The Maze Runner Imagines

Pretty much what the title says, imagine yourself in The Maze Runner books with your book crush xo


3. Alby x

"No." He states.

"Excuse me?" I raise an eyebrow.

"You can't be a runner. You're a girl!"

I gasp shocked at the sexist remark and turn quickly on my heels and stride away.

"Y/N, stop." Alby pulls my arm and spins me around to face him. "I didn't mean it like that, you know I didn't."

"No, you stop! What a shuck-face. I can't believe you just said that! And you know what? It isn't up to you!" I threaten while running away towards the keeper of the runners. "Minho!" I shout and grab his attention.

"Hey Y/N." He frowns with a smile.

"Y/N come away with me." Alby mutters. "No Minho" Alby holds up a hand to the boy who was about to speak. "This doesn't concern you."

"Actually." I smile sweetly at Alby before turning to Minho. "It concerns you a lot. I'd love to be a runner."

"That's great. You'll be perfect with your long legs!"

"Excuse me?"Alby stutters.

"I meant for running!" Minho surrendered with his hands. "Geez Alby."

"So is that okay?" I ask quickly.

"Yes, you'll fit right in." Minho grins before pulling me in for a hug. "I'm going to talk to the rest of the guys." He leaves me with the last person I want to see. I turn briskly towards him and set my chin up in defiance.

"So. Minho is what I like to consider a supportive friend. Someone who understands what it's like. And you know." I start to walk away before turning to look at him. "That's an attractive trait." I smirk as I walk away, knowing the pain will come later.

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