Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


14. The Perfect Date

I don't want to go home. I know I said I'd agreed to see Jack later, but I want later to be now, I can't wait that long. He makes me feel so much better than Jake ever made me feel. He let's me be free and he trusts me, which is something Jake never knew.

I slowly open the door and shut it carefully, not to make a noise. I go straight upstairs and sneak into my room. When I check my phone I realise it's ten, and also a Saturday, that means it's not unusual for me to wake up at this time. I have a wash and fix my make up so it looks like I've just woken up. I doubt I will pull this off but I really don't want to sit talking to my mom about me and Jack, especially if she knows I stayed over his.

I go back downstairs and find my mom ironing. 'Its about time, honestly Ella, you've wasted half the day!' She says. Part of me wants to smile as she doesn't think I wasn't here last night, but the other part of me thinks that if I do she will just be curious. 'Yeah I'm sorry, after yesterday I just needed a good sleep' I say, completely lying.

'Yes that doesn't suprise me' she says.

'Im going out tonight' I say and go to walk away. 'Hang on' she says.

'What?' I ask annoyed.

'Well, where to, who with and what for?' She asks like some crazy paranoid mother, it's like she doesn't remember I'm officially an adult next week. 'Mom! Does it matter' I moan. 'Yes Ella it does!' She says and I realise there's no point in me arguing because it will just get us in another argument. 'Fine! Probably just out to see a movie or something and I'm going because I want to, ok?' I say.

'With friends?' She asks as that's the one question I didn't answer. 'Yeah a friend ok!' I say. 'A friend...' She begins.

'Yeah ok... I'll leave you to your assumptions' I say and manage to walk off without her calling me back to answer more questions that are playing on her mind. I look back before I walk out and see her smile to her self. I think somehow she knows it's Jack I'm going out with, but partly I want her to know.

I go into the kitchen and bump into Dylan. I try to act like I've just woken up. Dylan's my brother, he can read me like a book. 'Sleep well? Or was it sleeping you were actually doing?' He says smiling like he knows he is irritating me. 'I slept fine' I say trying to act as though I don't know he knows. 'Not as comfy as your own bed though?' He says joking, he clearly knows i stayed at Jack's. I lightly punch him in the arm 'shut up!' I say as I know my mom is in the next room 'you dare tell mom and...' I begin.

'I wasn't going to, but now you mention it...' He says 'mom!' He shouts.

'Dylan no, please don't' I say and try to hold him back, but he's already in the next room. I join him as there's nothing I can do. I don't know why I'm hiding it from her, Jack asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes, it's not like were just hooking up. 'What now?' She asks, assuming we are arguing, which we sort of are. He goes to speak but I don't know what to do. I stop listening as I dread her reaction, I'm sure she would be happy to know I'm seeing Jack but I doubt she'll be happy to know I stayed at his last night. I start listening when I realise he didn't say anything about me and Jack. I walk away, knowing if I stay, my mom will only be wondering why I was so keen to see what Dylan said. I'm soon joined by Dylan in the kitchen. I should be angry with him, but I end up laughing it off. 'Thanks' I say and he smiles. 'I may be many things according to you, but I'm not a grass' he says.

'Yes you are many things, annoying, selfish... Shall I carry on?...' I say.

'No it's alright' he says laughing.

'Anyway, do you not realise how complicated you are right now?' He says.

'Why?' I ask.

'Er... Has it not occurred to you? You've just broke up with Jake and now your with someone else. Also Jake and Jack, how confusing' he says.

'Well technically I've been sort of more than friends with Jack for a while... Well a few weeks' I say weirdly embarrassed.

'Oh so you cheated?' he asks.

'Dylan don't you even... If you knew the whole story with Jake you would never stick up for him' I say getting angry.

'What? What did he do to you?' He asks, concerned. 'It doesn't matter' I say.

