Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


6. Date Night Fail

I wake up the next morning early, as Nikki wakes me up as she has to leave because she has work. It's only eight o'clock so I'm too tired to get up. Her mom comes and picks her up and I go back to sleep as my head is pounding and I can't stand being awake as it just reminds me of everything that happened last night. It was the worst night I've had in ages I need to write it off. I must only have been asleep for a couple of hours as I'm woken by my mom. She sits on the corner of my bed. 'Mom?' I say drowsily as I'm still half asleep. 'Yeah it's only me darling' she says, I sit up.

'What is it?' I ask.

'Nothing... Well Dylan told me you were at Tyler's when he picked you up' she says. How did I know she would say that, she's probably going to want to know everything. 'Well yeah I did but only for half an hour' I say. 'What happened?' She asks. I really don't want to tell her so I just pretend nothing did happen. 'Come on Ella I know something happened, you can tell me, is it to do with Jake' she says.

'Mom what makes you think something is wrong, and why do you always assume it's Jake' I say.

'So there is something wrong?' She says.

'Mom you don't understand just leave me alone' I say tugging the quilt and resting my head back on my pillow. She puts her hand to my forehead and scrapes an odd hair round my ear. Part of me wants to tell her again to leave me alone. 'You can tell me' she says and for a second I think I can before reality kicks in. If I told her she would firstly want to do something like contact Aaron's parents, secondly she will want to know who stopped him and I'm sure she would be delighted to know that it was Jack which will lead to her asking me what Jake did to stop him. I decide not to get all defensive and not tell her why I don't want to say what happened. 'Its nothing mom I'm fine ok but, it does upset me that you talk about Jake like he is trash and not important' I say which could possibly resume our argument from the previous night, which with this hangover is one of the only things I do remember. 'Ella I don't think that but, as he is your boyfriend I thought he would understand if you rearranged your plans I mean you see him all the time. But that's where she's wrong, I don't, I see him at college in the common room before lessons and then there was last night. He comes around mine and I go round his occasionally but not that often. I don't tell my mom this as if I do it will only mean me having to explain the current state of our relationship to her. 'Look you know what I'm going to be honest with you, I don't have any plans with Jake I just don't want to go to their stupid party' I say.

'What why?' She says slightly confused.

'Because I'm not a middle aged mother ego spends her Fridays round the neighbours for a lame tea party ok?' I say and she seems slightly offended. 'Excuse me If you remember I'm only forty one!' She says ignoring everything else I said. 'Yes and I'm nearly eighteen so I don't want to go, I have a life to live' I say.

'Well then as you're nearly officially an adult you should be mature enough to realise you should be polite and accept their invitation also it's only a party, I thought you would be happy to go' she says and I have no idea what she is talking about as I stopped listening halfway through. 'Whatever' I say letting my head fall back into the pillow. 'At least think about it Ella' she says walking out. I take a shower after as I do still remember I was sick last night, but god knows if it went in my hair. I then dry my hair and get dressed. I check my phone and I have a text from Zoe saying ''are you ok today?''. I really wish they would all just drop it. I don't want to remember last night, I don't know why I went, I knew it would be terrible. ''Yeah I'm fine thanks'' I send back hoping she won't text again. I cross Dylan on my way downstairs and he can't help him self, he just has to say something. 'Looking rough today sis'. I just glare at him again suggesting I really don't want to talk about it. I decide to carry on walking downstairs. 'Ella I know something happened to you, I have the right to know what and so does mom' he says. 'What makes you think–' I begin before he cuts across 'word gets around' he says.

'Word gets around' I repeat, 'you are twenty one, you left college three years ago, how do you hear what's going on?' I say.

'Oh it's this new device have you heard of it, it's called a phone' he says sarcastically. I leave him to wonder what happened as I go downstairs. I guess the tormenting won't stop as I see my Mom in the kitchen. 'Have you calmed down now?' She says, which confuses me as it was her that needed to calm down. I ignore her until she says 'so what are you doing tonight?' She says changing the subject as she can tell she's annoying me. 'I don't know I might ask Jake over as I have to ''rearrange'', if that's ok or do we have a party to attend this evening' I say joking when I realise I sound exactly like Dylan, that's the sort if thing he would say. I hope I'm not inheriting the same annoying and irritating personality he received from our dad. She doesn't say anything just gives me a disapproving look. 'Are you going out tonight?' I ask, again changing the subject.

'I don't know, Tina and I were thinking of arranging a meal out tonight or next Saturday' she says, and I feel my eyes widen and she looks confused. 'What! Tina as in Naomi's Mom?' I say raising my voice.

'Yes, look I know you've had your differences–' she begins.

'Mom! Just this week I came to you almost crying of how she is always interfering with Jake, I'm surprised your still friends with her mom, where do you think Naomi got her traits from?' I say saying exactly what I've been thinking for the past how many years I've known Naomi. 'Ella you can't say that, Tina has always been lovely to you' she says. 'Whatever just go but I'm not coming, can Jake come over though?' I say.

