Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


5. Smart's Party

Thankfully I'm nearly ready. I just have to pick which outfit to wear, which takes me twenty minutes to decide between a black or blue low cut top. I decide on the black top and skinny jeans, I grab my leather jacket and go downstairs ready. She texts me saying ''on the way won't be long''. She's getting dropped off here first. I wait in the lounge. 'Where are you going?' I hear an annoying voice in the doorway to the dinning room and see Dylan. 'Out' I say.

'Where?' He asks.

'Just into town with Nikki, not that it's any of your business' I say.

'Hmm I thought you would be going out with Jake' he says, hinting he thinks something is wrong.

'Shut up Dylan' I say.

'What's happened now?' He says, but I know he doesn't really care.

'Mom will you tell Dylan to shut up!' I shout to the kitchen. 'Dylan shut up!' She says.

I smile and laugh at Dylan. The door knocks and I go to get it as it should be Nikki but my mom beats me to it. I go to open the door to the hallway before I hear a voice that isn't Nikki's, I recognise it as Jane, Jack's mom, our new neighbours. '...hello Jack' my mom says. 'Oh crap!' I say realising I said it out loud in front of Dylan. 'What who is it?' He says joining me behind the door before I see the door handle move, I quickly walk away from it to avoid myself looking weird, Dylan does the same. 'Look who's here Ella' my Mom says, acting as though I would be delighted to see people I hardly know. Jane walks through and says hello, along with Tommy and Jack, I say hello just to be polite, when really I'm confused as to why they are here, but then another guy walks in. I recognise him immediately. 'Dr Bennett?' I say confused. 'What are you doing here?' I ask getting more and more confused by the second. 'Ella?' He says. I remain waiting for him to answer my question I almost burst out ''is it Cindy is she ok?'' But part of me thinks that's not why he's here. 'You know each other?' Jack asks.

'Er... This is Jane's husband Ella' my mom says also confused. 'What he is your dad?' I say to Jack and he nods.

I shake my head to break the confusion. 'How do you know my dad?' He says.

'Ella has been visiting a friend at the hospital recently' he says. My mom and Jane laugh and go on talking about the ''coincidence''as they call it. My mom invites them to sit down. 'This is my son Dylan' my mom says introducing him. He sits next to Jack and says hello. 'Sorry Doctor Bennett but can I ask how is she?' I say.

'You can call me Rick, Ella as we are neighbours' he says laughing. 'And Cindy is doing okay she ate without the tube today not much but it was something' he says. Part of me is glad he is our neighbour so he can tell me how she is, but the other part thinks it's a weird coincidence. 'Ella!' My mom says, and I realise she was talking to me but I wasn't listening. 'What?' I say.

She laughs but gives me a serious look I take as her saying ''stop being rude''.

'I said are you going out somewhere?' She says. 'Mom I told you this twice yes!' I say, and she shoots me the look again which I ignore. 'Are you going to that guys party er...—' Jack says trying to remember Smart's name, before I interrupt him, 'no' I say plainly. 'Oh I am, most people are' he says.

'Well just to warn you he's a complete f–' I begin before my mom stops me. The door knocks and I get it, this time it is Nikki, but she runs straight in when she sees Jack sitting in the chair in the next room as I left the door open. 'Hello' he says.

'Hey what's going on?' She asks.

'Nothing Nik, this is Jack's family I told you they were our neighbours' I say.

'Yes I remember!' She says excited and she keeps looking at him. 'Nik are we going then' I ask but she seems to be in a trance. 'Where are you going?' My mom says.

'Again I told you this twice, we're just going into town to watch a movie or something'' I say.

She sighs as she thinks I'm always going out. It goes quiet after a bit and then Jane says, 'anyway we just popped round to invite you round next week, Friday night we are having a small house warming party just to meet everyone, your all invited' Jane says. That sounds lovely, I'm sure we will all make it' my Mom says. 'Do you know if you will all come? Just so I can know for numbers' Jane says. I'm not being horrible but I really don't want to go to a ''dinner party'' at Jack's as well. I can't go, I need an excuse, I need an excuse now. 'Well mom I don't think I can go I'm... I'm going out' I say.

'Where? Who with?' She asks.