'Ella! What did he do to you?' He demands. I find it nice that he for once seems like a caring brother. I realise there's no reason not to tell him, there's plenty of reasons not to tell my mom, but Dylan is different, he is my brother. 'Ok. Basically I was getting sick of Jake treating me badly. He made me feel like crap. When I realised I deserve better things just changed and I started to like Jack instead of hating him. Anyway something happened with him and then I told Jake and...' I begin, but then I get slightly nervous as I'm cautious to tell him. 'Go on' he says.

'Well... It turns out he's... he's slept with loads of other girls... Including Naomi and...' I say stopping, as I get slightly teary, even though I've moved on, it still upsets me he cheated on me and I never realised, it makes me feel so stupid. I wipe away the tears so my eyes are no longer blurry and I see Dylan looks angry, really angry. That only makes me want to cry even more. 'The bastard... How could he? I'm going to...' He begins to say some sort of threat before he notices I'm upset. He walks over to me and seems understanding. 'Its alright El, I wish I knew what you were going through, I wouldn't have acted like such an idiot' he says. He gives me a hug, which is odd for Dylan, he never comes across as the caring type. 'Im over it now anyway it doesn't bother me, it's just that he...' I begin.

'He what?!' Dylan asks and I can tell he's far more than annoyed. 'He called me a...' I say, but I'm worried of how Dylan will react. 'A what?' He says.

'A cheap whore, ok?' I say, relieved there's nothing else to tell him, then I remember he will want to know why. 'Are fucking kidding? Is he serious? How can he call you that, you're far from it. He's the one who's the 'man whore'' he says. I laugh when he says man whore, he is right but it's still funny. 'He says I'm a cheap whore to him' I say.

'He is a complete bastard, I'm not standing for that El, he can't treat you like that' he says. 'Well he did. Anyway, I'm over it now and him. I can't believe I ever dated him' I say.

'I can't believe you put up with him for so long. Why didn't you tell me?' He says.

'Because you're my brother Dylan, I thought you would just make a joke out of it' I say being honest. 'No, this is me being serious, he can't hurt my little sister, who does he think he is?' He says and I smile at him, I've never witnessed Dylan stick up for me like this, it's like he actually cares about me. 'Thank you' I say.

'Its fine, I'm just a good brother' he says and smirks. 'Yeah it is a bit strange' I say joking.

'Im serious though, if I see him again, I'm sorting him out' he says, I go to say ''no'' or ''please don't do that'', but it's gotten to the point where I really don't care about Jake so Dylan can do or say whatever he wants. 'Im going out tonight' I say.

'With Jack?' He says laughing.

'Yes I am. But don't tell mom' I say.

'You know she'd probably be happy to find out you were seeing Jack' he says.

'What? Why?' I say.

'Isnt it obvious? She hasn't stopped going on about him since the moment you met, even when you were with Jake, it was clear she'd rather you be with someone like Jack' he says. 'I suppose. Anyway don't tell her, I still don't think she would be too pleased to hear I stayed over at Jack's' I say.

'Your eighteen soon you can do what you want' he says.

'And if I say that to mom what would she say?' I say as it's always the same answer.

'Not while your under my roof' he says and laughs. 'Yes' I say.

It's soon the afternoon and I decide to ring Zoe. 'Hey' she says when she finally answers. 'How are you? What's going on?' I ask. 'Im fine, things are fine, what about you?' She says.

'Me? Well I did something you might not agree with...' I say.

'What? Tell me' she says, and seems excited. 'Well I've been seeing someone else and I kind of agreed to... To be his girlfriend' I say, nervous to hear her reaction. 'Who?!' She asks, even more excited. 'Jack' I msay.

'Your neighbour Jack? Oh my God! That's so sweet' she says.

'What? You think it's ok? I thought you would have something to say about it' I say surprised. 'Ella when I first saw you two in the same room, I could see you together, he's such a nice guy and he's liked you for ages' she says happily.

'Really? What made you think that?' I say.

'Well he's been all over you since you met him' she says. I guess he did flirt with me a lot when I was with Jake, but I ignored it because I wasn't looking for someone then. 'This must be your pregnancy hormones talking' I say and she laughs 'how are things with that by the way?' I ask.

