The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


1. Thomas x

You Want To Be A Runner:


Minho smiled at me in an encouraging way. I was just about to confirm to the keepers during a gathering that I really wanted to be a runner. The keeper of the runners had already agreed to it and I was so excited. Newt looked in my direction and prompted me to say my decision.

"I have decided... I would love to be a runner." I smiled. Newt grinned as if he had already suspected that.

"Great. We need more people out there!"

"Glad I could help!" I stand up and run outside, becoming even more excited as I go. Without even thinking about it my feet take me towards someone who I can't wait to tell.


I see the back of his brown hair and run towards him.

"Tommy!" I shout and grab his arm.

"Hey! What's up?" He smiles, his eyes twinkling.

"I have some great news!" I sing. He nods at me to carry on. "I'm going to become a runner!" His smile falters but then he replaces it quickly. His eyes don't twinkle the same and the smile doesn't reach his eyes. He looks away from me, studying the floor.

"Hey Tom? Are you okay?" I grab his chin to make him look at me.

"Are you sure?" He whispers. "It's so dangerous."

"I'll be fine. If Minho says I can go then you must know I'll be okay."

Thomas seems to be thinking this through before grabbing my hand and walking to the maze doors. He stares intently at the maze and breathes deeply through his nose. I admire the way his chest rises and falls and his eyelashes flutter in the wind. He turns to face me.

"I have one condition." He stares into my eyes.

"Yes?" I faintly whisper. The wind whips my hair around my face and he reaches out to tuck a strand behind my ear. He leans in.

"Run with me?" His breath fans over my face and I breathe in his sweet scent. He kisses my cheek and I blush.


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