My best friend, boy friend

You know when you have a best friend that has a boyfriend you would think that one day you might have one too. But you don't know that you end up dating your best friends,boyfriend.

(There are swear words in this story)


1. The beginning

Hi I'm Tanya and I have a best friend name Tina. She is dating the most popular boy in school. His name is Calum Hood. Tina always talk about Calum after school and before school. She is annoying.

One day I was walking to my class until I bumped into someone. My things dropped on the floor and I started to pick it up. The boy helps me pick it up. When I looked up I realised that it was Calum Hood the most popular boy in school. He stood up and gave me my things.

"Thank you Calum." I say with a smile. "No problem." He answers back. We started talking all the way to my class. I then said goodbye to him and walked in my class.

After the bell rang I quickly ran to my locker to get my things to go home. While I was running I slipped and fell into Calum's arms. I was blushing so much. He asks me " are you alright and did you get hurt?" My heart beats are faster than before.

I quickly stood up and said thank you to Calum. Then Tina comes and says " Hey Tanya what are you doing here with my bf?" I answered " um nothing I just came to say hi to Calum". "I'm gonna go now". I say nervously.

Calum stands there silently looking confused. I quickly ran home and went to my room. My heart never felt this way before. I think I like Calum. I was so shocked and scared that I didn't leave my room. I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to call Tina and tell her that I liked Calum but in the end I didn't call her. I was mostly scared of seeing her reaction.

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