Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


17. One Hell Of A Day

I'm relieved when I get a text back from Jack as it's been over an hour which is not like him. I click the message icon as quickly as I physically can. ''Sounds good, sure they'll come'' it says, no kisses which is strange as whenever he's texted me before there's always usually a kiss, he doesn't seem himself. ''Ok great, you alright?'' I send trying to seem casual. It doesn't take long for another text to come through as I practically replied straight away.

''Yeah fine'' he sent back, but I'm not convinced. It then turns Into a proper conversation like we are talking to one another. ''Are you sure?'' I send back.

''Yes why?'' He replies.

''You don't seem fine.'' I send, using a full stop to show I'm annoyed, I'm trying to be nice by asking him how he is and he's throwing it back in my face. ''Family stuff ok? Happy?'' He says and that's when he's really pissed me off. ''Forget it then. Never tell me to open up to you if your not willing to do the same.'' I send and I know I will regret it later. He's really annoyed me, why should I act like an idiot, by constantly asking if he's ok if he's going to act like an idiot by being short and sarcastic on text.

I throw my phone on my bed and walk out my own room, I need to Ignore him, it's the only way, he will probably text back straight away but I don't care, I don't want to see what abuse he will dish out to me.

I go downstairs to the lounge and put on the TV. As soon as the light hits the telly I see what the film is, it's a romance which makes me switch the channel. That only makes things worse as the next channel is some tv series and a boy and a girl are sat with their arms around each other. I give up with the TV and switch it off. I then realise I didn't see mom or Dylan down here, they must have gone to bed, I think it's a bit early before I look at the clock and notice that it's eleven. I should probably go to bed it's been a stressful day. I nearly fall asleep on the sofa and I'm sure I'm half asleep for at least 30 minutes. I manage to go back upstairs without falling back to sleep but by the time I'm getting ready for bed, I'm not tired anymore. That's when I look at my phone on my bed. I want to look at it, I need to, what if he hasn't replied? Or he doesn't care that he's annoyed me?

I grab my phone and tap the screen. Two messages from Jack and a missed call.

I wasn't expecting that.

I can't help but look at them. The missed call was less than ten minutes ago. The first text says ''it's just my dad ok, I've just argued with him like I always do''. I don't know what to make of that, he's never mentioned that before, I thought he and his dad got on well, obviously not. ''Ella I'm sorry I shouldn't have been like that x'' the next text says. I'm surprised to see a kiss. Before I have chance to think about it, my phones ringing again, he must have seen that I had read his message. I don't know whether to answer or not, I'm a bit confused with what's going on. Then I realise, he's had an argument with his dad and he was taking his anger out on me, he probably shouldn't do that but, I'm sure I'd do the same. I decide to answer and I'm lucky as the ringing had nearly finished. I answer, but weirdly I don't say anything. ''Ella?'' He says and he doesn't sound as angry as he sounded on text.

''Yeah I'm here'' I say.

''Good I thought you were ignoring me'' he says.

''I nearly did'' I say.

''Look I'm sorry I've just argued with my dad'' he says.

''Well why didn't you tell me you and your dad don't get on?'' I ask wanting him to open up to me like he told me to do to him.

''We haven't for a while that's why'' he says and it seems like the topic upsets him.

''Well what do you argue about?'' I ask.

''Me, he doesn't like me it's obvious'' he says and I assume he's jokingly overreacting as that's what a lot of people say.

''Im sure he doesn't Jack'' I say.

''Yeah he does, he's starting having a go at me tonight, saying I have a crap future and I could have had a better future If I had listened to him'' Jack says and I can clearly tell he's pissed off, he seems like he's not upset as he's more angry, deep down I am sure it upsets him. I don't really know what to say, I've not had to deal with that as my dad left.

''Well how have you got a crap future?'' I ask.

''I don't think I have, he just wants me to be a fucking doctor and I don't want to be one, he thinks I'm too thick to be one anyway'' Jack says. I immediately feel bad for him, thankfully my mom has never questioned what I want to do, and I know he's not thick, he's now taking the anger out on himself.

''Jack your not thick'' I say as it's true, he may not be an A* student but he's not at all 'thick'.

''Well that's what he seems to think'' he says. I can't believe his own dad thinks that, even though my dad left and I don't particularly like him he would never say I was thick. He seems really angry and I don't know what to do. ''Jack come over'' I say as I don't know what else to say.

