I love you (michael clifford fan fiction)


4. the day of my kiss

I sent out a mass text to everyone saying "party at my place get here by 8". Everyone replied saying I'm in. When the party started me and some friends played truth or dare. Michael asked me "truth or dare" I said "dare". I dare you to kiss me. I got up and sat on his lap and kissed him and say next to him. Luke truth or dare. Dare. I dare you to go upstairs and yell out the window saying I'm awesome and I'm so weird. Luke did what I said. Then we started playing spin the bottle and I sat in between Luke and Michael. The bottle landed on me and I had to make out with Michael. Then it landed on Luke and I had to make out with him. So after the party I was drunk and so was Michael so Luke took us home. When we got out Luke said.

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