The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


8. Alby x

My hand reaches out shakily to grab Alby's shoulder. I calmly push while trying to breathe slowly through my nose, putting the dark dreams into a corner of my mind. Locking it in a dark vault, under lock and key. Alby grunts and turns so he is facing me and peers from beneath his eyelashes.

"Is everything okay?" His morning voice whispers with a hint of concern.

"Bad dream." I mutter, not capable of saying anything else. His hand snakes around my waist and pulls me so I am on his chest. I rest my hand around his back and snuggle my head into the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet scent. I sigh. My head vibrates against his chest as he starts to hum a lullaby. I grin at his thoughtfulness and his attempt at getting me back to sleep. And there at that moment I realise how lucky I am to have him and how I would never be able to survive without him. All those dark dreams, they don't matter not when I have someone to protect me when I wake up. I look up at him and watch as he breathes deeply, feeling his chest rising and falling. Knowing I wouldn't have it any other way, I kiss his neck and snuggle further into him.

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