Angels From Hell

Victoria is ... well, she's the girl we all hate but end up loving. Emma is insecure and binge-eating her problems away. Amanda is worrying more over acing school exams than the destruction of her and her friends. And Holland, the girl suddenly getting unwanted attention from a teenage bartender, is trying desperately to hold her friendships together. But in a world where their kind doesn't exist and with each girl containing a unique ability, will their issues drive them apart when they need each other most or will they be able to combine their skills to fight the supernatural force determined to make their lives seem like they're Angels From Hell?


10. Two and a half of them

'How did this creep know you would find this in the toilet?' Amanda exclaimed, slamming the paper down on the table with enough force that she had to push upwards to remove the dent she'd just created. 'I mean, who looks behind the toilet? What were you doing, Emma?'

   Emma had no way to tell if she was a green as she felt. How could she explain to Amanda how she had found the note, honestly? Maybe she'd had to tie her shoes - but she wasn't wearing her Doc Martin's, nor did her shoes today have laces. She could have dropped a hair pin, except she didn't wear anything.

  'I, um,' she began hesitantly. 'I-'

  Amanda raised her hand to cut her off. 'I guess it really doesn't matter, only that you found it.' She bit her lip and slid onto the table, holding her head up with a hand on the side of her face.

  'This person obviously has been watching us for long enough to figure out what we are,' she mumbled so softly Emma struggled to hear. 'Or at least what we're capable of.'

  Emma didn't say anything. She couldn't find something hopeful to say because she remains still too ashamed to admit to herself what she'd just tried to do back in the toilet. It had been a stupid and dumb idea and she was very aware that if she told the girls, they'd be outraged with her foolish behaviour. But more, they'd be even more furious with Victoria from encouraging her to do it in the first place. It wasn't until Victoria had said anything that Emma noticed the weight she now gained around her thighs and pooling over the top of her jean's waist. But if Emma said anything, she knew Holland would try to actually kill Vicky, and she thought at least one of them should try and keep the peace.

  Emma rubbed her arms as if she were cold and Amanda tossed her her jacket, thinking she needed protection from the chill that had just breezed through the rear corner of the library.

  'We should tell Holland about this immediately,' Amanda announced, shoving her pens and pencils back into her pencil case, and roughly zipped up her bag.

   Emma nodded. 'Why do you think this person is after us?'

   'Because we're not human and we could "pose" a threat on them, I suppose.' She began walking through the book aisles to the exit and Emma hurried to catch up, struggling to do up the buttons of Amanda's coat around her waist. Her stomach sunk.

  'But we haven't done anything suspicious, meaning they must have eyes everywhere. You must always be careful, Emma.'

   The two girls were almost out of the library when they heard the loud bickering coming from the loans desk. Amanda would have walked straight past if she hadn't recognised the old and stained army pants they boy was wearing. They were Matt's dad's pants that he'd taken when he'd died a few years ago, a horrible tragedy that involved a missing-in-action that turned into a mysterious-dumping-of-body two months later. Matt wore them everywhere, as far as Amanda knew. Well, at least, every day at the Barden Grill.

  'Look, young man,' Mrs Gregory snapped. 'Without a visitor's pass, you are illegally trespassing in the school. Just wait there and we can clear this all up. I'll call reception and you can find the girls with permission.'

   Matt ran a hand through his blonde hair and rummaged through his shorts, pulling out a twenty dollar note. 'Here. Will this cover it?'

   'I will not take your money, young man!'

   He sighed, bending over to bang his head on the bench. 'I just need to speak with them. It's an emergency.'

   'How do you know they're even in here!'

   'I saw Emma run in here before, in exactly the same state as her other friend-'

  Amanda cut in, laughing uneasily. 'Excuse me, Mrs Gregory. I can escort Mr Matthew out of the building, if you would like. He's a friend of mine.' She kicked him in the shin, shoving him towards the exit. He stumbled behind Emma, looking around in a confused manner, and then grabbed her arm, leading her in the direction of Holland.

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