Battle Of The Bands (5sos fanfic)

Rowan and her all girl punk rock band are taking over the charts.

They have a lot of fans who of corse they all love.

The only thing that they don't love about there fans is that they all seem to have matched them up with there musical rivals 5 seconds of summer.

Will they rise to the challenge if joining forces with them?

{Author speaking:This is like the worst blurb ever because I'm so bad at writing them omg but just please take a look and see if you like it?}


1. Chapter One

I tap my long newly panted finer nails on my tartan skirt.

My hands and forehead become sweaty.

Millions of butterfly's flutter in my stomach.

The weight and heat of a hand behind me shocks me. "They need to fit your mic." Annie smiles down at me.

I nod slowly getting out of my chair where three women had previously been hiding my imperfections with makeup.

"You alright?" Annie asks taking my seat and being surrounded by foundation.

"I'm fine, just you know, nervous." I laugh falsely.

"Okay." she says, I go to walk out the room. "Remember 50% punk 50% rock." she jokes.

I giggle walking out and into another where I find Emily sulking.

"Oh looking very floral today." I laugh looking at her cut off dungarees and tight floral crop top.

"How the fuck did you get to wear that?!" She screams startling the tech guy who is wiring her up.

I shrug looking down at my outfit. A short dark read tartan pencil skirt, black long sleeved crop top and black lace up ankle boots.

"It's because of the boys! It's because of Michael! Well if they want me to be all sweet and flirty with him they've got another thing comeing!" she rants.

"Half the nation does want you to be together." I laugh whilst somebody sticks wires up my back for the microphones.

"Well I don't bloody care!" She sulks.

"I agree with you initially. Our band is meant to show girls they can do it without boys yet we are using them for publicity." I grumble.

"Urm excuse me." one of the techies nervously interjects. "But wouldn't every girl give up her left arm to date one of Five Seconds Of Summer, why are you complaining?"

"Because there dicks." I explain.

The one who is sorting out Emily says something. "Your Ashton's girl."

I clench my teeth ready to pounce. "I am nobody's girl! Just because some lonely fangirls think were destined to be together or some shit doesn't mean that we are, okay?!"

The techie quickly nods going back to his work.

"But we're still naming our four children after the ninja turtles, right?" I voice says from the door way.

"Go away Ashton." I demand not even checking if it's him or not.

"Hey I was sent here, you go away." He answers cockily.

"I was sent here to." I sarcastically grin.

"Well then I guess none of us will be able to go away, huh?" He laughs.

I go to say something but a small blonde woman toddles into the room. "Rowan and Emily your need for a sound check."

I stare at Emily then at Ashton.

"Toodles." he jokes.

Both me and Emily put our middle fingers up to him as we leave.

We get up into the stage to the huge auditorium.

I take my place as Annie slides into her seat behind the drums, Emily grabs her bass and Marly ties her guitar strap round her body.

We all warm up, twanging our instruments, tapping the mics.

"Let's just do Children Of The Streets first?" I shout back at them.

"Okay let's go!" Annie whoops tapping he drum sticks.

"One Two Three Four!" I scream and the rest of the band begins to play.

"Back street time of the..." I sing.

As I'm singing and frankly rocking it I notice the 5sos boys in the wings smiling cockily.

Like they could do any better! We are so going to win this thing!

We finish our song with a bang. I hear some clapping and I know that it's the boys.

We walk off. "You were good." Calum sniggers.

"We know." Annie smiles.

"But not quite good enough." Ashton smiles, grabbing my wrist to stop me from punching him.

"Let go!" I demand. "What are you trying to do? Injure the competition because you know your not going to win?"

"Something like that." He smiles letting go.

"Yea that's what I thought!" I challenge sitting down on one of the boxes with the other girls.

The boys perform 'English Love Affair' whilst we sit and try and block out there music.

They stride off stage sweaty and beaming. "Beat that bitches!" Callum smiles.

"Aw we will try." Emily says patronisingly. "It really won't be hard."

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