I love you (michael clifford fan fiction)


8. Michael!?!?!?!?!?

Michael walking in and saw me on pleasure but he had to stop him. He took him off of me and started putting my panties on and he un cuffed my hands and Luke beat the shit out of cam. When Michael carried me to his car he put me in the passenger seat. Luke said for us to follow him. Michael was holding my hand the whole car ride home. He said "you look sexy babe" I said "thanks" and I kissed him on the lips. When we were almost home I told him I had a gift for him when we got home.

5 minutes later

When we got home we went up stairs and I said "do u know what your gift is?" He said "maybe,can I have a hint" I said "me and you in the same bed". He said "mm". And we made love the rest of that night.

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