Healer In The Soul

The soul of the family and having babies in the soul


1. Info About Everyone

   About 20 years ago Megan Simms met a man named Chase Johnson. They went out for four years and then something happened Megan got pregnant. They went to the first ultrasound at 22 weeks and found that the baby was a girl. Their life went on like normal until Megan went into labor. Megan was in labor for 41 hours and at 1:42am Megan and Chase had the baby. They named the baby Jessa Johnson. Jessa was born at 28 weeks. One year later Megan was pregnant again but this time with a boy. At 34 weeks pregnant Megan went into labor. This time Megan had no time to get to the hospital. The baby was born at home. The baby was born at 4:32am. They named the baby Lance Johnson. Eight months later Megan was pregnant again. At 17 weeks pregnant Megan had a doctor appointment. At the doctor’s appointment Doctor Five told them that Megan was going to have twins. This time Megan did not want to go the labor of twins. Megan and Chase talked it over and they came up with having a C-section. On November 12 Megan and Chase went to the hospital. At 9:27am Megan was wheeled back to the OR room. Thierry minutes later, both babies were born. They named the babies Kyle and Robyn Johnson. One year later Megan was pregnant with twins again. The twins were born at 28 ½ weeks. They named the twins Kayla and Dallas Johnson. Two year later Megan and Chase got married. 14 years later Megan and Chase are still married.

     About 2 ½ years ago Megan, Chase and all the kids were doing great. On May 19th Jessa and Jacob got together. Jessa met Jacob at a party one of her friends had. Jessa knew that they could not see each other every day and she was sad. She wanted to be close to him because she loved him. It was only two weeks that they been going out that Jessa got pregnant. The pregnancy was very hard. Jessa was put on hospital bed rest from 15 weeks because she was having triples. The triples were born at 24½ weeks. Two weeks after the birth Jessa and Jacob lost one of the triples a boy named Jack. Jack was only 1 pound 3 oz and was very tiny. Three days later Jessa and Jacob lost another one of the triple Jill pasted away. She was only 1 pound 5 oz. The only baby that made it was Jordyn. She was the biggest triple weighting in at 2 pounds 9 oz and she was the second born. Jessa and Jacob did not want to care for Jordyn at the time so they called and ask Jennifer if she would adopt Jordyn. She said “yes” They were happy that Jennifer adopted the baby. Jennifer lets Jessa and Jacob see Jordyn when they want. Jessa wanted to have more kids. Jordyn is a very tiny girl and loves to have all the attention all the time. Jordyn has to sleep with Jennifer or she can’t go to bed.

     It was September 23 is when Lance got his first girlfriend Jenna. Lance did not want anything to happen to Jenna. Lance was really in love with Jenna. One day, Jenna and Lance did something wrong to get Jenna pregnant. On January 14 is when Jenna got pregnant. Lance liked Jenna very much. On September 21 Lance and Jenna had a baby girl named Brittany. When Brittany was born she weighed 2 pounds 4 oz. they found out 6 months later that Brittany is going to be very tiny girl. They estimated that she will only be 21 pounds and 17 inches. Lance and Jenna wanted to stay together for the new baby. Three days after the baby was born Jenna found out that she has cancer. Jenna did not want Lance to ever leave her. Jenna wanted to Marry Lance. They did not know if Jenna could have any more kids. The doctor said “It is unlikely to have a baby when you have cancer.” When Brittany was 11 months old Janna got Pregnant again. This time Lance wanted a Baby boy. Six months later Jenna had the baby. They named the very tiny baby boy Cody. Cody was born at 25 weeks and weight 1 pound 3 oz. Cody was very sick the first year he was born. Lance and Jenna were very sad when the baby was born early because she had cancer.

     On March 29 Kyle and Jinger were going out. Before Kyle and Jinger were going out, Jinger had another boyfriend named Johnny. Johnny and Jinger did a lot of bad thing until Jinger got pregnant. Right after they got together Jinger got pregnant. The pregnancy only lasted 17 weeks and the baby was a boy. Well Johnny and Jinger were going out Jinger had a baby boy named Stephen. When Stephen was born Johnny and Jinger did not know that Stephen had spina bifida and Hypoplastic left heart system. The doctors did not know how long Stephen would live. After Jinger and Johnny split up Johnny did not want Jinger to see Stephen but she see him two days a month. Now Johnny and Jinger are going to court for Jinger to see Stephen again. After three months of going out Jinger and Kyle were going out Jinger got pregnant again. At 10 weeks Jinger had a miscarriage. They go to parties and other things together. They do not leave their love behind. On October 21 Kyle and Jinger got married.

