the heart breaker's diary

he broke her heart,but no one knew he didn't do it by his choice.


1. Love hurts

Oh gosh i hated Tom. My best friend,my brother. And you know when you are friends with someone there's some rule 1.don't date friends Ex's and maybe the most important rule 2. Your friends Sisters are out of limit.if you wanna die,date best friend's sister. I don't have sisters or brothers so i don't know how he must felt. Tom had this amazing little sister Katherine. She was everything you could wish for. She was the girl from my dreams. She never really left my mind not even when i slept. But shit just got real, Tom noticed my adoration towards his sister and didn't like it. "Noah." Kath smiled.her smile was the most beautiful thing about her. When she smiled you could see it sparkling through her eyes as she giggled cutely. Winter was coming and she was playing on the leafs with her new dog.Sissy. Her long brown hair was covered on beenie what she wore all the time. She was dressed cutely and her cheeks were red as she stood up from the leafs. "Is Tom home?" I asked admiring her beauty. "Not yet." She said shyly smiling to me. "Can i wait?" I asked. Smile grew on her lips "sure." She smiled. "Lets go inside,i'm freezing." She said and i followed her inside the house. "You want tea?" She asked. "Sure,thanks." I smiled. She was wearing big sweather and leggings and her hair was wildly on her back and she made us tea. "So Noah. How was school?" She asked sitting opposite of me. "It was cool." I said taking sip of warm tea.we were at different schools. "You know i'm going in same school with you next year." I said. "Really? Thats school." She said happily smiling. "Noah?" Toms voice cutted in as he walked into kitchen. He was giving me a bit cold look. "Hey Tommy." Katherine smiled. "Hey."tom said not looking her he kept his eyes locked on mine. "So dude,everything okay?" I asked when i was alone with him. "You know you cant date my sister right,i dont want her to get hurt? And i think she has someone else,though." Tom said. I felt jealously going through my veins. "What? Pshhh i don't like her,she is like little sister to me... You know that." I lied. "Good,just making sure." Tom said. "I don't want anyone to lay fingers to my princes." He said. Tom really liked Katherine they had really good friendship. "Who is the guy?" I asked. "Some kid for her class. What was his name... Something starting with L.. Logan." Tom said. "Logan Davidson?" I asked. "Yeah,him." Tom said. "Okay..." I said feeling like puking. The though of Katherine with someone made me so angry. Katherine was so perfect i couldn't get her of my mind. Katherine wasn't that kind of girly girl who was scared of spiders or other girls normally were. She wore dresses and make up,though. Sometimes she was most girlier girl i ever seen but sometimes she just hang with sweatpants and boyish clothes but still looked cute and she loved music and dancing and she couldn't go any were without her penny board. You know the girls who could skate were big turn on and Kath were pro at it.she didn't smoke or days passed by thinking about her. Tom was right about that Logan guy lately i have seen her every were with him,i already hated that guy touching  my girl and making her laugh,that was my job. Not his.

i sat in bus it was late and the bus stopped to get some one in. i saw Kath walking in. she sat few rows away from me. she wasn't alone. she was with some friend. "so can you believe, Logan kissed me." Kath's voice said.god, how cute. like peck or with tongue?" her friend asked. i really hoped it was only on the cheek, even that made my stomach flip and not in good way. "omg? you made out?" her friend said. "shhhh, it's not so big deal." Kath said. i felt terrible. Like thousand knifes had hitted on my chest.i put my ear phones on and blocked the hole world around me. 

i walked on tiny path what leaded to my house. i was angry. i hated those pictures what run through my head about Kath kissing someone else, i needed to punch that guy.but i knew i couldn't. i lied on my bed staring the white ceiling. that night i didn't sleep. 

Kath sat next to me. i felt anger. i narrowed my eyes to her. "what?" she asked. "why in the earth you sat next to me?" i asked. "what?" she asked socked. "we are not friends." i said. "since when?" she asked narrowing her eye brows. "we have never been friends. if i'm your brothers friend that doesn't mean i'm your friend, and you are not even popular enough to be friends with me. i don't like you." i spatted. looking her coldly. she stared me. "why are you being this mean to me?" she asked. "oh gosh, how stupid are you?" i said rolling my eyes. "did you just call me stupid?" she asked. "are you deaf or whats your fucking problem. now get the hell out of that seat." i said. she didn't say anything. and stood up. "now move your fat ass and get out of my sight,please." i said cruelly. "i hate you don't ever talk to me again!" she said her voice cracking. when i saw her eyes getting teary i realized what i had done. why in the earth i did that. oh now i know. i can't like her. that isn't right. 


Bianca run up to me smiling her fake smile "babe." she said with her annoying girly voice. "my love." i smiled running my fingers through my messy hair. she stood on her tip toes and smashed her lips on me. she was my girlfriend. been now like two months. and if you ask. i'm so IN LOOVE with that girl. she's my everything... well those words was just the fattest lies i ever had told to everyone. well so what.she sat next to me just trying to get some reaction out of me she hold my hands when  we walked and was always so hyper. i wonder what she saw in me i was always so bored and pissed  'cause i didn't even like her as friends. group of girls passed us. i looked up they were younger than i. i noticed her familiar curly hair as she talked with her friends smile on her face. her face didn't react when her eyes met mine i wasn't even sure if they ever did. she totally acted like i wasn't there. maybe i really wasn't. or that was because i was holding hands with the biggest bratty idiot in hole world. i suddenly wrapped my arms around Bianca and she smiled widely.  i hugged her and her hair smelled like vanilla. she run her fingers through my hair i hated it but acted like i loved it cause i could feel everyone looking us. "give me kiss?" she purred. i smiled my smug smile and pecked her lips what tasted like lipstick and other shit.that was just so gross. we sat on the sofa in Tom's house. i knew that Kath would get home at any second. i heard the door open and looked Bianca with love and pecked her lips she smiled like ten years old and wrapped her arms around me, poor girl really though that i loved her even a bit. "ewwn." Sienna Kath's friend said as she walked in with Kath who didn't even look at me. i hated the way she ignored me. i heard the knock on the front door. Tom run to the door. "hey man." annoying voice said. i rolled my eyes. "hey." Tom said with bored tone. "Katherineee." Tom said walking of the door. kath run from the kitchen with hurry. "babe." Logan said making me wanna trow up. "honeyy," Kath said with happy tone. and the next thing what i heard i didn't like at all. *kissing noices* well he can go and kill his self for touching my girl. " Bianca lets leave." i said and stood up pulling her up with me. "where?" she asked. "to my place." i groaned. "oh is someone horny?" Bianca giggled. Tom snorted. and i just rolled my eyes when she didn't see. i was far from being horny right now. i was furious. "Hey, Noah right?" the annoying kid who doesn't even deserve to be called by his own name said. he hold his hand for me to chake and i just looked his hand with disgust. "out of my way kid."I said with annoying tone pushing him away and tracking Bianca with me.


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