My best friend, boy friend

You know when you have a best friend that has a boyfriend you would think that one day you might have one too. But you don't know that you end up dating your best friends,boyfriend.

(There are swear words in this story)


2. Closer we get

It was night time and I went to sleep. I had a dream that I was talking to Calum and then we kissed. While we were kissing Tina saw us and yelled " WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU TWO DOING?" I replied " Tina it's not real." Then I heard my name being called continuously until I woke up and saw my mum telling me to get dressed.

When I arrived at school Calum walked up to me and asked me " You wanna leave school?" Without thinking I answered yes. He took my hand and started to pull me to the fire exit. He then took me to his house and started to give me a shirt and shorts. He then started to get water balloons out. We started the fight, while we were playing I slipped from running and fell into Calum's arms. He then moved closer and closer.

Before I knew it I realised that our eyes met. He then started to lean closer to me and before I knew it I was kissing Calum. I stopped day dreaming and tried to stop him but I couldn't. In the end I failed to stop Calum from kissing me but I was still kissing him.But then we both heard his phone ringing and it was Tina.

Tina had asked him what he was doing and he said " Oh I'm at my house doing a project with Tanya." I said " Hi Tina where were you today I didn't see you at school." She replies " Oh I'm going to New Zealand for two weeks." She then says " I got to go now bye." Then she hung up. I said to Calum " I need to go home now or my mum is gonna get suspicious." I started to walk but then he took my arm and pulled me close to him and said " Can I get a good night kiss before you leave?"

I gave him a kiss and went home. When I arrive home my mum says " Where were you?" I answered " At my friends house, we had a project to do." She then walked away from me and went to in her bedroom and closed the door.

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