'Ok actually, better. We have had a lot of time to think about it and now all our family know so it's ok' she says.

'Thats good, I'm really glad to hear it' I say.

'Jerome has been really supportive after you sorted him out' she says.

'What can I say? I'm brilliant' I joke.

'You are' she says.

'Anyway I better get going I've got a date tonight and you know how long it takes me to get ready' I say.

'I do! I'll see you later, bye' she says and hangs up. I'm surprised to hear she and Jerome are ok with the baby situation, I thought it would take them longer to figure out what to do. They love each other so a small thing like that doesn't matter as long as they stick together. I wish I knew what that felt like, to be so in love with someone that the thought of losing them or something coming between them would be devastating.

I find my phone and see Jack has texted me. I read it, ''fancy a meal tonight? Xx'' it says. This isn't just a meet up, this is a proper date, I had never been out for a meal with Jake, his idea of a date was going round his, watching a film and hooking up. It makes me feel special, that Jack wants to take me out. I shouldn't be this excited, but I am, the thought of seeing Jack again is something I can't wait for. I realise I should probably text him back. ''Sounds great, where to?'' I ask.

Not two minutes have gone by before a reply comes. ''That Italian restaurant, we could walk there'' it says. Italian is my favourite, he knows me well even though he didn't know that. ''Great what time?'' I ask. I notice it's gone five when I look at the clock, today has gone so quickly. A text alert comes through.

''Half six if you want to walk xx'' Jack says.

That's one hour, one hour to get ready. I think about saying a later time but I don't want to wait that long to see him so I just agree.

I have the quickest shower I've ever had and dry my hair. I put off deciding what to wear so I do my make up first and leave my hair wavy. I finally find myself in my closet looking for an outfit, I create a huge pile of things not to wear, but the yes pile is empty. The Italian is quite casual which makes it easier to choose an outfit. I then have an idea, I find the dress I wore when I first met Jack, I remember wearing it to college as it's a casual dress, and then being nervous it was actually dressy. It's only plain burgundy coloured, but I usually wear it with a shirt so it is casual. I exchange the shirt for necklace and earrings. I find some slightly small black heels. I nearly forget that it's practically winter so I get a coat. The dress clings to my flat stomach and hugs my hips, I hope I look alright. Hopefully he forgot what I wore that day.

When it's nearly half past I go downstairs and worry my mom will want to see me go. I go off on a whirl and attempt to shout bye without her coming to see me. 'Bye darling have a lovely night!' She shouts back. I keep staring at the door but she doesn't come in. She finally realises I'm practically an adult and she doesn't need to see me out. Then I wonder if it's just because she knows it's Jack I'm going out with.

The door Knocks and I get butterflies in my stomach, but I don't know why. I smile when I see Jack. He wears jeans that are held just below the hips by a belt. Designer laced shoes and black t-shirt with a polo neck that has two buttons undone, I would be satisfied to see him with no top on. He also wears a coat. 'Hey' I say, noticing I was staring.

'You alright?' He asks and smiles. He bites his lower lip and looks at me. 'You look great' he says.

'Thank you' I say and smile.

'You ready?' He asks.

'Yeah' I say.

'Come on then' he says softly and gestures his head to suggest we need to go.

We walk down 'our' street and round the corner. Then it's a straight road up to another corner which is by the restaurant. We walk and talk. 'Its cold, my hands are freezing' I say. 'Better warm them up then' he says and holds my hand. His palm is surprisingly warm, which makes me hold it tighter. We get to the corner and take a left to a row of shops and carry on until we reach the restaurant. He sadly has to let go of my hand when he holds the door open for me.

We get a table in the corner by a window. I look around to check I don't see anyone I know, luckily I don't. After we order, we get a chance to talk again. 'That dress' he says.

'What about it?' I ask concerned.

'You wore it when we met' he says.

'Yeah... I'm sorry I really need to buy some knew clothes I just...' I begin.

