My best friend, boy friend

You know when you have a best friend that has a boyfriend you would think that one day you might have one too. But you don't know that you end up dating your best friends,boyfriend.

(There are swear words in this story)


4. The trouble begins

The next day I was awoken by people yelling and screaming. I sat up and looked out the window and saw someone I did not want to see. It was Tina and her other friends. They started to throw rocks at my window and they yelled out "SUCH A WH**E B**CH". I was terrified and I didn't know what to do.

I then called Calum and told him to come to my house straight away. After waiting for ten minutes he finally arrives. When he came out if the car everyone's faces had changed. They all looked at him with puppy eyes. I quickly changed and ran down stairs. I opened the door and went to the crowd. Everyone then turns towards me. I quickly ran up to Calum while everyone was trying to stop me.

Calum quickly grabs my hand and pull me. Everyone turned around and looked at us. Tina walked up to me and tried to slap me but Calum grabbed her hand before she could slap me. "What are you doing with her Calum? I thought you loved me." She says in an angry voice. "I'm sorry but Tanya is who I love now and who I will forever love." He says with a big sigh. Tina starts to sniff and cry. "Look Tina I'm sorry I really didn't mean to." I say to her. "Shut up Tanya and GET OUT OF MY F***EN LIFE B***H!!" She says with an angry face.

Tina then runs off while her other friends chased after her. "I'm sorry for causing you all this trouble". Calum says with a sad face. "It's alright.. I didn't want this to happen to her. Instead if me getting hurt it's her getting hurt". I say with a sigh. Calum and I then walked in my house and went to my room. We started to talk. "Let's do something then if your sad!!" Calum says happily. Before I could say anything Calum pulled me with him.

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