Healer In The Soul

The soul of the family and having babies in the soul


2. Healer In The Soul

Three months later, On March 14, Megan's sister Mary had her baby girl named Kaylee. Kylee was born at 1:59pm and weighed 9 pounds 7 oz. Two hours after Kaylee was born Megan and Chase came up to see the baby. At 6:15pm Megan and Chase left. On the way home Chase got a call from Robyn.

Robyn said “Daddy I did something wrong.”

“Talk to mom about this. I will give the phone to mom.” Chase said

“Mom, I am going to have a baby. Mom, can we talk when you get home with dad?”

When Chase and Megan got home, the only person home was Robyn.

“Mom and dad, can I talk to you?” Robyn said

They both said “yes”

“Mom and dad I am going to have a baby. I went for my ultrasound today and I found out that I am going to have twins.” Robyn said.

“Why did you let this happen?” Megan said.

“Mom, I did not want this to happen. Micheal wanted kids now because his mom is 64 years old.” Robyn said.

“Ok, then” Megan said.

Later lance went to Jenna’s doctor appointment. At the doctor’s appointment Doctor Five Checked Jenna and Finds out that she was pregnant.

The doctor said “Jenna you will not go to full term with this baby. We have to get the cancer under control. You will still have cancer after the baby is born.”

On the way home Lance Called his mom

“Mom, can I tell you something?” Lance Said

“Ok what is it?”Megan said

“Jenna and I are going to have another baby.” Lance said

“Why did you let this happen?” Megan said

“Jenna and I wanted more kids.” Lance said

“Ok see you when you get home.” Megan said

When lance and Jenna got home, Jenna did not feel good. So she took a nap. At 6:45pm Jenna woke up from her nap.

That night Lance and Jenna talked about the pregnancy and went to bed. Chase and Megan talked about the kids’ future with the babies.

The next day Dallas had a doctor’s appointment. Trevor and Dakota came with her. When they got to the doctor office Dallas was not feeling good. She signed in. Then Dallas went to the bathroom and got sick. Dallas did not think that she was pregnant. The doctor called them back. Doctor five made her take a pregnancy test and drew some blood. 45 minutes later the doctor came back with some news. “Dallas and Trevor, you guys are going to be parents. Dallas is pregnant. Dallas we are going watch you closely because we do not want to make your condition worse.”

Doctor Five did an untersound and found out that Dallas was going to have triples and she was already 9 weeks along. After the doctor’s appointment Dallas and Trevor took Dakota to his moms for the night. Then Trevor and Dallas went home. When they got home Trevor took Dallas straight upstairs and helped her put on some big clothes so that when her mom and dad got home they would not know for a while. Dallas did not want her mom and dad to know she was pregnant because she was the baby. Dallas through her mom and dad would get mad at Trevor because she was in a wheelchair and pregnant and she thought her mom and dad did not want Dallas to be a teen mom well she was in school. Dallas had to figure out how and when she will tell her mom and dad. Dallas though for a while and can up with a plan. Later that day, Jinger had a doctor’s appointment.

Jinger called Kyle and said “Kyle I would like you to come with me to my doctor’s appointment.”

“I will be there is ten minutes.” Kyle said

“See you later baby.” Jinger said

Ten minutes later, Kyle and Jinger let for the doctor’s appointment. At the doctor’s Jinger told the doctor Five “I might be pregnant. I want an ultrasound.” Jinger said.

Doctor Five did the ultrasound and found out the Jinger is pregnant. Doctor Five told Jinger and Kyle the news “Jinger is going to have a baby.”

On the way home Kyle called Megan and said “mom I have some news to tell you. Jinger is pregnant and the doctors think the baby has a serious condition."

Later that day Jessa had a doctor’s appointment so she calls Jacob. “Jacob will you come with me to my doctor’s appointment with me I think I am pregnant?”

“Ok. Be at your house in ten minutes.” Jacob said.

When Jacob got there Jessa got into the car.

At the doctor’s appointment Jessa had an untersound.

The doctor told them “Jessa you are going to have a baby.”

“What I did not want this to happen right now.” Jessa said.

“Ok, there are other options to do with the baby. You can give it up for adoption. Ask one of your family members if they want the baby. Not have the baby at all.” Doctor Taye said.

On the way back to Jessa’s house Jacob asked Jessa a question. “What would happen if we give the baby up for adoption?” Jacob said

“I want to have the baby and not give it up for adoption. I want us to raise the baby. It is going to be hard because we are still in school right now. It will get easier once we are out of school. I want to raise the baby with you Jacob.” Jessa said



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