''What?'' He asks like he wasn't really listening. ''Come over now, you can stay round mine'' I say.

''Its a bit late'' he says unsure.

''It doesn't matter, at least this way you are away from your dad for a bit'' I say.

''Alright I'll come over'' he says and I'm relieved. ''Ok see you in a minute'' I say and hang up.

I'll have to go and wait for him so the door knocking doesn't wake my mom up. I feel embarrassed that Ive got my pjs on and no make up on and my hair is in a loose pony tail pulled round my neck.

It's not long before I see him walking up my drive, he doesn't have a bag or anything just his clothes for tomorrow folded and held under his arm. He goes to knock but I open the door before he can. 'Hey' I say. Although he didn't sound upset, he looks upset, but only slightly. He comes in and I hug him as I don't know what else to say.

'Its alright I'm fine' he says.

'I can tell your not' I say.

'Whatever' he says but not in a nasty way, just under his breath like he doesn't want to talk about it. 'Lets just go to sleep, it's late' I say. As we are walking upstairs I remember that he's never been in my room before. We go in and he dumps his stuff on my side. He pulls off his t-shirt and gets in my bed half clothed. I can't help but look at how amazing he is, he's gorgeous, in every way but I stop myself from smiling as it's inappropriate. I pull the covers over me and go to turn my light off. 'Cute pjs' he says and I see a smile appear at the corner of his mouth. I smile and let out a breathy laugh. I turn the light off and lie down, I feel the need to move closer to him, so I do and he puts his arm around my waist. I fall asleep forgetting everything that's happened today.

The next couple of days go quicker than I thought they would. As my art work is due in for the end of the week I thought this week would be long, tiring and stressful, but it's been ok so far. Of course I'm forgetting Harry, were all fine and he's having the worst time ever. It's like he's been avoiding us, it's not that I think he doesn't want to talk to us, I just think he wants to be on his own. I'm not going to ring Cindy or go and see her, she doesn't deserve that at all, she's in the wrong, why should I be there for her?

No word from Nikki or Jake. I'm in a way glad that I haven't had to deal with Jake, since Jack had a fight with him last week it's almost like he's scared to say anything now.

My mom seemed to have forgotten that I got in trouble that day, it's like ever since she found out about me and Jack, she hasn't been as annoying. Maybe she's just trying to be nice to me in hope that I will tell her things. I'm also surprised of how nice my brother has been to me recently, maybe he's just feeling guilty for me after I told him what happened with Jake.

Now it's Thursday and my birthday is tomorrow. Somehow I'm not excited, I usually am, but not this year. I don't want to be an adult, I don't feel old enough at all. Part of me wishes that it was a year ago and I was going to be 17, at least that way I wouldn't be old. I can't help thinking that if I were going to go back a year, the changes I would make. I would have broken up with Jake sooner, as then I wouldn't have to deal with the fact somebody cheated on me, although I was with Jake before my birthday last year so how do I know if he cheated on me then or not. I don't know why I'm still thinking about Jake, I need to erase him from my mind, but partly I don't want to, everyone needs to be heartbroken once, but I don't believe anyone should be cheated on.

I haven't got anything for my party tomorrow, I haven't had time, hopefully my mom will sort it out.

It's now Thursday and I'm walking to college on my own. Jack didn't say ''i'll walk with you'' or anything so I assumed he didn't want to walk with me. He's been different these last couple of days, it's like the arguments he has with his dad really affect him. I do think it's wrong for his Dad to tell him what to do, then again I can see where he's coming from, he's just looking out for him, maybe he wants to pass on his traits as a doctor, to Jack. It's not like he can really make Tommy be a doctor, he's only eleven. Whatever I do I don't want to get Involved with his dad issues, but maybe I can help him, I know what it's like having a dad that doesn't understand how you feel. Surely my dad wouldn't have moved away if he knew how I felt about it. I try to forget about it, I don't know what to think when my Dad crosses over my mind, I feel like I hate him, but how can you hate your own dad?

I soon forget about it when my phone starts to ring. It's Harry.

''Hello'' I say in the nicest way possible as I still feel bad for him.

''Ella can we talk? Where are you?'' He says.

''Just walking over the green to college, where are you?'' I ask.

''I'm on the green'' he says.