'Ella chill, I don't care if I've seen you in it before, it's nice you look really hot' he says casually. I smile. 'It seems like ages since then' I say.

'It has been quite a while' he says.

'Can I ask you something?' I ask.

'Yeah sure' he says.

'When did you first like me?' I ask.

'Then' he says.

'What do you mean?' I ask, confused.

'When we met, I remember my mom nagging me to come down stairs to meet new neighbours which I assumed would just be some old couple, I was glad when I saw you' he says and I laugh as that was my exact though when my mom was dragging me over to their house to introduce ourselves, I thought it would be some old couple. 'What did you think when you saw me?' I ask getting curious. 'That you were beautiful and I thought you were funny' he says laughing.

'Seriously?' I ask shocked he said beautiful. I then recall he also said funny. 'Why funny?' I ask. 'Because you were staring at me and I said hello and you ignored me' he says.

'I wasn't ignoring you I was just... Distracted' I say. 'What by?' He asks but it's clear he knows what I'm going to say. 'By you, I was describing you to myself' I say.

'You were what?' He says confused.

'Describing your features and things to myself, I do that when I meet people' I say.

'How did you describe me then?' He says and raises his eyebrows to me. 'That you had a good style and you had nice hair, I can't remember what else' I say laughing.

'My style? That's what I liked about you, remember when I fixed your car, I thought you looked hot then, like really hot' he says.

'Maybe I'll wear it next time then' I say and realise we are flirting with each other. 'Or maybe just forget the clothes' he says jokingly.

'Jack!' I say laughing.

'Why did you fix my car?' I ask.

'To impress you obviously' he says.

'Why did you want to impress me?' I ask.

'To show you I wasn't the idiot you thought I was' he says.

'I didn't think you were an idiot' I say.

'You hated me' he says laughing.

' I didn't' I say but I know it's true, I did used to find him extremely annoying. 'You always ignored me, I always got stuck talking to your friends' he says.

'What Nikki? She was just all over you because she liked you' I say, realising I haven't thought about Nikki for a while. 'Did she?' He says unsure.

'Yeah she said you were gorgeous' I say. I worry he will say something like ''she is too''but I have to remind myself he's not Jake. 'And did you agree with her?' He asks jokingly. 'Well... No but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking it' I say.

After our main meals we carry on talking. 'So you liked me when we met, what else did you think?' I ask.

'Well I knew you weren't single' he says.

'How?' I ask.

'Your too pretty, I knew you would have a boyfriend' he says.

'It wasn't that, it was just a chance and you guessed correctly' I say.

'Have you ever been single?' He asks.

'Yes of course' I say automatically.

'When?' He asks.

'When I was young and...' I begin.

'So you haven't ever been single?' He says.

'Yes! Year nine I was single on valentines day! I remember' I say finding it hard to remember who I used to go out with.

'So how many boyfriends?' He asks trying to keep in a laugh. I start to count on my fingers as a joke but then I decide to tell him. 'Primary school doesn't count. Year 7 two people I think, year eight I was single till third term then I went out with this guy called Louis. End of year nine I went out with One other person. Start of year ten Harry and then year eleven Aaron...' I go to continue before he stops me. 'Hold on Harry as in your friend Harry?' He asks.

'Yeah, I know it sounds stupid but we were really good friends so we thought we'd try going out but it really didn't work, I don't think it even lasted a month' I say.

'And Aaron?' He asks.

'You know him, you saved me from him, at Smart's party remember? He tried to...' I say, not happy to reminisce on that terrible night.

'You went out with that jerk?' He asks.

'Yeah I know it's stupid. He broke up with me because I wouldn't sleep with him' I say. I hate thinking about it, I never forgave myself for dating Aaron, he was vile. 'Are you serious? That guys a creep' Jack says.