'With... With Jake' I say, as he is the first person I think of. She sighs clearly disappointed with my answer. 'Are you?' Nikki asks coming out of her trance. 'Yes' I say giving her a look. 'Im sure you can rearrange Ella just this once' my mom says. When the others aren't looking I give her a glare that says ''I don't want to go'' but she doesn't get it. 'Oh that's great then' Jane says. 'Its only Jake you can rearrange' my mom says and just as she says that she makes me so angry. It's like she refers to Jake as trash or something and my plans with him aren't important. But I don't have any plans with him, this still annoys me. 'What do you mean only Jake?' I say raising my voice, and Dylan pulls an awkward face. 'Ella we will talk about this later' she says as she thinks I will embarrass her or something.

'No, mom if you have anything to say you can say it now' I say. She looks at me and also looks annoyed. She doesn't say anything. 'Whatever were going' I say heading for the door before she stops me. 'And exactly how do you plan on getting to town' Mom says.

'On the bus' I say, I don't want to drive as I know I won't be able to park. 'No, Dylan will you take them' my mom says. I don't see what her problem with the bus is. It's probably just because she thinks it's dangerous or something stupid, although I see Nikki's face light up as she thinks my brother is ''good looking'' for some reason, then again she thinks most people are good looking except for Harry, even though he is. 'We could drop you off couldn't we Dad, it's on the way to where I'm meeting the others' Jack suddenly says, and I think, he has made friends quickly. 'Yes sure' dr Bennett says, or Rick as he said to call him. 'Thats ever so kind of you' my mom says.

'Do you want to go now then?' ''Rick'' asks Jack. 'Yeah let's go' Jack says.

'Are you sure?' I ask. They both say yes and we follow them out to their car. I don't know why we can't get the bus, they both seem nice people but it annoys me that Jack is finding anyway to help me. I better not tell Jake about this, but then I guess he doesn't care. I sit in the back with Nikki and he drives off. Nikki talks to Jack the whole way while I check my phone to see if Jake has sent me any texts, which as no surprise to me, he hasn't. I think Jack wonders why I'm not talking as he looks back and smiles at me. Thankfully no one really talks to me on the short journey. 'We can get out here if that's ok?' I say.

'Are you sure?' Rick says.

'Yes please' I say and he pulls up and I have to drag Nikki out of the car as she is still talking to Jack. 'Thank you for the lift let me know if you ever need me to drive you anywhere' I say to again be polite, but I don't really want to. 'Its fine, catch you later' he says in that same laid back way and his dad drives off. I hear my phone ping, and check the new message, there's no need to get my hopes up as it's from Dylan. ''I will pick u up wen ready'' it says. We could have gotten the bus I don't see why my mom has to interfere. I send back a plain ''ok'' as I'm still annoyed with him for being such an annoying idiot. 'Dylan will pick us up, you can stay over at mine' I tell Nikki.

'Dylan will! Great' she says excited, there are times I wish she was going out with someone like Harry, at least then she wouldn't drool over every guy she sees including my brother. 'Where do you want to go?' I say.

'I don't know, cinema? There's that new comedy I want to see'' she says and I remember seeing the trailer for it . 'Yeah I liked the look of it, let's go'. We walk over the road to the cinema, we don't bump into anyone from college as they're all at Smart's. After, it's a bit late so we just go for a drink at the bar opposite. We leave when Nikki says she's tired and I realise it will take a a while for Dylan to pick us up so I say we will meet him somewhere else, so we can have a walk. We are walking for about ten minutes and then I realise where we are, on Grange Road. I hear the music from the end of the street. We are at Smart's. 'Shall... We just... Pop in, see if it's any good?' Nikki says, although she doesn't look like she can go to another place where there will be drinks. 'You only want to because Jack is there' I say, and she doesn't deny that, that's why she wants to go. 'Come on, we can trash his house, get revenge' she says laughing. 'Ok five minutes' I say without even thinking, I wouldn't have decided this if I hadn't been drinking. We walk up the road, and the doors already open, there are a few odd couples outside that really need to get a room. When we walk In I can see the house is already trashed. The hallway is full of people and so is the staircase. We walk through a group of people to the kitchen, where we grab a drink although I think I will be sick soon. We go back through to look for the others as they are all supposed to be here. I look and look and don't see them. I go to turn back when I see Jack and a few other guys from our college, but Nikki runs up to him, and being her confident self she hugs him and they talk. I look away so he can't see me. I see he is shocked to see her as he didn't know we were coming. She goes to call me over but I've already walked away. I again struggle through the crowd of people when I find Jerome. 'Jerome!' I shout over the music. He says something but I can't hear him. 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?' he shouts again, which I hear. 'Just...' I begin to say before I remember that I don't know why I'm there, I was so against coming. He looks at me still waiting for an answer, I feel hot and dizzy as there's so many people. 'Are you alright?' He shouts. I lightly nod my head. 'Where are the others?' I say while he leads us through to the next room so I can hear him. 'Well Harry clocked out early, said the party was rubbish, which it isn't really so it was obviously an excuse' he says. Why would Harry leave a party, it's not like him, I suggest it may be to do with the whole fiasco with Cindy and Nikki, but I don't know why that would make him leave. 'What about the others? Where's Zoe?' I ask.