I look behind me and to my right and left I don't see him anywhere, before I go to tell him he can't be, I take one more glance and see him ahead of me with his phone against his ear. ''I see you. Look behind you'' I say. He turns his head and it takes a while but he soon notices me and hangs up his phone. He stands waiting so I assume he wants me to go to him. Partly I'm worried of what he will say. Will he be annoyed or upset with me? He didn't seem like it on the phone but not all people show their emotion through their voice over the phone.

'Hey what's going on?' I say trying to be upbeat by sounding cheery, then I see how confused he looks. 'Im going to college... Like you' he says blatantly.

'Oh yeah right, erm... How are you?' I say trying to be normal as I sounded like an idiot before.

'Ok I guess, not the best' he says and the feeling bad for him comes back.

'Look, not that you should, but have you spoken to Cindy?' I ask.

'I can't El, not after what she's done, I hate her for it' he says.

'I know but it may make you feel better, do you want me to?' I say.

'No no, it's fine' he says.

'Ok well you'll have to face her at some point' I say trying not to seem too harsh on him.

'Look Ella I'm sorry about what I said about Jake the other day' he says and I remember our little confrontation and he said he never liked Jake because he didn't treat me right. 'Harry it's fine I agree with you, Jake is an idiot I don't know why I ever liked him' I say realising that I now get repulsed when I remember I went out with that sleaze bag. 'That was a question I was always asking myself' he says with a slight laugh which makes me smile. 'Yeah well it's in the past, Jake and I are over and I've never been better' I say still smiling. 'Oh and is that because of Bennet?' He asks referring to Jack as that's what boys do for some reason, apparently now your nickname is based on your surname, guys are so strange. That's like me being called Morgan, which is just weird. I realise I'm getting off topic as he asked me a question. 'Yes it's because of Jack' I say laughing.

'Well I'm glad you got with someone like him El, you deserve it, he's a nice guy' he says.

'He is' I say and Harry laughs.

'Lets go in' he says nodding towards our charming college (it is in no way charming). We walk into the common room as usual. I feel like today has the potential to be a good day. It seems I think to soon as I walk through the doors and see Naomi by the door. 'Hey Slut' she says laughing. I look at Harry and he looks upset. 'What?' I say under my breath scared and confused. I hate Naomi but why would she just say that. 'Shut up Naomi' Harry says and puts his arm around me gesturing me away, but that doesn't stop her from dishing out the insults. 'Oh so Harry now too? God your getting round quickly' she says and I feel like what she's getting at is obvious but not to me. 'What are you talking about?' I say but I look at Harry and it's obvious he knows what I'm talking about. 'Oh stop trying to cover it up, everyone knows you slept with Jack last week, and Jake a month ago or was it less than that?' She says acting like a complete bitch. I don't know what to do or say. I'm not a slut, I know I'm not, but now the common room is silent, the people that were talking in the background have stopped. I feel humiliated, everyone's staring at me. I feel like burying my head in my scarf, but I fear that will make me look like even more of an idiot. Nobody knows about me and Jack accept for Zoe and Jack, I start to get paranoid, what if Zoe is on Nikki's side? or what if Jack has been using me? I feel like I should defend myself but all I want to do is ruin her. She makes my life a misery, I hate her. I know I shouldn't but I need to make a comment about her. 'And exactly how long were you spending your nights in bed with my boyfriend before I broke up with him huh?' I say realising I'm acting like a bitch.

'Ella don't, she's not worth it' Harry says.

'Why? Why shouldn't i? Naomi I've known you for years and through all that time, your only aim has been to ruin my fucking life, why can't you you just leave me alone!' I say loosing it. 'Ella' Harry says, trying to get me to stop being abusive. 'Oh shut up. Just because you're a dirty slut don't take out your anger on me, besides I'm just the messenger, don't you want to know who told everyone?' She says in the most annoying way possible. She's just trying to get into my head, but I can't help thinking who told her. That's when Jack walks in and looks at what is going on and seems confused. Jerome stands behind him and fills him in, but I can't hear what he's saying, I want to know. 'Just leave me alone' I say and I swallow a lump in my throat as I feel tears at the back of my eyes, but I don't let them out, I don't want everyone to think I'm weak. 'Why should I? Your just a...' She begins.

