Twisted Feelings

Ella always finds herself sorting out her friends problems. There's always some kind of drama going on. It's not just her friends with all the drama as she and her boyfriend Jake have a very weak relationship. They are always falling out and then making up, but he doesn't treat her the way she should be treated. Things change when Jack arrives and happens to be her new neighbour, as much as she finds Jack annoying she soon gets closer to him. But what will her friends think about it.


13. Anger

I'm already angry but it gets worse when my phone starts going mad. Text after text. I go to the text I'm most eager to read. It's from Jack. ''You shouldn't have left Ella''. That's when I'm the most angry I could be in this situation. Why is he texting me saying I shouldn't have left? He can't tell me what to do. I also left because I was being treated unfairly as it wasn't me who started the fight. It might have been because of me but I didn't tell each of them to start punching one another. It was because Jeremy was telling me to apologise to Jake that I left. He doesn't know what's going on in my life but it's quite clear that Jake was In the wrong.

I ignore Jack's text. I'm so sick of everyone.

When I get to my other messages, there's one from Zoe along with a missed call. The text says ''ring me''. I assume she's in a lesson now, like I should be so I decide to leave it a while.

It's not long before my moms upstairs. 'Ella!' She shouts. 'What?' I say as she walks through my door. 'Ive just spoken to him and he said you've got to go back in for a meeting' she says.

'No chance, no way' I say.

'Ive got to come with you' she says.

'I don't care mom! I don't want to go back there, he told me to apologise to Jake and I shouldn't have to!' I say.

'Why did he ask you that?' She asks.

'Stop acting like you don't know what all this is about! He told you everything didn't he?' I say. 'He told me why you started arguing' she says. 'What he's concerned that I was hurling insults at Jake? It's non of his business he should have just left us alone' I say. 'Will you just come with me please?' She says. 'Why?' I ask.

'Because were trying to help you sort this out!' She says acting like her and Jeremy are the only people that can help sort out my problems, which is not possible. 'Alright fine!' I shout.

'Thank you! We've got to go in at four' she says. 'Ok' I say, clearly not happy about it.

It's soon lunchtime so I assume they're out of lessons. I ring Zoe. 'Hey' she says when she answers. 'You alright?' I ask.

'Me? What about you?' She says.

'Me? Your the one that's pregnant Zo' I say.

'Yeah I know but your the one that just had two guys fighting over her' she says.

'Don't remind me' I say.

'So are you coming back in?' She asks.

'No. But my mom is dragging me to a stupid meeting with Jeremy after school.

'Sounds fun' she says sarcastically.

'Yeah well, I'll probably see you tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be back in by then' I say.

'Alright, oh hang on, what's going on with you and Jack?' She asks, demanding the gossip. 'Why don't you ask him that? But I'm sure he'll say were seeing each other' I say.

'Ok see you later' she says and I hang up.

I'm so glad I walked out. I don't want to be there now. I certainly don't want to be there if I have to see Jake or Jack. I thought Jack would at least be on my side. What did he expect me to do? Apologise to that son of a bitch? Jack was the one that was telling Jeremy that i shouldn't have to apologise to him. I don't get what changed his mind. Maybe he just thought it would have been better for me if I had stayed and talked things over. I'm Ella Morgan, when have I ever stayed and ''talked things over''.

It's time to go to college now. I'm dreading it. I am not in the mood to talk about everything with our head and principle.

We get to college and I realise I left my phone at home. I soon see that it's good I forgot it, otherwise id have a million and one texts that I wouldn't want to answer.

I sit down next to my mom in the office I was in earlier today. 'Thank you for coming back Ella' Jeremy says.

'Oh thank you for having her back' my mom says acting like a teachers pet. 'Believe me I didn't want to spend my afternoon here' I say under my breath but I'm sure he and my mom hear. 'Now then do you have anything you want to ask me?' He says. I jump in straight away before my mom has chance. 'Yes a lot of things actually! Firstly why am I the one here?' I say.

'Well you were the course of the dispute between two other students Ella' he answers.

'What makes you say that? Just because...' I begin. 'Because I saw them fighting over you' he says. My mom looks a big shocked.

'Them?' She says.

'Yeah mom, Jake and Jack, Jack and Jake. They were fighting over me and it's not like I asked them to, so I think my second question, is why am I here?' I ask trying to remain calm.

'Were trying to help you Ella' Jeremy says.

He goes on talking to my mom about it which is when I switch off and stop listening. Before I know it I'm back home and arguing with my mom.

