The last chapter:The Blood Of Olympus

my version of the final chapter of the final book in the series!
its definitely not half as good as rick's but its just my try.


4. LEO



Leo was in a situation like he had never been in before twelve powerful super beings ready to give him anything he want


He knew what he wanted he knew exactly what he was going to ask .But how?

Here it seems Aphrodite helped

“Ooh! ‘ I knew it. At least one of these had to ask to most precious thing ‘love’. If Paris hadn’t asked for it there would have been no Trojan war!”. Frank looked a bit disturbed.

“Ah!, but son of Hephaestus did you think I would go that easy on you ?”

Leo suddenly realized that Aphrodite was in a way his step mom and she had treated him just like Cinderella. Hats why his love life had been so screwed up.

“Ask now dear! dont be shy! “She smiled brilliantly.

“I wish “Leo suddenly spoke that you’d free goddess Calypso of her cursed island and let leave ogiya and reach camp half-blood if that’s what she wishes.”

“Yes father “added Hephaestus that girl has suffered way more than she deserves”

“For Styx! Okay. “Yielded Zeus.


 He had been waiting at the edge of half-blood hill for forever when calypso came riding a Pegasus.

She wore a white greek  shimmering dress and looked like a million drachmas.

She came to him and  smiled a smile that made Leo’s heart grow butterfly wings and fly away .

“Long time. Valdez” she whispered. She smelt of azaleas and daisies and freshly baked Choco chip cookies and amazing machine oil and….

She kissed him. Then they laughed. “You did the impossible. I’m free “she said awed “that’s me sugar”

Leo said. Calypso shook her head“your impossible! “And she laughed.

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