I love you (michael clifford fan fiction)


2. the old school new day

This is my new day here can you... As I got cut off by Michael holding my hand. I blushed because I liked Michael. He said hey babe. He took me to my first class and we sat in the back we put out desks together and we started to kiss. Luke walked in and we stopped. Michael looked at Luke and he yelled why did you take my girl!!! Michael yelled your girl she's mine can't you see us making out!!!! Michael and Luke the teacher said as he gave them a detention. I said to Michael come on you know I don't love you as Luke sat next to me on the other side. Michael and I started making out again as Luke pulled me to him and kissed me. I said really i.. He cut me off while he yelled at Michael. And the teacher said one more time and you will get suspended for a week am I clear. Yes they said at the same time. I started to kiss Michael again and he said I love you. I said I love you too. Luke got really mad that after class he grabbed me and beat the hell out of me and as I laid on the floor all I saw was him standing over me as everyone came over to me and Luke got suspended for a month. I was in the hospital with my boyfriend Michael. My mum came in and said who did this. I said Luke. She said we are going to his house when you get out of the hospital.

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