'Who?' He says and I realise he's absolutely off his head as he can't even remember his own girlfriend. 'Your girlfriend' I say blatantly.

'Oh... Er I think she's upstairs' he says.

'Upstairs?' I say confused.

'Yeah well we were–' he begins before I tell him it's too much information. 'Where is Jake?' I ask.

'Who?' He says and I know he is joking this time. 'Jake, you know who' I say.

'I dunno' he says. Is he lying? Does he really know? I forget about it when I realise I'm being paranoid. Jerome goes to walk away before I pull him back. 'Are you sure?' I ask.

'Yeah well he might be upstairs' he says. Why would he be there? I need to stop dwelling on it, I'm overthinking it, but that doesn't stop me saying 'why upstairs?'. He shrugs and walks off with a beer bottle in his left hand. I go back down the hallway and I'm drawn to the stairs to go and look for him but I take one step and start to feel even more dizzy. I have to get some fresh air, I barge past the people and out into the garden, two minutes later I find myself sat on a wall to the side of Tyler's house. I text Dylan and ask him to pick us up from Smart's, I can already see the look of disapproval on his face as he knows Tyler is trouble. He texts back saying he's just leaving, even though it texted him 15 minutes ago. I pull myself up to go and look for Nikki and I walk back into the garden. I stop when I see someone. 'Ella! You made it' a drunk guy says. I have to awaken from my drowsiness to see it's Aaron Kemp, one of smart's friends. 'Aaron?' I say.

'Yes it's me babe' he says, why does he call me ''babe'', I was almost certain he knew that I hated him, besides he's always getting into arguments with Jake so he should know that I would stick up for Jake. 'Huh?' I say back as nothing else comes into mind to say. 'Thought you weren't going to show' he says getting closer. 'Well I didn't think I would either' I say attempting to annoy him, although it doesn't work as he just laughs annoyingly. 'Not with the boyfriend then I see?' he says, stupidly winking, which reassures me he is wasted. 'Aaron I know you hate him but I care a lot more about him than you and I'm not going to be in the centre of an argument' I say attempting to walk away a little but my legs are still like jelly and he continues to talk to me. 'Come here' he says. 'What?' I say confused.

'Fine I'll come to you' he says.

'Wait what are you?' I quickly say before he grabs me and presses his lips to mine, while I attempt to resist but he pushes me and won't let me go. There is no one else here apart from the some people on the other side of the garden who are delirious to what's going on. 'Get off of me!' I say trying to run off, but It results in me slapping him round the face as he holds on to my arm. 'Your disgusting, leave me alone!' I shout. I probably shouldn't have said that as he pulls me back and aggressively pushes me to the wall. 'Disgusting! Am I? Your about the only one who thinks so, you know you should feel lucky' he says, his hands hold my shoulders to the wall and how near he is to me, frightens me. 'Ella!' I hear someone shout from the door, I recognise it's Nikki although she can't see me as he pushed me round the corner. I try to stop panicking and let out a mumble to get her attention, which is all I can do. I push him away but he's to strong. I get scared as he keeps saying things like ''come here'' and ''enjoying my company?''. I close my eyes to try and forget what's happening but I still repeatedly attempt to push him away. 'Ella? Ella!' I hear someone say. I look up and see him run and push Tyler away from me, it's Jack and he pulls him up by his t-shirt collar 'leave her alone' he says. I see Nikki walk up to us but she keeps her distance as Aaron is still there. He walks off and looks back at Jack 'oh I get it your the Hero, thought your own boyfriend would help you sweetheart' he says talking about Jake, I choose to ignore him as I'm still shocked, but glad I am free of his grip. 'Just go man' Jack says. He goes pulling the collar on his top straight. Jack walks up to me and offers me a hand to get up as I was pushed to the ground when he grabbed Aaron. I don't take it, but I feel a tear dribble down my face, I use the palm of my hands to cover my eyes. 'I didn't, he started talking to me and tried to kiss me so I tried to get away, that's when he got aggressive'' I say scared they misunderstood. 'Ella we can see that, are you ok?' Nikki asks crouching down beside me. 'Yeah I'm just... a-a bit shocked' I say. Jack pulls me up and Nikki goes to get me a tissue as my make up has ran and I must look like a ghoul. I sit on the wall and pull my top straight and drag my fingers through my hair to check it's ok. 'Are you alright?' He says.