     On June 7th Robyn and Micheal got together. Before Micheal and Robyn were going out Micheal had another girlfriend named Jessica. Micheal and Jessica did very bad things. Jessica became pregnant. Micheal and Jessica were having a baby girl. The baby was born at 26 weeks. The baby’s name was Peyton. When Payton was born she was very tiny. She was born weighting 2 pounds 1 oz. Payton did not get big very fast in took her a year to get to 8 pounds 3 oz. Micheal wanna Payton to live a normal life. A year after Payton was born they found out that Payton was not going to get any much bigger. The doctors told them that Payton was only going to be about 19 pounds and 23 inches her whole life. Jessica did not like the baby’s name because Micheal picked it out. Robyn has always liked Micheal for the way he is. Robyn and Michael’s relationship has been off and on for six months until Robyn got pregnant. Sherry did not want the baby to have what Payton has. Since Robyn got pregnant, Robyn knew that Micheal was not going to be there for the baby. On December 19th they broke up. Robyn knew she wanted Micheal to be the dad of her baby. Every time she thinks of Micheal, she starts to cry. She wanted to be with Micheal all the time. She wanted to get back with Micheal for the baby.

     On May 19th Dallas and Trevor were going out. Dallas has always liked Trevor. Dallas and Trevor have been going out for six months and Dallas never knew that Trevor had a son named Dakota. Dakota is one year old. Dallas and Trevor go to the same school. About 3 months after they have been going out Dallas got Pregnant but lost the baby at 5 weeks. A year after they have been going out Dallas got in to a car accident and left her paralyzed. Dallas was paralyzed from the waist down and now she requires a wheelchair to get around. Trevor was heartbroken to see Dallas that way. Now Trevor lives at Dallas house to take care of her. Dallas has always wanted kids but the doctor told her she might never have kids.

     On January 14th Kayla and Ethan got together. When Ethan met Kayla for the first time Kayla was pregnant. Ethan did not know what to do. Ethan really liked Kayla. Ethan stayed with her for the baby. Six months into the relationship Kayla blood pressure going really bad and it put Kayla in the hospital until the baby is born. At 31 weeks pregnant Kayla blood pressure was really bad it was 190 over 110. The baby was born on June 21. They found out the baby was a boy. They named the baby mark. Mark was really sick at birth. Mark was in and out of the hospital for four months. The doctors still do not know what is wrong with mark. When mark was in the hospital Kayla could not be in the room with Mark. Kayla was still sick after having mark. When mark was three months old they found out that he has cerebral palsy and a hearing condition. Kayla took Mark to his hearing appointment. Kayla found out that Mark is 75% deaf and will need hearing aids when he is older. Mark will have to live with condition the rest of his life.

 Megan (Mom)

 Chase (Dad)

 Jessa (Jacob's Girlfriend)

 Jacob (Jassa's Boyfriend)

 Jordyn (Jessa and Jacob's Daughter)

 Lance (Jenna's Boyfriend)

 Jenna (Lance's Girlfriend)

 Brittany (Lance and Jenna's Daughter)

 Cody (Lance and Jenna's son)

 Kyle (Jinger's Boyfriend)

 Jinger (Kyle's Girlfriend)

 Johnny (Jinger's ex)

 Stephen (Jinger and Johnny's son)

 Robyn (Micheal's Girlfriend)

 Micheal (Robyn's Boyfriend)

 Jessica (Micheal's ex)

 Payton (Micheal and Jessica's Daughter)

 Trevor (Dallas's Boyfriemd)

 Dallas (Trevor's Girlfriend)

 Dakota (Trevor's son)

 Kayla (Ethan's Girlfriend)

 Ethan (Kayla's Boyfriend)

 Mark (Kayla and Ethan's son)

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