'I know and I was only, like 15, he couldn't expect that from me' I say, I've never said any of this to anyone besides Zoe before, but I'm not afraid of talking about things like that with Jack, he doesn't judge or mock me. 'Anyway then I went out with Jake. Now you, and your the only person that's treated me like a proper girlfriend and we have been together for, 9 hours' I say checking the clock. 'I just treat you the way you deserve to be treated Ella, your an amazing girl you deserve to be treated right' he says and I smile. 'Thats literally the nicest thing anyone's said to me' I say, and it is, not one of the guys I mentioned ever said anything nice to me like that, non of them meant more to me than the status of boyfriend. Jack means a lot more to me.

'How many girlfriends have you had then?' I ask, although I don't really want to know. 'There was Sam, during high school, we were on and off, but she was a bitch, then Mia at end of year eleven but she was just a user and a slag. Then a couple of girls last year, they weren't serious. I suppose you could say you are the best person I've been with and we have only been together 9 hours' he says and I laugh.

'Im not being modest or anything. But you are the only girl I've had to chase, which is what's great about you' he says.

'Thats something you like about me?' I say keen to know. 'There's too many things to mention' he says and smiles at me. The bill comes and he refuses to let me pay, he gives the money, which I find cute. We leave and I realise we have been in there for two hours, I suppose the waiters were getting sick of us.

We walk back to our street. Its a date which means no going back to each other's houses, It's not that but we did spend last night together. 'I had a great time' I say 'thank you' I say and kiss him.

'Do your parents know about us?' I ask.

'No do yours?' He says 'sorry your mom' he adds. 'No, but Dylan does, he guessed' I say. He laughs 'I guess we both have annoying brothers then' he says.

'Thats true'.

He brushes his hand over my head, pulling his fingers through my hair, he doesn't stop looking at me. 'I don't want to go home' I say. 'You can stay over if you want? I'd like you to' he says and his hand drifts down to my waist. 'No I can't, believe me, I want to' I say.

'Then stay' he says kissing my forehead.

'No I can't, my mom will wonder where I am' i say. 'Ok, well make a deal with me?' He says. 'Another one' I laugh.

'Yeah, after the weekend, we will have both told our parents?' He says.

'Deal' I say without thinking.

'Good' he says and kisses me again for what seems like ages. I don't want him to pull away, but he does. 'See you Monday yeah' he says and let's go of my hand that he was holding. 'Yeah' I say. Before I walk away i kiss him. 'Goodnight' he says and smiles. He walked me right to my door so i go straight in and say bye. When I shut the door I find myself crouching down behind it. So much has happened so quickly with Jack, i don't know what's came over me recently but I know one thing, i like Jack so much.

I go through to the next room. I will have to tell her about Jack eventually, why not now. I'm ready to tell her. My decision immediately changes when I see Jane sat talking to my mom. Jack's mom is here, I can't tell my mom now. 'Hello Ella' Jane says.

'Jane, you alright?' I ask and I notice I sound exactly like Jack, that's what he always says when I see him. 'Good Thank you' she says.

'Did you have a good night?' My mom says.

'Yes thank you' I say.

'Jack was out tonight too' Jane says, her tone suggests she assumes something. 'Oh right' I say, acting as though i didn't just go on a date with her son. 'Jane just suggested we all go out for a meal one night' my mom says. 'All of us?' I ask.

'Yes me, you, Dylan, Rosie, Jane, Rick, Tommy... And Jack' she says, I don't know why she paused before she says Jack, it's like they are both working together to expose us, moms are so irritating. 'That would be nice, maybe erm... Maybe in a couple of weeks' I say as I would rather go out with his family when they know I'm his girlfriend, I hate creeping around. 'Yes because it's Ella's birthday next week' my Mom says. 'Oh yes Jack did mention it' Jane says. 'Did he?' I ask, I find it sweet he mentioned it. 'Yeah he did' Jane says smiling. 'Well I best be off anyway, I'll let you know about the meal then, I do like that Italian round the corner' she says. She knows, I'm sure she does. 'Yes good suggestion it's nice there isn't it Ella?' My mom says. 'Yes it's nice' I say. Jane leaves and I sit with my mom for the rest of the night. She drops hints now and then, but I don't know how to tell her, it's awkward.

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