The last chapter:The Blood Of Olympus

my version of the final chapter of the final book in the series!
its definitely not half as good as rick's but its just my try.



Nostalgia hit Percy as he stood yet again at the threshold of the great throne room now with six other best friends. Here the gods had debated his existence, his deeds and feats, he had been offered immortality and here he had almost died defending this place when kronos and Typhon attacked.

All Olympians were assembled for an emergency meet. There was his dad in his fisherman outfit sitting right next to Zeus in his pinstripe like nothing had ever happened. Guess that’s what immortality is boring.

“Heroes! Welcome!” Zeus boomed “you have done well with your assistance we have successful put mother Gaea back to her slumber and saved human race from utter demolition.”

“To reward you for your excellent work my heroes..”Hera continued “ we gods have sworn on river Styx to err… Reward each one of you with A DESIRED WISH”

“Once again heroes this opens to you an option to choose the greatest gift of all immortality” Zeus reminded.

“Let’s begin with you Jason ,step ahead “commanded Hera.

Jason moved ahead there was no reason to be nervous after we guys had been through tyhese things seemed cake.

“Umm..jupi…father, through the journey our quest took us there were still many Greek and roman minor gods who were forgotten of depressed so they sold their allegiance to Gaea (like Kym)

“I need the assistance of the gods to set upon this task of erecting temples for each and every deity and make sure they get respected and worshiped.”

Zeus nodded “granted, Pontifex Maximus .athena and Hephaestus shall be at your disposal may you need their assistance in this err herculean task you’ve adopted.”

“Piper ”Hera chimed.

“mlord this victory was impossible without nico di angela , reyna and coach hedge please provide them their due reward..and mother please fix all aching hearts in both the camps..(especially Reyna she added in her thoughts)”

“Darling if I go fixing hearts like that where would be the fun? But… granted. Well-chosen daughter “Aphrodite said with a smile that dazzled me yet again.

“Annabeth ”Hera called out.

“Mother, the roman camp has architecture that amazed me, their fantastic arches and temples set my heart longing .with no intention of potential rivalry I plead resources to renovate camp half blood.”

“I agree with you dear I will personally see to it that Chiron is facilitated with ample resources…I have always been of the opinion that you cant run a camp by selling strawberries.

“okay “Zeus nodded “hazel Leveque”

“The giant Orion has wrecked great losses to the amazons and the huntresses of Artemis .please aid them and guide me as I shall set out to search for new recruits for both of them.”

Artemis smiled “yours is a noble choice my child and yes it shall be granted even now as we speak reinforcements sped to my brave fighters.”

“frank”hera called.

“the quest has undoubtedly transformed me a lot..but even now my life being dependent in a piece of firewood never lets me relax.please free me from this curse.”

Zeus raised an eyebrow and looked at Hera she narrowed her eyes.

“c’mon! My son’s right! “cried Ares”what’s the point of battling monsters if is life can be destroyed by a matchstick?”

“im afraid I cant do much about this frank you see this is your destiny the fates have your life they shall cut the thread when its time “Hera replied.

“That’s right we can’t help here ‘added Athena. “That’s not fair! Guys?”

“Since when was war fair? “loathed Hephaestus .

“but Ares is pretty fair..”retorted Aphrodite.

“the sunburn?show me sweety have you got it again?curse that helios.”

“what?” roared Apollo.

“no..its just his tan Hephaestus cant u even distinguish that?”Aphrodite said

“that’s not what I  meant…’hephaestus tried.

“SILENCE!” boomed Zeus.then he turned to frank “we cant help you here ,roman choose something  els……”

“Unless!” continued posiedon “he chooses immortality.”

Everything was still for a moment.

“oh yeah that ..maybe”zues said.

Percy remembered the last time he had been offered immortality .boy, it was tempting. Frank shivered lost in thought. Annabeth had saved percy..he hoped all his heart frank wouldn’t go for immortality.

Frank looked at Zeus and then at hazel.

“ not choosing immortality…Please just tell me if I’d live or die for the next ten or fifteen years till then at least I can live relaxed.”

“For that hero you must “Zeus replied “quest to the….”

“No you’d live healthy for the next ten years Zhang”Apollo cut off “chill.”

Zeus glared at him. Apollo looked like he needed someone to say “chill” to him.

“Thank you “frank said and stepped back.”
“Did you know? Hero” said Athena “the fate that befell the last hero whose life was bounded by a piece of firewood ?”

Frank shook his head.

“well, it was Meleager the Argonaut .like his mother who too tried to defy fate by saving his firewood in a secret chest, he too tried to change the convention.”

Artemis suddenly spoke up”? Yes. He fell in love with another Argonaut Atlanta who was one of my huntresses .though my faithful follower paid him no heed the fool killed his own father when he condemned Atlanta for she was a woman.”

“And in the end “Athena continued with a curve at the edge of her lips which looked suspiciously like

A secret smile “in a moment of anger burned his firewood and killed him. The End.”

“What were you trying to do? Demoralize the boy? “Scowled Ares.

“No. warn him, not to try defy fate”

“Enough! “Boomed Zeus “Percy next”

“Lord I want the roman to be able to develop their navy and be able to respect posi….errr…Neptune and even Pluto. Also I want immortality..”

Annabeth looked shocked.

Percy smiled.

“..For the friendship that struck between romans and Greeks. Thanks

Poseidon nodded “well-chosen my son. The gods shall do all that’s there in their power to fulfill your noble request.”

Annabeth looked like she wanted to judo flip her boyfriend.

“Did we miss anyone? “Hera asked. “Mother!” Hephaestus chided.”Ooh yes. Leo Valdez! How could I?”

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