The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


17. Newt x

I sigh as Minho walks towards me at the box.

“What’s going on?” He asks.

“Alby’s in there, talking to our new greenie.” I peer down and look at the black boy who’s talking to a blond haired boy. As if sensing me looking at him, he swings his head up and our eyes meet. His eyes are dark and they twinkle as they meet mine. Alby looks up and smiles, he waves me down. I jump.

“Hey y/n, this is Newt.” Alby smiles and gestures me to meet him.

“Hey Newt!” I smile and shake his hand. He smiles shyly bak.

My eyes appraise his blond hair and muscular build. My cheeks blush and I look down at the floor confused. No other boy has ever made me feel this way before. Even though I’ve only just met him, I have this overwhelming desire to get to know to know him better. As I look up from the floor his eyes are still on me. We both smirk and look away quickly.

“I’m going to get some boxes. Show him around for me?” Alby finishes as he walks away.

“This way.” I gesture towards the rope hanging. Awkwardly we both grab the rope at the same time and our hands brush. I blush even more. He holds my arm as he helps me on to the rope first. A perfect gentleman.

Sorry, I feel like this isn't as good as my other Newt ones. All my ideas kind of ran out oops

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