'I said leave me alone Naomi' I say getting angry now instead of upset. I can't do this, I can't have a fight at school, but I want to, I want to scream at her to get out of my life, and I'd love to slap her round that smug face of hers. 'Why? Everybody knows you're a little slut now, why try to forget about it?' She says laughing. 'Im not the slut you're the slut, you are a Vile, Cruel, Self-loving BITCH!' I yell at her. 'Ella stop' Jack says and I then want to tell at him but then i realise why he's saying stop. Jeremy, our head just walked out of his office. 'Ella my office please' he says gesturing to his room.

'Are you kidding me?' I say sarcastically.

'No I'm not, my office now!' He says raising his voice slightly. 'What about her?!' I say, shocked and angry that he's not telling Naomi to go to his office. 'Ella' he says, still waiting for me. 'Fine I'm coming' I say, following him. I'm so sick of being blamed for everything. This is not my fault, Naomi started it. I'm so angry I could scream.

'Ella sit down please' he says once he shuts the door. I want to know what people are saying about me, it's so irritating not knowing. 'Yeah I'll stand' I say avoiding his offer. 'Just sit down' he says with a sigh, as though he's sick of me not doing what he says. 'Jeremy is this really necessary, I didn't start this' I say.

'Yea Ella it is. You can't talk to your classmates like that, it's bullying' he says.

'Ok firstly she is not my classmate and secondly why shouldn't I fight back when someone calls me something horrible' I say, slouched back in the chair he made me sit on. 'Its not good to bully people Ella, I thought you'd know that' he says.

'Do you not get it? She called me a Slut, she started the bullying so if you're going to question anyone, it should be her' I say raging my girl hormones at him. 'Ella calm down' he says.

'No why should I?! That girl has always made it her aim to destroy my life! I... I hate her!' I yell.

'Ella do you need me to call your mom in?' He says, clearly annoyed at me getting angry. 'No just... Why can't you tell her off too? She started this whole thing!' I say.

'I will Ella, but I'm not only angry with you I'm worried about you too' he says acting like some therapist. 'Yeah well join the club, I'm worried about me too!' I say, kicking the corner of his desk lightly.

'Ella I am worried because, this is the second time recently that you have been brought in here' he says and I reminisce on the last time I was in here with Jake and Jack a week ago. 'Yeah and have you noticed that none of these things are my fault and you keep blaming me!' I say.

'Im not blaming you Ella, I'm just concerned that your always involved' he says acting all

Understanding. 'Im sorry but it's not my fault I had two guys fighting over me, did I tell them to attack each other? No! Did I tell Naomi to get involved in my life and constantly hurl insults at me? No I did not, so answer my question, why the hell am I in here?' I say sarcastically.

'Ella look you know there's staff here that you can talk to, I'm going to find a support member of staff to talk to you, you will be having two sessions a week, starting tomorrow' he says and before he can say anything I refuse his offer. 'No, no way it's my birthday tomorrow!' I say.

'Well I'm sorry Ella there's really no choice, you either attend these sessions or I call your mother and have you suspended until you can calm down' he says and I feel like hitting him, obviously I don't as I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a choice In his offer and I'd be heading straight for expulsion let alone suspension. 'You can't do this' I say.

'Oh yes I can, Ella I'm not being the annoying person here, I'm just trying to help you' he says and at that point I've had enough. 'This is so unfair!' I say and walk out. I find the first seat I can and then I look up and see a load of people staring at me. 'What? What are you all staring at?' I say without thinking about the situation. I look at Jack stood in front of everyone, looking at me. Before I think I walk outside and nod my head to tell him to join me. We get outside and I let all my emotions out. 'Ella what do you think your doing? Your going to get kicked out of college!' He yells at me and it seems like he's concerned but I don't see that, he just looks pissed off, but it's not my fault it's his. 'Oh my god are you serious? This is your fault!' I yell at him.

'What? How?' He says confused.

'Alright don't even lie, I know you've told people we slept together, and now everyone knows and I'm being called a whore... And I'm not, but the more people are saying this the worse I feel about it!' I say and my voice starts to break up and I feel tears in my eyes. 'Ella' he says in a consoling sort of way.

I look at him but all I see is a person that I think has told everyone something that is personal with us. 'Ella... I haven't and would never do that, I've kept it between you and me, I haven't told anyone, you have to believe me' he says.

'I want to, but if you haven't, then who has?' I ask still crying.

'Who have you told?' He asks.