'Well now that I have your permission I will' she says sarcastically. 'And yes, but I've not got anything in, so you will have to order a pizza or something'.

'Thankyou' I say walking back into the other room. I don't wait long before I ring Jake and actually ask him to come. For once he actually answers straight away. 'Alright?' I say. 'Yeah are you?' He says.

'Fine, where are you?' I ask.

'At home why?' He asks.

'Not got a hangover then' I say joking.

'Yeah that's why I'm still in bed' he says before he adds 'maybe it would go if you were here'. I can't help it bit laugh but then I ask him to come over. 'Yeah ok, Normal time?' He says, although it's been a while since I've seen him properly so I forget the ''normal time''. 'Sure' I say.

'Okay see you later babe' he says and hangs up before I have chance to say bye. It's not long before I'm joined again by Dylan. 'You have got to stop being so secretive, and tell me what's going on with you' he says before I even acknowledged him. 'Come on Dylan do you really care?' I say.

'Of course I do. Ella I am your brother I care about you' he says, he seems convincing for a moment before he laughs. 'Please tell me you're going out tonight' I say as I don't think I can cope with him keep irritating me all night and I'm sure Jake will tell him what happened. Knowing Jake he will probably try and get Dylan to team up with him to go and ''pay Aaron a visit''.

'No why?' He says.

'Nothing. Moms going out' I say.

'Just us then I guess we will be having pizza' he says. 'Oh and Jake is coming round, and yeah I thought we could have pizza but I didn't think you would be here' I say hinting I want just a couple of hours of peace which would only be possible if he weren't here. 'Be careful, anyone would think you didn't like me' he says jokingly.

'Seriously though, don't you have a life?' I say. 'Yes! I am always out' he says.

'Erm... No you're not' I say, and he starts to get all defensive and try's to prove he does have a social life. 'Okay you may have mates but it's been a while since you have had a girlfriend you know I can't even remember the last one it's been so long!' I say attempting to annoy him. 'Actually I have a girlfriend' he says, although he is not convincing me. 'Who?' I say and it takes a while for him to answer. '...Rosie' he replies.

'Oh is that your imaginary girlfriend' I say laughing. 'Shut up she's not imaginary' he says pushing me and I realise I have succeeded in annoying him. 'Then why haven't we met her then' I say.

'Again... Shut up! You speak like your an expert, where's Jake we haven't seem him for a while' he says trying to annoy me which isn't going to work. 'Are you insane I told you two minutes ago he's coming tonight' I say laughing at his failure to annoy me. 'Whatever I'm off out' he says. Before he goes out the door I shout 'with Rosie?' As I know it will irritate him even more. It's soon time for my mom to go out. Just as she is waiting for Tina, Jake turns up. My mom answers the door thinking it's Tina. 'Oh Hello Jake love, how are you?' She says, being two faced as it was only this morning she was saying he wasn't important. 'Hiya Jane I'm fine how are you?' He says.

'Im great thank you, come on in Ella is just in the lounge' she says. Before I get to the door Jake walks through. 'You alright El?' He says. I am happy to see him, he hugs me and he goes to kiss me before my Mom returns. 'Aren't you going out mom?' I say hoping for her to leave. 'I am Tina is picking me up' she says, she acts like a teenager, I dread to know where she is actually going. 'And is Naomi going?' I say hinting I'm annoyed still. 'I don't know... You could have come' she says. Jake looks away as he knows how much I hate her and the reason why is to do with him. 'Are you kidding?' I say. 'No I'm not Ella' she says. I don't reply, I instead look out the window and see her black car pull up. 'Shes here see you later' I say and close the door between us. 'Yes see you later' she says loud so I can hear. Shortly after she goes out and shuts the door. 'You alright?' Jake says again.

'Yeah fine, I'll order tea' I say lying and grabbing the phone. After I order I join him on the settee. 'Hey babe who was that guy that was sat with you and Nikki last night after you know...' He says talking about Jack.'he's the one she was talking to in the common room the other day remember I told you he was our new neighbour, the house across the street, he lives with his parents and brother' I say and he just nods hinting he stopped listening half way through my sentence. 'So were alone?' he asks.

'Yeah but Dylan will be back in a bit he just left because I...' I go to say I had annoyed him but he stops listening and starts kissing me. 'Jake wait I'm not being funny but I'm not in the mood at the moment' I say. 'Come on' he says smiling and kissing me again. 'But...' I say.

'Come on, I haven been with you properly in ages, were alone aren't we?' He says.

