Angels From Hell

Victoria is ... well, she's the girl we all hate but end up loving. Emma is insecure and binge-eating her problems away. Amanda is worrying more over acing school exams than the destruction of her and her friends. And Holland, the girl suddenly getting unwanted attention from a teenage bartender, is trying desperately to hold her friendships together. But in a world where their kind doesn't exist and with each girl containing a unique ability, will their issues drive them apart when they need each other most or will they be able to combine their skills to fight the supernatural force determined to make their lives seem like they're Angels From Hell?


8. Emma

Emma had never felt so sick in her entire life. She wanted to vomit, to get it out of her system. Yet, although she was bent over the school toilet and there was no one around to stop her, she couldn't bring herself to do it. She hated vomiting, she hated the gaging sensation, so why would she force it upon herself?

  But her thoughts just went back to Victoria's words. Emma was insecure and unable to stop herself from eating chocolate and cheese fries. Maybe she ate for comfort, or because she had nothing else to do. But with what had happened to Amanda with absolutely no clue of who could have done it, Emma had a good enough excuse to be doing things. She had a problem. It needed to be fixed.

  She braced her hands on the side of the toilet bowl, willing herself into doing it. She took in a breath and coughed once, heaving her stomach to speed up the process. Her body caved into the motion, worming over the toilet until sweat began dripping into the bowl. But no vomit came. The fattening cheese fries remained a rock solid lump in the bottom of her stomach, so built up she was unable to make a difference.

  Tears streamed down Emma's face, encouraging more coughing. She clenched her eyes shut and banged a fist against the cubicle wall, pulling herself to an immediately stop. What the hell was she doing?

  Something caught her eye; a folded piece of paper tucked behind the toilet. Emma reached for it with sweaty, shaking hands. But it wasn't the vomiting that should have scared her, it was the message written on the paper.

  "Keep going. Then there will only be three. Just remember: I have a secret too."

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