I love you (michael clifford fan fiction)


7. I can't

Well when Michael opened the door he dropped me and I hit the ground hard and he stepped on me. I found out I have cancer and I needed kemo. Michael stayed with me and he slept in the hospital bed with me and we kissed. Luke said he was sorry when I left the hospital. He told me that he was a drug dealer and he was almost finishing selling all the drugs he needed to sell to leave me and his friends and family alone but that didn't work out much. His boss Cam he found me and he put a towel over my mouth and nose and everything went black. I was in a room and I was in my panties and bra. I was hand cuffed on to the bed. He called Michael and Luke on skype and said I wonder how good she would be in a bed and I started yelling but he put duck tape over my mouth and showed my face. They saw me crying and they didn't end the call he left it on but he turned off the camera. He took the duck tape off my mouth and started to kiss me and I had no choice but to him back and then he started to take off his boxers and he took of my panties and started putting it in and you know the rest.

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