'Only Zoe' I say 'she wouldn't tell anyone, I thought she was my friend' I say crying even more. 'She may not have done it purposely' he suggests. 'No, no she must have. I don't even know what's happening anymore... E-everything's just falling apart' I say wiping my eyes. 'Its not, come here' he says and wraps his arms around me and kisses my head. I cry to him, which is stupid but I can't help it. 'Its ok' he says, letting go of me to wipe the tears from my eyes.

'Its not though Jack, I need to know who told everyone' I say thinking of Zoe, it has to be her, she is the only one I told except for Dylan, but I didn't even tell him, he just assumed. 'Well what now?' He asks.

'We go back In and act like nothing happened' I say and he nods.

'Come on then' he says.

We go back inside and everyone seems to have wondered off. 'Where is everyone?' I ask. 'Its half nine, class has started' Jack says. 'I better go, just ignore Naomi if you happen to see her yeah?' He says.

'Yeah, sure, I'll see you later' I say.

'You too' he says walking off, smiling. I can't laugh or smile, I'm still angry with this situation. I try to get my head straight and remember that I have psychology next, which is ok before I also remember that I share that class with Naomi and Cindy. I go to head In the direction of room G14, but then I hear someone. 'Ella' Jeremy says and I recall that I walked out of his office five minutes ago. 'Look I didn't mean to be rude I just needed some fresh air' I say lying, I definitely left because he was pissing me off.

'Yes well, just make sure you attend your support session tomorrow, at 10:00am yes?' He says and I remember how angry I was before. 'Sure' I say sarcastically and walk off 'this is so unfair' I say under my breath.

I get to psychology after two flights of stairs and four corridors. 'Sorry I'm late, I was with Jeremy' I say lying, as I was only speaking to him for a minute. I see Naomi sat at the front, in between two guys. She looks at me and laughs, I know exactly what she is thinking, she is thinking I'm a slut or a whore, when she is one to talk.

'Its ok Ella sit down' our Tutor says.

I usually sit next to Cindy, but I don't particularly want to. I'm so angry with everyone, especially Zoe, I know she's going through a lot with her pregnancy, but there's no need for her to go around telling people my business. I pull out my books and rest my chin on the palm of my hand. When we are given work to get on with, i go to start writing before I'm interrupted. 'Hey Ella!' I hear Cindy say in her usual hyper way as though she is innocent.

I go to ignore her by not replying, it may be harsh but I can't help it, my loyalties lie with Harry. She doesn't notice I'm ignoring her as she says 'Ella? Hello?' Thinking I didn't reply the first time. 'Cindy... Hi' I say turning round to face her. 'I haven't seen you lately, what's been going on?' She asks as though she is fine and her break up with Harry hasn't upset her. 'Not much. What about what's been going on with you and Harry?' I say trying and failing to be discrete. 'What do you mean?' She asks, delirious.

'You know what I mean Cindy, you cheated on him' I say as I'm sick of her being fake and not telling me. 'Who told you that?' She asks and the look on her face shows she definitely did cheat on him. 'Harry did! Don't try to deny it, who was it?!' I say practically shouting.

'She's one to talk about sleeping around' Naomi says under her breath which makes me even more angry. 'Alright fine! I did but I was drunk out my head, I hardly remember it' she says as though it's not a big deal.

'Thats not the point! How could you do that to him?!' I say, it really upsets me that She's hurt Harry like this, it hurts even more that she thinks what she has done isn't bad.

'Girls be quiet!' Our tutor says. I decide to shut up as I don't fancy another trip to Jeremy's office.

It's soon the end of the lesson and I catch Cindy before she leaves the classroom. 'Hey wait!' I say.

'What?' She says and I have to assume she forgot we were in the middle of an argument before. 'How could you do this to Harry?' I say.

'Its not a big deal Ella, don't you remember how badly he treated me before we were together? He used me, so I guess now we are even' she says getting slightly angry which is strange for her.

'This is not how a relationship should be, it should be based on trust, I don't know why you can't see that. Who did you cheat on him with?' I ask, I just need to know.

'Your one to talk about relationships, everyone you've been in has been a failure, poor Jack. And it was Tyler, Tyler Smart if you must know!' She says and every word is hurtful, but the one thing that stands out most is Smart, how could she do that with him, he's trouble and he's a player. There are so many things I want to tell at her, but I don't know where to start. I let it all out, 'how dare you offend my relationship with Jack as clearly you and Harry are far worse and also I am never going to be there for you ever again and remember I was the one that practically saved your life a couple of months ago!' I yell. I look to the door way as that's where I want to go, but then I see Jake, Jake is staring at me, this is weird, it's too much, I need to leave. I head for the door but Naomi blocks my way. 'Just because you're a slut, doesn't mean everyone else is!' She says, laughing.

