Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


11. Moving On Quickly

Thankfully Jack's parents aren't home. It would be awkward if they walked in as we are sat on his sofa and he has his arm round me. I must have been here for two hours, but there's no other place I would rather be.

'You alright now?' He says.

'Yeah fine thank you' I say.

'Good' he says and smiles. The door suddenly unlocks and I pull his arm from around my neck. Two people walk In. Tommy and his mom Jane. 'Oh hello Ella it's lovely to see you' he says and Tommy looks at Jack as though he knows what is going on.

'Hello' I say as there's nothing else that comes to mind. 'How are you?' I add.

'Im fine thank you how about you?' She asks.

Obviously I'm not great, but, I decide not to mention that. 'Do you want to stay for tea Ella?' She says.

'Oh no it's fine thank you' I say. I don't really want to sit round the table with Jack's family, i'd find it awkward. 'No really I insist' she says being polite but, I don't want to stay. I realise there's nothing I can say so I just agree.

Instead of texting my mom I text Dylan and say ''I'm staying at mates for dinner I'll be back later, tell mom''. I don't tell him it's Jack's house where I am staying, as I know he would have plenty to say.

They leave the room so we are alone again. 'Thank you by the way, I didn't know where else to go' I say.

'Its fine, I'm glad you're here' he says and brushes a strand of hair behind my ear. 'You're so nice to me considering I was vile to you when we first met' I say and he laughs.

'You weren't' he says.

'I was. I ignored you like all the time' I say.

'Yeah you were actually' he jokes.

'See I told you. I feel bad' I say.

'Well you will just have to make it up to me then' he says and raises his eyebrows in that flirty way he usually does. I kiss him, but I soon pull back as I don't want his mom or brother to walk in. He laughs and I have to ask 'why do you always laugh at me?' I ask.

'I don't know. I just find you funny... You're sweet and sort of delicate' he says and I laugh back. 'So I'm fragile?' I say acting serious as a joke. 'You better not break me then' I say. He holds my hand loose, and he is relaxed again, laid back on the sofa his ankles cross over each other. Seeing him makes me feel so calm. 'I won't break your heart if you don't mess with my brain' he says and laughs. 'Deal' I say.

'Deal' he says back.

We talk for a bit then I wonder what my life would be like if he never moved here. I would probably have never broken up with Jake so I suppose it's more than good that he moved here.

'How come you moved here?' I ask out of curiosity. 'Sick of me already?' He jokes.

'No obviously not... I'm just wondering' I say.

'My dad got relocated as they didn't need him at his old hospital' he says.

'And did you want to move?' I ask as the subject makes him quieter than usual.

'Not at first but he persuaded us, I'm glad I did now' he says and looks at me.

'Im glad you did too' I say.

'Have you always lived here' he asks.

'Yeah pretty much. We nearly moved when my dad left' I say.

'Where did he go?' He asks.

'Australia' I say.

'For work or something?' He asks.

'No he traded my mom in for a younger model... A very younger model actually and then they moved over there' I say, not happy to be retelling the story that I used to think had ruined my life a few years ago. 'Oh sorry for asking' he says.

'Its fine, I'm over it now' I say.

'When did you last see him?' He asks.

'Two years ago when he left, he sends me postcards all the time, telling me to go visit him but, I ignore them' I say.

'Well that's a shame' he says.

'I do miss him sometimes but I don't think I can forgive him for leaving us' I say.

'Its ok I understand' he says, running his thumb round the palm of my hand.

Jake never really asked me about my dad. He didn't care. It's good to know that Jack actually wants to know how I feel.

It's not long before Jane says 'dinner is ready'. We go into another room which I soon notice is their dining room. I sit opposite Jack. In the middle of the meal, the questions start coming. 'So what have you too been up to?' Jack's dad, Rick asks us.

'Oh just...' Jack begins to say before Tommy mutters something under his breath. I notice Jack kick him under the table. Why does Tommy think there is something going on between us, is it that obvious?

I still can't believe Jack's dad is Doctor Bennett. He was the one that told me to visit Cindy and help her get better. Then she was discharged, I don't get how she got better so soon. Maybe it was Harry, but when we were at the hospital she clearly stated that she didn't want him around.

'So you two are good friends then?' Tommy suddenly says trying to irritate Jack.

'Well...' I go to say we are good friends when really we are more than friends, but Jack interrupts me. 'Yeah were mates' he says. He says it as though he doesn't want his parents to know about us. But then I think, what are we?

I decide to change the subject. 'So Rick, Cindy got better on her own then?' I say, still finding it strange calling dr Bennett, Rick.

'Yeah she took a sudden turn for the works, it's been over a month now' he says.

'Yeah I don't really get how she got better so soon' I say.

'Well that person who was with you when we met' he says.

'Harry?' I ask.

'Yes that was him... Well he visited her a lot' he says and then it all makes sense. Cindy got Ill after Harry used her, when he suddenly showed an interest in her she started to like him again which made her realise she didn't have to starve herself or turn to alcohol. 'I think they are together now' I say to make conversation.

'Are they?' Jack says. I don't recall him talking to them that much, but I think he's in some of the same classes as Harry.

'I think so' I say.

'So are anymore of your friends dating Ella?' Jane says and she emphasises the word ''friends'' suggesting something as she looks from me to Jack. Jack looks away as it's awkward. 'Er... Two of my other friends are together actually. Well... At least I think they are' I say as I'm not sure what's going on With Zoe and Jerome at the moment.

