Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


3. Cindy & Harry

I don't know what to do so I drive round to the emergency side as from what I can see, this is an emergency. I see a paramedic team stationed by an ambulance so I leave Cindy in the car and run to them as I don't know what else to do I can't carry her in. 'Excuse me!' I shout running over to them. I struggle to get my words out 'my-my friend she's passed out, in my car I couldn't carry her, she passed out before I could work out what happened but she was talking about pills and, spirits and she hasn't been eating for two days and there's an empty bottle of vodka in her bag I saw' I say and they take me seriously and I lead them to my car and they rush her out and Into the hospital. I follow her in but after five minutes I realise I have been left in the waiting room for news. I wait and wait. I then realise I have been worrying for days about the whole situation with Jake and Naomi and now I'm realising that it doesn't matter, it's nothing compared to what's happening right now. I have usually seen how Cindy has recovered when she has been discharged from hospital and she returns to college. It sounds bad that I think ''usually'' how many times has this happened? And why has it happened this time?. I start to get nervous when it's been half an hour, one of the nurses said I should go to college as they have informed her parents she is in hospital. But I can't go, I know her parents are too used to it happening that they just wait until she is let out, they obviously don't care. I care, she's my friend, so I have to stay. Another ten minutes and I decide to ring Jake. He should still be on his way as his lessons don't start until ten today. It rings, and he thankfully picks up. 'El you alright?' He says.

'No Jake I'm at the hospital... With Cindy, she's gone again I found her on a bench and she fainted and I didn't know what to do so I rushed her here and now they are seeing to her and I'm still in the waiting room, no one else has came to wait for news on her and I can't go, I'm scared' I say, realising I've just said everything that's going on in my head out loud to Jake. But that's what's great about Jake, when you need him he is there. 'Oh no, again, look do you want me to come and meet you?' He says and I can tell he is genuinely worried, he's her friend too. 'No it's, it's fine, we can't have too many people here, I just I'm scared, I've never been there when it's happened before, and she hasn't been eating this time which is worse' I say.

'El, stop panicking okay, you need to be strong, everything will be fine, they need to find out what's happened and treat her and then they will tell you what's going on' he says. 'Okay, thanks Jake, I didn't know who to call I need to tell the others will you?' I say.

'Yeah of course, let me know when you hear something' he says.

'I will, I don't think I will be in today after this' I say. 'I understand El, keep me updated' he says. 'Thank you Jake' I say and end the call. I text my mom while I'm waiting as I know her phone will be off. After another ten minutes a doctor comes out and asks me to answer a few questions. I agree and walk with him. 'Ella was it? Your Cindy's friend yes?' He says.

'Yes and yes' I say.

'Is she going to be ok?' I suddenly say without realising. 'Well... Before I can answer that I need you to answer these questions for me. 'Okay' I say. He asks me when she fainted, how I found her, when I last saw her, what I know she is taking, what she has been drinking and he asks how long since I know she last ate. I attempt to answer some of the questions but some are impossible to answer accurately. 'Okay thank you, you will be able to see her soon, we've got her fitted with a feeding tube, and If what you have told me is mostly accurate she should be ok, we are just running some tests to see what she had taken' he says. A sigh of relief leaves me.

'Thank you, can I just ask, should I have phoned somebody, I don't know an ambulance or something, I'm worried I could have gotten her here sooner' I say.

'Now don't worry about that what's happened has happened, from what you have told me, it would have made no difference as you were already in a car so it is probably beneficial' he says.

'So... I did the right thing?' I ask confused.

'Yes' he says. After a while he goes back I assume to carry out the tests he mentioned.

I go back to the waiting room and text Jake what he just told me. I wait ages, I get more bored by the minute. It's soon midday and I realise I've missed most of college, which is a good thing. 'Ella' someone says which startles me as I have had my head buried in a boring magazine for the past hour. I look up and I'm shocked 'Harry? What the hell are you doing here?' I ask surprised from seeing him. 'Well... I feel guilty okay' he says.