When we walk through the door, Dylan starts asking what's going on. Of course he starts laughing when he finds out I was in the middle of a fight. 'All I'm saying Ella! Is that if you tell me these things, then maybe I can help you' she says.

'Mom! I don't want or need your advice ok? Your not the person I go to for advice!' I say as it's true, she does give the worst advice ever, especially if it's to do with my love life as she will end up bringing up something that happened between her and my dad, which really doesn't help.

I go upstairs and it's not long before I get a text off Jack so I assume he saw my moms car pull up. ''Can we talk?'' It says and I assume he wants me to go over. I decide to go as if I stay here it will just mean that I have to listen to my mom ranting on about me. ''Coming over'' I send back.

I walk up to his door and knock. Thankfully he answers as it would be awkward if it was his mom as I'm clearly pissed off.

'Alright?' He asks.

'Fine' I say clearly lying.

'Come in, we can go up to my room' he says which makes it awkward as I've never been in his room. I expect it to be all over the place before I remember he moved here ages ago now, at least two and a half months. 'So I'm just going to say it, ''you shouldn't have left'' why would you send me that?' I ask and I sense he's a bit nervy of me when I'm mad as he's never seen me like that with him.

'I just meant you should have stayed and talked to Jeremy' he says.

'Well it's just all weird I mean, first you like me, then you get me, then you hate the idea of you and me and keep whatever is going on between us, between just us, then you fight my ex to stick up for me and then you say I'm in the wrong for leaving?' I say realising I shouldn't speak too loud.

'Now your breaking our deal' he says trying to make a joke out of this. 'Its not funny Jack, are you even listening to me?' I say getting even more angry.

'Of course I am. You know I like you a lot and I know you like me' he says.

'Exactly! What more do you want from me?!' I yell and then try to keep calm.

'Your perfect. I don't want anything else from you' he says, his voice soft. He really is the only one that can calm me down, he just gets me. He looks In my eyes and I look in his. We remain silent, just looking at each other.

He suddenly right In front of me and he wraps one arm round my waist and the other round my neck and he kisses me.

I feel his hands all over me and then he unzips my top at the back. He goes to pull it off before I grab the edges of his T-shirt. I pull it up and it gets stuck under his chin. He helps me yank it off and I look at him. I see his six pack that I faintly saw through his top that was underneath his checkered shirt. That day seems so long ago and I think off how annoying I found him that day compared to how feel about him now. I want to be with him and i'm pretty sure he wants the same.

I'm not used to someone being like this with me. I've never had a guy treat me right except for Jack. I unhook his belt buckle. He stops me, but continues to kiss me. He picks me up, his hands grasping my hips. He drops me to his bed.

I lay in his bed and look at him, I want a boyfriend like him, someone that treats me right, looks at me like he hasn't seen me for so long, respects me and someone who is there for me. Jack is the one that I want.

I wake up and have to adjust my eyes as I remember I'm not in my own room. His grey bed sheets reach up to my neck. I'm facing the wall opposite the door and Im on my side. My one arm is squashed against his side and the other draped over his chest. He remains fast asleep. The night before starts to come back to me. For once it's not a night I regret.

I look around his room. It's large and the daylight shines through the windows. I sit up and rub my eyes to wake myself up. I keep the covers over me. I look at him and I can't stop. He looks so chilled and peaceful. I see his eyes start to flicker as he wakes up. 'Hey' he says lightly. 'Morning' I say. He smiles. I lay back beside him and he leans to face me and laces his hand round mine.

After a while of lying there he brushes a hair behind my ear and brings up the conversation I was dreading. 'So your glad it's not Jake you're lying with?' He says laughing slightly. 'I don't think I ever laid in bed with Jake, or if I did he was over that side of the bed and I was here' I say.

'He shouldn't have treated you like that. You deserve better and you always will' he says.

'You are better' I say.

'I hope so. I just want you to know that what ever happens between us, I will never treat you the way he treated you' he says and manages to put a smile on my face. 'I know you wouldn't. Your completely different to him' I say.

'Im glad' he says and laughs.

'So I know you don't want me to ask again... But... What's going on with us?' I ask.

'Well, I like you, you like me, our deal is still in place... So... Do you want to go out with me?' He says and I can tell from his voice that he is slightly nervous. 'Well you know I will have to think about it' I say jokingly before I laugh. He laughs at me.

'I will have to say yes then' I say. He smiles and kisses me. I've not felt this normal or happy in so long. I just hope it stays that way.

I notice it's late morning so I go to get up. Thankfully I'm covered by the bed sheet when the door opens and Jack's brother walks in, then I realise how awkward the situation is.

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