The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


14. Alby x

My eyes snap open and immediately I know that I’m not where I fell asleep. My breathing quickens. My heart rate rises. Boxes shudder around me and suddenly I’m propelled through the air. Animal noises emerge from cages and I have a sudden feeling that I too am getting shipped off somewhere. I force myself to calm down and think logically. My name is y/n. I’m… My parents are…. I live in… I can’t remember. Memories and feelings flash before my eyes but they are too watery to grasp on to. They sliver through my fingertips and shimmer away out of reach. My name is y/n. My name is y/n. My name IS y/n. I hold on to that bit of information, not daring to let it out of my reach. Meanwhile, I’m steadily rising in the cage. Lights flashing by, red lights, for a moment illuminating the area around me. I see something glinting, a knife. Hastily I grab it. Pull it tight to my chest. Things can only go up for so long, they have to stop and when they do … there’s no saying where I will be. As if on cue, the box slows down and I grab the side to make sure I don’t harm myself. Everything stops. The air is still. There is a screeching sound from the top so I hide myself into the corner and ensure I’m covered with boxes. I hear boys yelling: “Where is it?” “Where’s the greenbean?” “What’s going on?” I shudder and clasp the knife. I hear a thud and it’s now or never. I swing around the corner and yield the knife before me.

“Woah.” The boy before me is black and muscular, his eyes study me. “I don’t want you to harm yourself.”

“Start talking.” My voice is as strong as I want it to be.

“Look, we know what you do. Just our names and nothing else.” His body language is relaxed and eyes twinkle with truth as he walks slowly towards me. “Alby.” He holds his hand out for me to shake.


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