I finish my meal and realise it's getting late. 'I should be going I've got an assignment in for tomorrow. Thank you for letting me stay' I say. 'Your welcome anytime' Jane says.

'Thankyou' I say. I assume I just walk out as I've said goodbye. I'm not used to being so welcome. I don't think I ever had dinner at Jake's house. Jack gets up and walks out with me. I assume to show me out which is another thing I'm not familiar with. 'Thank you Jack' I say as I really don't know who else would have been as nice to me as he has been tonight. 'Its fine' he says.

'Do you want to walk to college tomorrow?' I say. 'Well I'm not in until 12 but I can walk back with you' he says. 'Oh ok then' I say.

'Ill see you tomorrow then' I say. I go to walk as I feel like it's time to go but then he says 'wait'. He checks the door is shut to the dining room we just came out of. He pulls me back and kisses me. 'See you soon yeah?' He says. I nod and smile. He watches me walk down the path from his house and then shuts the door.

I walk to my house and try to avoid downstairs before my mom shouts 'Ella is that you?' From the other room. 'Yeah' I say.

'Come here' she says back. I walk in and see her and Dylan watching the TV. 'Where were you?' She demands.

'didn't Dylan tell you. I was at a friends' I say. I'm still annoyed with my mom after the weekend. She always used to be there for me and she always wanted to know what was going on and we never used to argue. I think she changed when my dad left.

'Yes he did tell me. Which friends?' She asks. 'Just' I begin to say ''just a friend'' but I realise she won't stop questioning me until she finds out who. 'Ok... I was... Working on some college assignment with Jack' I say. She lifts her head and raises her eyebrows as though she thinks something is going on between us, which it is but I don't want her to know that. 'You mean Jane's, Jack right?' She says still looking curious. 'Yes mom our new neighbour Jack. Does it matter' I say.

'No I just... Well I was thinking what would Jake make of you hanging round with another boy' she says. I really wish she would shut up, but I'm sure that if I asked her to, we would get in another argument. 'He hangs around with other girls and Ella doesn't care' Dylan says as though he's sticking up for me, but I wish he would shit up too. 'Actually it doesn't even matter ok. We broke up' I say as I know I won't be able to hide if from them forever. I though that if my mom thinks Jake and I are still together then she won't question me on Jack. I think I'm stupid for believing that would work.

'Oh dear how come?' My mom says although she doesn't seem to care. 'It doesn't matter' I say.

'Why did you break up? I like Jake he's a good mate' Dylan says.

'Oh grow up Dylan. I know you don't have a social life but surely you've got other friends than that jerk' I say and he seems offended as I am practically throwing insults at him. 'Someones hormonal' he says.

'Shut up!' I say realising it doesn't matter what I say to Dylan but it would matter if I said it to my mom.

'Stop it you two!... Ella what happened you can tell me' she says breaking up our argument that was just about to get interesting. 'No mom... I don't want to talk about it' I say shocked that she actually wants to know.

'Whatever then. Your teas in the oven' she says. 'Actually I ate at Jack's' I say.

'Aw that's nice' she says smiling.

'What are you insinuating? Before you answer you should know were just friends' I say and her face finds It hard to believe my lies. 'Ok I believe you' she says but I'm not convinced. I don't want to spend the rest if the night bickering so I get a drink and go upstairs. 'Goodnight then!' My mom shouts up the stairs. 'Yeah' I say, pretty much ignoring her.

After I've done some work I start to think about Zoe again. I wonder if they're ok now. I go to ring Zoe but I worry that she's with Jerome and I don't want to interrupt them as they have a lot to talk about. I decide to text them both saying ''how are you today?''. I hope they understand that I'm not being nosey and that I just want to be there for them both. I can't imagine what they are going through.

I also decide to text Cindy as I haven't seen her in a while and I don't know what is going on with her and harry. ''Hey how are you? How's things with you and Harry?'' I send. If he's the one that made Cindy better, I hope things are good between them, otherwise she will probably be hospitalised again, knowing what she's like. I don't even know if they're a couple or just hanging out. Part of me hopes they are together as that means Harry actually likes her and he's not just using her.

I haven't spoken to Nikki properly for over a month. Ever since Jack's party we have been really short with one another. It all started because of Jake, surely now that we have broken up I should agree with what she was saying. I feel like it's up to her to talk to me now as she started the whole thing. It's stupid to fall out with her just because of something that involved Jake, especially as Nikki and I have been friends since we were four.

Most girls would spend all night crying if they had broken up with their boyfriend. But I really don't care, I think that breaking up with Jake was the best thing I've done in a long time. I felt trapped and knowing that in rid of him makes me feel so much better. I consider myself a fool for ever going out with him, but it's unfair to say that as he used to be nice to me and he did treat me well. I don't know why he changed.

I'm not at all sad about the break up. As soon as I saw Jack my feelings changed. I like him a lot. He has been nothing but nice to me. The only thing that i can't stop thinking about is, why he is so secretive. He doesn't want anyone to know we are hanging out. He doesn't want his parents to have a slight thought that we are more than friends. Then again neither do I. Maybe that's why we are good together. I don't even know what we are doing, seeing each other? Hanging out? I haven't got a clue. Life is so complicated and my feelings are so twisted. With that thought I tap my light off and go to sleep.

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