Steve Trevor is assigned the unofficial liaison for the newly formed Justice League of America team. He makes the decision to include on that team Amanda Waller's niece, Hannah. The young woman possesses super human senses, is an excellent fighter, an expert weapons specialist and a top notch medic. Her problem? Hannah Waller was born without a larynx.


1. Intro

*I was introduced to NaNoWriMo about two years ago but went ahead and swallowed my pride last year. This is the story that I worked on for NaNoWriMo 13. I didn't reach the goal but what I got out of it was finally putting to life an idea that was boiling around in my head for a while, at least ever since I tried to get into the New 52 JLA comics.*

*This story does not follow the comics as far as plots. This is more revolved around the relationship between Martian Manhunter and Hannah.*

"I do not own nor am I affiliated with DC Comics. All characters and settings belong to them. Hannah Waller is my character.*


He continued to look at the documents even after Amanda Waller left her office and sighed. What was he about to embark on? How could he be the unofficial leader of this team of superheroes, as diverse as they were to begin with? Steve Trevor perked up as he felt a presence in the room and turned towards the door. He had caught a glimpse of her just before she ducked back around the corner and smiled. He knew who it was and was glad to see a friendly face, little of it that he had seen.

“Hannah…” he murmured. He could imagine her flinching, but was glad that the timid woman came back into his eyesight at last. She didn’t dare enter the room, lingering by the door frame. She kept her eyes trained on her feet as she twirled a strand of her dark brown hair in fright. The hallway leading to the office was small; at first, he wondered how Amanda could have missed her. But he retracted that thought. She was equal to a skilled ninja: it was possible for her to move around the entire building without someone noticing her.

Steve knew that the young woman wouldn’t look straight at him until he acknowledged her once more. He took that opportunity to look over the dossier yet again. He knew how to handle the woman. Steve had to let her make the first move and waited until she was comfortable enough to go inside the room.

While he waited, an idea struck him at once. Looking over the qualifications of the heroes, he realized that they needed one more member. One who was capable of tending to their needs, in preference, their injuries. One that was maybe untraceable in the field. He glanced over at the young woman who had remained at the door.

“Hannah… do you remember me…?” as quick as the idea had come to him, he realized how long it had been since they had last seen each other. Steve was glad that she gave him a slow nod and finally made the decision to make her way inside the room. He knew better than to approach her, himself. That would send the timid woman either running away or crouching in a corner paralyzed, a sight that he never liked in the least.

She was within arm’s length when she stopped without delay and sniffed the air. Her brown eyes widened somewhat as her attention went to the other end of the office. Steve looked on with interest as she ambled in that direction. She stopped in the middle of the room, reached out with a guarded hand, but retracted it, still staring ahead of herself.

“Is someone here with us…?” he asked her, even though he knew the answer. She gave him a quick nod and made her way behind him, peering past his arm. Steve felt her body shaking as she pointed straight ahead; he just smirked. With everything that he had been through, nothing surprised the former Colonel anymore; not even seeing a near seven-foot tall Martian materialize before his eyes. His red eyes focused on the two, more so on the woman who cowered even more behind Steve.

“How did she know I was here?” his deep voice resonated throughout the room.

“She sensed you…” Steve informed the Martian. J’onn J’onzz looked past Steve and kept his gaze on the woman who tried everything to make herself invisible behind her human shield.


“No. Not for her, anyway. And besides, even I knew you were here; you always have a knack for being around when someone’s talking about you. So I guess you heard everything…” he gave the documents to the Martian. J’onn looked them over and nodded.

“Yes. And I’m in.”

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