The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


15. gally x

The loud siren goes off and everyone groans. The piercing sound screeches through my ears and along with Newt and Alby, I cross the glade to the doors. Inside I hopefully pray, desperately wanting it to be a girl. I arrived a few months ago and have been so lonely. Newt and Alby are great, but not so when you want a feminist chat. A couple of boys swing the doors open and there’s a loud yell from the inside. The greenie.

“Hey. What the hells going on here?!” Uh-oh, he doesn’t sound happy at all. Alby and Newt jump in the box and I watch as they walk towards him, palms forward. An act of surrender.  

“I’m Alby and this is Newt. We’re going to help you out, okay?”

“No.” The boy stands up and he towers over the two of them, fists clenched. “Tell me what the hell is going on.”

“Klunking hell.” I mutter under my breath. “This is not going well.”

“We can’t tell you anything right now, it’s for your own good.” Newt attempts to calm the situation. The newbie doesn’t appreciate this and swings his right arm at Newt’s jaw. The impact knocks him to the ground and the cage shudders. The boy advances towards Alby and I instinctively jump in the box. My feet plant between Alby and the greenie. I stare at the new one. Our eyes lock and I can see in his eyes that he isn’t going to hurt me.

“Hey.” I say. “I’m y/n, do you know your name?”


“Hey Gally, welome to the glade. I’ll answer any questions I can when we get out of this box, okay?”

His body stiffens and he takes a quick glance up at all the boys staring.

“OI, clear the area shanks.” I order, staring as they all walk away. “Nice right hook by the way.” Something within him calms down and he grins back. 

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