'Oh my God just shut up Naomi!' I yell at her and push my way past.

I walk past Jake and then something weird happens, he pulls me back. I worry he's going to have a go at me for shouting at Naomi. I'm utterly surprised when he says 'Ella, are you ok?' He says and he actually looks concerned. I don't understand I thought he hated me. This is all too much, I can't cope, I don't know what to think, I just want to get out of here. 'Yeah I'm fine' I say but it's clear I'm not. He let's go off me.

I walk away, I feel like I'm going to cry, which happens all the time lately, I don't care I need to let the tears out. I go to the bathroom and thankfully no one is in there. I burst into a cubicle and start crying. It's not like I'm upset, it's like I'm angry, panicked and confused. I walk out to fix my make up in the mirror. My eyeliner is smudged under my eyes and I try to get if off by dabbing my eyes with a tissue. I hear someone come in but I don't want to look at who it is, I don't want them to see me crying. 'Ella? Are you ok?' I hear her say. It's Nikki and now I'm even more confused, I thought we weren't friends, I thought she hated me, is today national nice day or something. I don't really know what to say except for 'yes I'm fine, thank you' I say.

'I know you, I know your not fine' she says and I manage a slight smile. I dry my eyes and manage to fix my make up. 'I appreciate you asking though, thank you' I say.

I go to walk to the door. 'Well I hope you feel better' she says and I say thank you and goodbye and walk out.

Today is strange, the people i thought were my friends and trusted are the ones that upset me and the people I thought hated me are being nice to me, except for Naomi of course.

Last lesson comes around quickly and I still can't seem to forget about what happened with Naomi, Cindy, Jake and Nikki. The worst thing, is that Zoe told people I slept with Jack, how could she. I decide to confront her after lesson. I need to know who she told. 'Zoe!' I shout when we get out as she walks off too quickly. 'Hey El you alright?' She asks as though she is unaware of everything that happened this morning. 'Not really no' I say.

'Oh no why?' She asks which makes me even more angry as she hasn't realised.

'You know why, everyone is calling me some kind of slut, because you told someone about me and Jack' I say trying to be quiet as we are stud in the middle of the corridor and people are constantly walking past.

'What do you mean? I didn't tell anybody' she says but she obviously has, because I haven't told anyone else. 'Come on Zo I know you have, just tell me' I say.

'Alright maybe I told Jerome, but he wouldn't tell anyone' she says.

'Well obviously he would as how else has everyone found out? Your the only person I told' I say.

'Has it maybe crossed your mind that Jack may have told people?' She says and the way she says it annoys me.

'Dont blame this on him, he hasn't told anyone either' I say.

'Im your friend Ella I wouldn't tell anyone something like that' she says.

'Well clearly you would' I say and walk away.

'Ella wait, come back here, talk to me' she says but I carry on walking, I just want to go home. I look back and see she has found Jerome, I forget to look back and soon collide with someone. I drop all my books and he picks them up and when I see who it is I grab my books off him. 'Hey you' Smart says. 'Don't ''hey you'' me' I say.

'Come on Ella I'm joking' he says stupidly winking at me. 'Fancy ditching the boyfriend and coming out with me tonight?' He says smirking. I feel like punching him. 'Are you serious?' I say repulsed.

'100 percent' he says.

'You're disgusting, I know you slept with Cindy, Harry has never said a wrong word about you, how could you do that to him?' I say, almost reciting what I said to Cindy.

'Oh Cindy, I forgot about her' he says which is the exact sort of thing a player like him would say. 'So you really think I would hook up with you anyway, but after saying that, I've never hated you more' I say and walk away. 'Well you're the only one that does' he says as he loves himself.

I once again attempt to get out of this hell hole and go home but then Jack catches up with me. 'Hey how's your day been?' He asks.

'Not great, I just want to get home, clear my head and forget about today' I say.

'Oh ok, take as much time as you need, can I do anything for you' he says and he seems like the only person that really cares about me. 'No I'm fine thankyou I'll see you tomorrow though yeah?' I say.