'Yeah but...' I say and he doesn't look pleased at what I'm about to say so instead I say 'tonight ok you can stay over' I say. He seems to accept my offer. 'Yeah sure ok' he says. He sits down and carries on watching the tv as though nothing happened. Part of me wishes he would wait after what happened last night. Sometimes I wish he would settle with just hugging me or just be a sort of shoulder to cry on. Then again this is Jake he's not exactly caring towards your feelings. He's not the cuddle type of guy. 'Has harry said anything about Cindy?' I ask as they're closer friends than me and Harry. 'Not really he's still obsessing over Nikki I don't know why' he says.

'What do you mean?' I ask.

'Well he's single why obsess over one chick?' He says as though he's talking to a mate. I decide not to answer him, it makes me wonder if we weren't together would that be his attitude. It's as though I'm saved by the bell when Dylan comes back as Jake was wondering why I wasn't talking. 'Alright mate?' Jake says.

'Yeah thanks mate how you been long time' Dylan says. They talk like they're best friends and sometimes I think they are closer than me and Jake as our romance is nothing compared to their bromance. 'Where is Rosie then?' I say to end their conversation.

'Shes real, shut up!' He yells. Jake laughs but then says 'oh Rosie Finnecky?'.

'Yeah you know her?' He says

'Yeah that was just a guess, I thought you were friends I saw a picture she put on Facebook with you' he says and I feel like I have nothing to mock Dylan with now. 'You know her?' I ask Jake.

'Yeah parents are friends. Happy for you mate she's really hot too' he says and I just want him to leave, how can he say that in front of me. This is the sort of thing that annoys me. I don't want to act like a needy girlfriend, but I have no choice when he's like this. 'She is isn't she' Dylan says.

'Well, I don't know why she's with you then' I say trying to make myself feel better, seeing Dylan's angry face puts a smile on mine. We soon go to bed and Jake does end up staying. I wake up and notice it's still dark. It must be early. 'Jake what are you doing?' I ask as I see him in front of my bed getting dressed. 'Go back to sleep Ella, I need to get home, sorry I forgot' he says.

'What are you saying? Your leaving now, it's midnight' I say.

'Yeah do you mind?' He says like he doesn't care whether I say yes. 'I just...' I begin.

'What is it?' I say.

'Jake you were going to sneak out, we have been together a year and your treating me like some whore!' I yell at him.

'Shhhh, you're overreacting' he says not noticing me crying. 'El come on?' He attempts to make things better. He could say sorry or he could stay but he does neither. 'Just go! Get out, get out now' I say losing my patience and throwing all my girl hormones at him. 'Ella?!' He says.

'No go, leave me alone, get out!' I shout.

'Fine' he walks my door. Before he walks out he stays and looks back at me. I get out of bed and follow him out before I realise we are at the top of the stairs. 'I don't know why your being like this' he says walking down.

'Got what I wanted anyway' he says quietly under his breath. Before I can say anything he's walked out the door. I walk back to my room surprised mom or Dylan didn't here anything. I try to forget what happened and fall straight back to sleep. I can't waste any more time thinking about what's happened.

The rest of the weekend goes by quickly. I managed to get away without my mom asking questions about Jake. My phones been surprisingly quiet, no messages or missed calls from everyone. It's been a calm weekend. Now it's Monday and I'm on my way to college, I thought I would walk for the fresh air, to clear my head. I don't want to have to face people, well Jake in particular. There's three options, he will either act like nothing has happened, try and make things ok which is highly unlikely or ignore me until I go apologising to him. Im soon near the bench by college, where I found Cindy last week. It does make me feel guilty, that I'm feeling sorry for myself just because of something that happened with Jake when Cindy is lying in a hospital bed.

I start to have second thoughts, do I really want to be at college today and see Jake. Could I make up an excuse to go and see Cindy. When I see other people over the field walking up to college, I realise I have to go in, I need to forget about what's happened and focus on college. Although that's the attitude I think I had, by third lesson I'm back to thinking about Jake. I'm starting to doubt myself, I shouldn't have told him to leave, it was slightly exaggerated. I realise I was in a trance, a world only me and my problems exist, as Zoe nudges me. 'Ella?' She says.

'What, what is it?' I say confused.

'Ok did you not realise we were told to leave this lesson two minutes ago?' She says.

'What? The lessons over? Already but I didn't...' I begin to say I haven't written anything down. 'Don't worry you can copy my notes later' she says. We walk out of the class and Zoe pulls me outside. 'Whats going on with you?' She says.

'Nothing just Jake again, which I'm sure doesn't surprise you' I say.

'Why didn't you tell me?' She says.

'Well it's nothing new is it? The fact I've avoided him all morning, was that not a sign?' I say realising im letting my anger out on my friend that hasn't done anything to upset me. 'Sorry, I'm sorry I need to calm down' I apologise. She nods and laughs slightly. 'You're coming back to mine, We have no more lessons today' she says. I seem to agree as we start walking back to her house. Partly I'm glad I didn't see Jake today, but it would also have been nice to sort things out or something.

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