'You feel guilty?' I ask.

'Yes! Ok I do, she likes me and I keep shutting her out and well... I'm just worried' he says. 'What worried about her?' I ask.

'Well you don't think it... It... It had anything to do with me do you?' He says and he does seen worried, he takes a seat beside me. 'No!... Well I don't think so' I say, but then I realise it could be to do with him, she does like him a lot and he won't appreciate it. 'What so you think It does?' He says.

'... I don't know Harry, it's not like you were ever together, and you never said anything that would upset her' I say when I see his look, as though he is guilty.

'Harry? Harry! What did you do?' I ask demanding an answer. He stutters for a bit but then decided to tell me. 'I just... We... Ok a couple of weeks ago at that house party we went to... I was really drunk... Like really drunk' he says before I interrupt 'just get to the point!'.

'Okay!... Well it was just me and her getting a drink and we sort of, well we kissed a bit and I said... A few things... That may not have been true' he says. I Get the impression he lead her on. I lightly smack his arm, 'you used her! No wonder she likes you so much, you completely lead her on and now you have left her hanging' I say and I can tell he is frightened from the tone of my voice. 'Look it's not like that I just, you know, I like Nikki, I can't change my feelings, if I could I would' he says.

'Ok it's acceptable then' I say sarcastically, but he doesn't seem to realise. 'Really?' He says. 'No!' I shout back.

'It can't have been because of me, well not me alone, I do care about her she's still my friend' he says.

'Well you will have to say something to her when she's better I mean it Harry' I say and by the look on his face I can guarantee he will.

'Yes, can I see her' he asks.

'Not yet, I haven't seen her yet you will have to wait' I say.

'Alright then' he says.

'Have you bunked off?' I ask.

'Well, I asked Greg if I could go and he said yes'. Greg, one of the tutors at college, but he really acts like a student and is never completely sober for his lessons that he teaches, I am surprised the school have kept him. 'Well that doesn't surprise me' I say. We wait another ten minutes before Doctor Bennett comes back over and says we can see her and she has woken up. He walks us through and Harry starts asking him questions. 'Your the boyfriend I guess?' The doctor says. I laugh and Harry pulls a face at me that suggests he doesn't find it funny. 'No no just a friend' he says, pushing me to stop me from laughing. 'My mistake' the doctor says and opens the door to the room she is in. I am pleased to see her sitting up. I walk round to her bedside. 'Cind! You've had me so scared, how are you feeling' I say.

'Im ok Ella, thankyou for finding me, because if you didn't I would probably be dead' she says, which doesn't shock me as she says things like that all the time, but she is probably right. 'Hey Cindy you ok?' Harry says walking over to her. 'Harry, what a surprise to see you here, see I thought you had, I don't know, maybe moved towns or something, I almost forgot what you looked like' she says sarcastically, but I can tell she is genuinely upset, over how Harry has treated her. 'Look Cind I know your upset, I'm sorry, i do care about you, you know that–' he says before she interrupts him.

'See I don't think i do know that' she says, Harry is lost for what to say. Although Cindy is rather ditsy and careless, she will stand up for herself. 'Cind I'm sorry, I am' he says. She looks away from him. 'Harry maybe you should go?' I say.

'Yeah maybe I should, well I hope your ok Cind' he says, but she ignores him so he walks out. 'Its ok, just forget about him, we need to focus on getting you better' I say.

I arrive home that evening as I had been waiting at the hospital all day. One of Cindy's parents showed up eventually. She will be in there a while. Doctor Bennett told me they have to keep her in because she is mentally unfit. Which I think is stupid, as she isn't, it's not like she's a mentalist, she can't help the way she is. No one can be forced to eat.

My Mom and Dylan are nice to me for once, that evening as they think I've ''had a ruff day'' as my Mom keeps saying. Although I'm sure she's forcing Dylan to be nice to me.

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