”

“New greenie, your turn to show him around.”

“Another boy huh? Alright then I’m going.” I sigh heavily and drag myself along to the bathroom. A quick brush of the teeth and comb of the hair and I’m walking towards the box where I can see Alby talking to the green bean. Upon arriving at the leader, I wrap my arms around him in a hug and say my hellos. Turning around, I look the newbie up and down with the desire of freaking him out.

“So this is our new meat, huh?” I stare him down. His Adams apple bobs and evident fear is in his eyes.

“Fresh from the box.” Alby grins and pats me on the back. “He’s all yours.”

I smile my goodbyes and turn once again to face the new boy. His dark hair falls into his eyes and he has to do adorable head flicks to keep it out of them.

“Relax!” I smile and playfully punch his arm. “I’m not going to hurt you, come on.” He smiles back and we walk on. 


Sorry, my Thomas ones always seem to be short:(

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