'Yeah definitely, and it's your birthday, that will mean I'm officially dating an adult' he says jokingly which puts a smile on my face. 'You're 18 in a couple of months too!' I say.

'I know, see you later' he says smiling and kisses me.

Even though I seemed happy with Jack, I'm really not. I can't stop remembering Naomi calling me a slut, and the fact that everyone else may be thinking it. It's Zoe's fault, that's the thing that hurts the most. Out of all the people that are supposed to be my friends, none of them asked me if I was ok, the people that did, were Jake and Nikki, I can't get my head around that.

I get home and watch TV for a bit before my mom gets back. 'Ella what are you doing?' She says and I'm sure it's pretty obvious but I tell her anyway. 'Watching TV' I say.

'Oh Ella surely you could do something more productive, like work maybe' she says.

'Two reasons, one it's my birthday eve, secondly, all my work is done' I say lying, I don't want to do my work, I'll just keep checking my phone to see if anyone texts me or more importantly, keep an eye on Facebook as thanks to Zoe everyone is talking about me. 'Ok I'll let you off, only because it's your birthday tomorrow, how was your day?' She asks and I'm surprised she actually dropped it so quickly, I was assuming her to say something stupid like ''work is more important you have to have good grades for your future'' but thankfully she didn't, I'm not prepared to get into that argument with her. She asked me how my day was, it was terrible, I never want to remember it or think about it ever again. If I tell her about my day it will just raise loads of questions I don't want to answer. 'My day was great thanks, what about yours?' I say changing the subject. 'Oh that's unusual, you asking me how my day was, it was stressful with work, but overall ok' she says and I do agree with her, it is unusual for me to ask her that. 'Well I'm glad to hear that' I say which is also not something I usually say. Maybe today is national be nice day.

'So can I carry on watching TV?' I say.

'Go on then' she says and walks through to the kitchen.

I know when Dylan is back when I hear the door slam shut. 'Ella!' He shouts up the stairs so he must not realise I'm not up there. Why is he shouting me? 'Im in here' I shout back. He walks through and the serious look on his face just makes me laugh. 'What have I done now?' I say.

'Ella have you seen your Facebook? I'll kill her I swear' he says and I start to panic.

'What are you talking about?!' I say, grabbing my laptop from under the table. 'Naomi! She's written about you' he says and he seems really angry. I'm used to Naomi writing things about me on Facebook, so I'm not too worried. I wait for it to load. Of course it's the first thing that pops up on my Facebook. I see her name next to the status saying ''some people are such sluts these days, I think people know who I mean...'' With a laughing face at the end. 'Shes said worse to me today Dylan, that's nothing, and anyway how do you know it was me?' I say.

'Look at the comments!' He says.

I scan down the list of about ten comments, of course they are all Naomi's friends. ''Ella Morgan is a slut'' one says with another laughing face. I've learnt to not care anymore, but it still hurts to see what people think about me. 'Are you not pissed off? And why are they saying that about you?' He asks. I think about it for a minute before I answer. 'No it's nothing compared to what she said today' I say.

'Well why are they saying that about you?!' He demands.

'It doesn't matter' I say and go upstairs with my laptop. I get halfway up the stairs before he shouts me. 'Ella just tell me!' He says.

'No just leave me alone, tell mom I don't want any tea, I've gone to bed with a headache' I say.

'Fine!' He says and I'm surprised he actually agreed.

I go to bed even though it's only 7:00pm. I have to check my laptop again for comments, reading through them makes me angry not sad. I start to panic when I see a new comment appear and realise it's from Jake. I waste no time in reading it. ''Take this down Naomi.'' It says and I'm shocked, why is he sticking up for me? Why does he care? I thought he hated me, I'm so confused. My mind stops going crazy when a text pops through on my phone, I nearly drop my phone from shock when I see it's from Jake. He hasn't texted me in weeks, probably over a month, we have been broken up for a while now. I should ignore whatever it says, he was horrible to me, he practically destroyed my life, so why is he texting me? I have to read it. ''Look I know this is weird but after what happened today, I hope you're alright'' it says. I shut my phone off. I don't know what to do about that text. I'm with Jack not Jake, I hate Jake and he hates me, why does he suddenly care? I feel the need to through my phone along with my laptop over the other side of the room, they are what cause all this drama. I lie down and go to sleep almost forgetting it's my birthday tomorrow.

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