'Yeah I'm fine now' I say hoping he won't go on talking about it. We stay silent for a minute or two before Nikki comes back, unexpectedly she is accompanied by Jake. Part of me is glad to see him. He comes straight up to me and ignores Jack. 'Ella I thought you weren't.. Wait what's going on?' He says and Nikki hands me a tissue and goes to explain but then steps back and let's me do the talking. I tell him what happened although I am slightly scared he will take out his anger on me, but thankfully he doesn't. 'Where is he?' He says eager to find Aaron. 'He went back inside' Jack says and Jake notices he is there. 'Right' he says, and goes to walk back up to the house before he turns back and gives me his jacket, although I wish he was being kind and offering it me to keep me warm, I assume it's just so he can go and fight Aaron. I said I didn't want to be in the middle of an argument but after what Aaron has just done to me he deserves it. But then I start to worry as I don't want Jake to get hurt. I run after him but he's already going back inside, 'Jake no it doesn't matter let's just go' I say grabbing his shoulder. He shrugs my hand off and says 'no Ella look what he's just done to you'.

'He only tried to kiss me it's not like he...' I say.

'Ella he attacked you and what would he have done if someone didn't find you, the Bastard! He knows your with me. Where is he?' He says and walks off. I've never seen him this angry. I'm partly upset that he's more interested in getting back at Aaron than staying with me or taking me home. I run off to avoid seeing what's going to happen. I only have to wait five minutes before Zoe shows up and walks over to me to tell me what happened. 'Jake started on Aaron, they threw a few punches before Jerome and a couple of others broke them up, then Aaron left' she says as though it wasn't a big deal.

'Oh God' I say, deciding to go back in.

'Are you sure you're ok?' I hear someone say before I go back in. It's Jack and he looks like he genuinely wants to know if I am ok. 'Yes thanks... I'm... I'm fine, now' I say.

'Good I'll see you later' he says before he leaves. It isn't even that late, Jack is the only one that seems to leave, but he has the right idea I want to leave too. I hope Dylan is nearly here. A few people come back outside including Jake and Jerome. It looks as though Jerome is trying to calm him down. 'Are you ok?' I say hugging him. 'El I'm fine' he says with a laugh and then adds 'he's not though'. Jack says, referencing Smart. Jerome joins Zoe and leaves us to talk. 'What did he do to you?' Jake says. I just wish they would stop talking about it and just pretend it never happened, but I know Jake won't be happy until I tell him everything. 'He was out of his head, he tried to kiss me so I slapped him and that kind of made him angry so he forced me against the wall and' I say but see Jake is getting more angry. 'And what Ella?' He says.

'He...he held me against the wall by my shoulders' I say.

'Jake I tried to force him away he wouldn't let me go I–'

'I know that Ella, I'm just pissed off' he says and I remain quiet. 'If he ever comes near you again he's dead' Jake says, although his threats aren't against me they still scare me.

'I think I'm going to go home Jake, my night was ruined when we came here. I just want to go home' I say. He actually seems understanding. 'How are you getting back?' He says.

'Oh I'm getting a lift, are you going to stay here a bit longer?' I ask.

'Who from?' He says ignoring my question.

'My brother' I say quickly as he looks curious. 'Ok' he says. I tell Nikki that Dylan is going to pick us up so we walk out to the front and she puts her arm around me as though I'm still scared and I need comforting, but I'm not and I don't. Dylan is here after five minutes and we get in the car. I knew we should never have came here, we were there not twenty minutes before something happened.

'Wow you look rough El, what have you had?' He says laughing, but I don't find him funny after what has happened tonight. 'Nothing it's been a crazy crazy night' Nikki says, staring at him.

'Why did you end up here, I thought you thought he was a f–' he begins saying.

'Yes well it just sort of happened, we were only round the corner' I say trying to shut him up. 'Oh well you have to learn' he says as though I'm a five year old. 'Dylan she got att–' Nikki says in a serious voice before I cut her off. 'Before I got tired, that's why I wanted you to pick us up now' I say as I don't want Dylan to know, he may annoy me constantly but, he does look out for me so I know he won't stand for that. He listens to what I say but I don't think he forgets what Nikki was going to say.

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