Steve Trevor is assigned the unofficial liaison for the newly formed Justice League of America team. He makes the decision to include on that team Amanda Waller's niece, Hannah. The young woman possesses super human senses, is an excellent fighter, an expert weapons specialist and a top notch medic. Her problem? Hannah Waller was born without a larynx.


2. Chapter 1

“And now, for the final member of the team. Hannah…” Steve looked towards the door. In walked what the others would have described as a very timid woman; no one could tell her age due to the fact that she kept her head down as she slowly walked in: her hair shielding her face from the group entirely. The sight was enough to make Colonel Trevor sigh out loudly, “Hannah, we’ve talked about this; please hold your head up…” he scolded.

A flinch flashed through her body before she gave out a quick nod and slowly raised her head. She quickly studied the rest of the members in the room and her eyes darted down as soon as she saw the Martian. She wanted to draw her attention elsewhere and found her target; the only one who didn’t look at her: the man with the wings. He actually had his attention away from everyone else in the room, looking out the window. Hannah’s eyes slowly filled with awe as she watched his magnificent white wings move as Katar Hol breathed. She gave out a sniff in his direction and gripped the strap that was slung over her shoulder which was connected to her medical satchel: Katar was covered almost completely in blood.

Before she could make her way towards the winged man, she quickly noticed that someone had got up from the large conference table. Cisco Ramon’s fingerless gloved hand was stretched out as he made his way towards her.

“Hey, I’m…”

“Wait!” Steve stepped in between the two, Hannah noticeably cowering behind him, “You don’t approach her… let her approach you.” he warned. He glanced behind his shoulders, trying his best to give her a warm smile, “It’s okay; he was trying to be polite, Hannah…” Steve tried to coax.

“What’s… wrong with her?” Courtney Whitmore asked, cocking her head to the side to study the scene more. When he felt her relax, Steve went over to speak to the rest of team.

“She’s… very sheltered. She’s not used to other people; she needs to slowly ease herself into getting to know new people. Took her almost a month to get used to me…” he remembered fondly. As he reminisced, Hannah took that opportunity to study the injured Hawkman more extensively.

“So… she won’t even speak to us until she gets to know us better?” Cisco raised an eyebrow; how was she to communicate with them if she was intimidated by them, he thought.

“She can’t…” Steve shook his head almost solemnly.

“Can’t… or won’t?” Selina Kyle asked. There wasn’t much that sparked her interest however, the way the young woman acted was enough to slightly draw her attention.

“Can’t. No voice box.”

“What do you mean…? You mean to say that… someone took her larynx…?” Tatsu Toro’s eyes slightly widened; the idea was intriguing to her.

“No. She… wasn’t born with one. So, she can’t speak…” Steve further explained. He took his attention away from the group to give Hannah an apologetic look however his eyes widened as he watched her slowly approach Katar. Hannah’s gaze was set on a single spot on his wings and gently reached out to touch it. Before Steve could give out a warning, Katar stiffened at the feel of someone touching him. He quickly turned around with his mace high in the air. Hannah did a quick backflip out of the way as his weapon thundered down to the floor; she crouched low to the ground and awaited his next attack. She narrowed her eyes at him as Katar glared back, raising his mace above his head for another attack. The Martian Manhunter had seen enough; before anyone could blink, he was in front of Hawkman. Right before he was to strike, J’onn grabbed his arm, stopping the deadly blow. Hannah was about to leave her pouncing strike when the Martian turned and gave her a simple look.

Stand down…” he told her telepathically. Immediately, she dropped back down to the floor and sat cross-legged. Hannah kept her head down and sat perfectly still as if nothing happened. All of the commotion had grabbed the attention of A.R.G.U.S. director, Amanda Waller. Steve and she stared at the sight of the woman in the strict submissive position.

“What did you do to her…?” Steve immediately accused; he knew that the Martian had powers over the mind and was afraid that he had resorted to using them on Hannah.

“I merely told her to stop her attack… nothing more.” he coolly added. Amanda carefully looked at Hannah as her frightened eyes stayed affixed on wringing her hands.

“And she just… dropped down… like that…?” Amanda looked at J’onn. He nodded but glared at Katar.

“You will not attack a team member without reason…”

“She touched me!” Katar growled back. The Martian reluctantly let go of the man’s arm and looked down at the woman. She sensed that he was looking at her and without looking up, she shakily pointed, making everyone follow her aim. J’onn narrowed his eyes more at Hawkman than anything else.

“You’re injured; she was only trying to help you. Go ahead.” he ordered Hannah. Just like when he ordered her to cease her attack, Hannah immediately got up and examined the small injury to Katar’s wing. She quickly and skillfully removed the excess strands of molted feathers from the wound; the Martian contained his smile as he saw the light glare she gave Hawkman as she dug into her satchel. The advantage of not having a voice was that she was unable to warn him about the antiseptic; as he growled at the stinging pain that wavered through, a quick evil smile registered on Hannah’s face. Katar glared over his shoulder at her as she quickly put a small bandage over the wound. When she was done, she stepped back, gave the Martian a quick look and went back to her submissive position from before. Steve slightly sighed at the sight and shook his head.

“… Hannah will be your weapons specialist… and medic…”

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