My best friend, boy friend

You know when you have a best friend that has a boyfriend you would think that one day you might have one too. But you don't know that you end up dating your best friends,boyfriend.

(There are swear words in this story)


3. More than friends

The next day I tried to avoid Calum but I couldn't because of his gang following me and watching me. One of his friends Luke Hemming walked up to me and said "Hey Tanya sorry if we're making you scared. Calum knew that you would avoid him so he told us to follow you.

I was shocked to hear what Luke said. "I'm gonna go find Calum. Do you guys know where he is?" I said quickly. They all shrugged their shoulders. I quickly ran and told the others to go do what they want. I then found Calum playing his guitar. I walked up to him and when I did he stopped and stood up.

"Tanya I know this might be weird but I like you more than a friend." Calum says with a soft voice. "Uh oh um Calum I'm sorry but I can't be your girlfriend if you were gonna ask me too." I say nervously. "Why Tanya? Is it because I'm the type for you?" Calum says in a sad and worried voice. "No it's not. It's because Tina will be very mad at me for stealing who she loves." I say with a sigh.

Calum started to look sad. "I.I..I'm s.s..sorry" I say with a few drop of tears going down my face. I felt so bad for him because I felt the same way for him but I didn't want to lose my best friend. He then wiped my tears with a tissue and said "You will always be in my heart no matter what." I have Calum a hug until I calmed down.

"Thank you Calum." I say with a big smile. We then both walked to the front gate. "!" I shouted to him. Calum turns around and looks at me in the eye. "What is it Tanya?" He says with a grin. "Uh nothing sorry." I say nervously. He then walked out of the gate and I stood in one spot. I was going to cry so I ran straight home and went into my room.

After crying for an hour I finally calmed myself down. I wiped my tears and walked down stairs to get something to eat and drink. I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to go to the doctors and ask what's happening to me. I went back to sleep when I was done eating and drinking. The next day Calum asked me again the same question that he had asked me yesterday.

"Tanya I'm begging you please be my girlfriend." He says with a serious face. I watched his movements and the way he talks to me and realised that if I do this Tina won't be my best friend anymore. I didn't know what to say so I said the most stupid thing that I should have never said "Yes... I will be your girlfriend.." I say with a big sigh. He then carried me up and left me down.

He gave me a kiss on my forehead. After school we walked home together holding each other's hands. Everyone that we wakes pasted watched us and they started to call Tina but obviously me and Calum didn't know.

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