Angels From Hell

Victoria is ... well, she's the girl we all hate but end up loving. Emma is insecure and binge-eating her problems away. Amanda is worrying more over acing school exams than the destruction of her and her friends. And Holland, the girl suddenly getting unwanted attention from a teenage bartender, is trying desperately to hold her friendships together. But in a world where their kind doesn't exist and with each girl containing a unique ability, will their issues drive them apart when they need each other most or will they be able to combine their skills to fight the supernatural force determined to make their lives seem like they're Angels From Hell?


13. Four or less?

Victoria marched through the Barden Grill, three or four steps ahead of Amanda's slower pace. She knew she didn't want to help, she knew she didn't want to be around the girls and she knew she didn't want to bend down in her new white dress, but she knew she had to help Holland. She didn't like the feeling, it was a cold, worried feeling in the pit of her stomach that she could feel rising in her body every time she considered turning around and abandoning the one person that needed her most. Five more minutes and Holland would be powerless and her cursing would have worked - she'd be lost to them all. Victoria was the only one that could help her, that could summon, charge and redeliver her power, and she hated herself for that.

   Holland was pale and shaking when Victoria managed to budge open the store room door. The strong, windy feeling of her power slammed into her and she struggled to walk steadily to Holland's side. Every part of Holland was fighting Victoria when she placed her hands on her shoulders, using all her force to hold her still.

  'How long has she got? Emma asked, glancing between Holland, Victoria and Amanda.

  'If you ask unhelpful questions like that, you're distracting me from doing my job! So shut your mouth and close the blinds. I need darkness.' Victoria closed her eyes and breathed out calmly. 'Amanda, I need a bit of your power to help speed up the process.'

  'But, you know what that will do to you!'

  And Victoria did. Using Amanda's powers to recharge Holland's through Victoria would create a portal through the heart of her magic for anyone to draw upon. It also weakened her, both a physical and mental weakness that would require much time for recovery. Only the safest used that method, but Victoria didn't have a choice.

  'All this time that you two keep interrupting, I'm losing the ability to heal Holland. Just give me entrance to your power Amanda and I'll save her!'

   So Amanda did. She pressed her hands up against Victoria's back and tensed her entire body, forcing her power forward. Victoria flinched, whining from the pain. It was indescribable, the pain, like claws raking through her body, searching for her soul.

  But Amanda was quick. She'd sacrificed her accuracy and used half of her power for speed to lightened the pain for Victoria. The piercing through her magic was less than Victoria expected it to be and soon both the girls's power was into Holland, wrapping it's branches around and around until nothing more could escape.

  That was when Amanda withdrew her magic and Victoria curved her back as she assembled Holland's powers back together. It was like wrapping a present; she had to carefully fold the pieces of gift wrapping until she could no longer see the heart of Holland's magic.

  Somewhere in the middle, Holland had stopped muttering and had passed out, letting the process continue on smoother without a fight. Her body was limp in the corner of the Grill's store room and completely wiped out by the amount of power being drawn from the room.

  A light flashed through the dark and Victoria coughed, feeling the blood trickle out of her nose. She stumbled backwards and fell onto her hands as she struggled to hold her weight.

   It was done.

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