After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



We had been waiting at the bus stop for hours “Dane I’m telling I can’t go on that bus I’ll freak out and with my powers back I’ll probably destroy it too!” Dane sighed as he pulled out his phone “look here’s a little trick put in these head phones put the volume as high as it can go and cover your eyes for the whole trip it will distract you and make the trip seem short” i sighed staring at the phone “ah ok I’ll try it” I turned on the phone the light flashed as a picture of a naked girl with stars covering her breasts “oh god really Dane you’re a vampire and you have this smut on your phone” Dane laughed grabbing the phone “hey you don’t like it then suffer through the bus ride newbie” ‘augh ide rather be fighting with that crazy vampire girl well until Halima takes over and beats her up for me “wait if my powers are back that means my mark is back’ I removed my glove “it’s back my bloody paw print birth mark wait then that means that girl Halima” Dane stared at me “you’re a weird girl and seriously you keep talking to yourself?” I pulled out the head phones “I don’t have to explain myself to you look just get me to the school so I can finally figure out what’s going on” the bus pulled into the station “let’s go Blood wolf” ‘please let this work’ I covered my eyes with the hoodie from my jacket and turned up the volume “if this doesn’t work Dane im going to kill you” Dane laughed pulling my hoodie down some more “just sit there and shut up” ‘I hope there all ok…’ I felt Falen kneeling on my shoulder she feels so warm “hey you awake?” Falen didn’t respond “yeah she’s sleeping” ‘the Light it’s so blinding “Halima my love come away from the light so I may hold you without being set ablaze” ‘what the where am I?’ I awoke in a large room filled with sun light the walls were carved out of stone and hieroglyphs covered the walls ‘am I in Egypt and did someone say Halima?’ a young women who looked a lot like me awoke from her slumber her skin was a soft tan almost coco and her hair was extremely long it reached below her spine and was the color of dark sky blue and a dark red “Khait my love let me rid the light” the girl raised her hand suddenly all the light from the room vanished and the room lit up with candles a young man walked out if the shadows he was tall as a street sign and very muscular his creamy white skin glowed in the candle light his hair was a jet black and his eyes were like fire ‘who are these people well that guys a vampire obviously but who’s this girl and where the hell am i?’ “Halima you’re so beautiful when you’ve only just awoken but something has come up and I must leave you” ‘wait that’s Halima the girl in my head my other half are these her memories?’ Halima grabbed the man’s hand as he tried to walk away “Khait I don’t understand why must you leave me did I do something wrong?!” the man shook his head as he broke Halima’s hold on him “no its not you it’s me I must go goodbye Halima”  ‘he used a cliché movie break up line really wow poor Halima…’ the room started to shake as cracks formed all over the walls Halima’s eyes had become blood red instead of dark green her face was filled with rage and pain I tried to walk over to her but I couldn’t move I was frozen I could feel something on my hands I looked down “ahh blood!” my hands were covered in blood the room had changed I was now in an alleyway covered in blood “what is this?!” Linda walked out of the shadows her neck was torn open as blood spat out of it “oh god Linda I still couldn’t move no matter how hard I tried “why Falen why did you do this to me?” ‘The smell of the blood wrapped around me like a warm blanket “Falen wake up!”  My eyes snapped open to the sound of Danes voice he was staring at me “you were tossing and turning in your sleep and you were mumbling stuff bad dream or something oh and were here” ‘that was so weird I can still fell my heart beat racing and that smell I can still smell it wait did he say were here?’ “Were here?” Dane smirked “yeah come on grab your stuff and let’s get of this bus it smells like sweat and guys yuck” I grabbed my bag and ran off the bus “well you did alright you slept through the whole trip and were here now let’s go to class so everyone knows were back haha” Dane grabbed my hand and dragged me through the school till we reached a large blood red door Dane barged through the door shouting “im back you suckers haha and I brought a friend you all know her as the last Blood Wolf!” Dane pulled me into the room laughing “say hello Blood Wolf but first im hungry!” Dane pushed me into the wall as he tore into my neck “ahh Dane that hurts…ahh” ‘oww he’s taking so much I feel weak…’ Dane let go wiping his lips with his tongue “well that was fantastic man there’s nothing like Blood Wolf blood who wants a taste she’s my blood whore and has to obey me haha!” I saw a chair fly into Danes chest as a man stood up shouting “she’s not your blood whore!” ‘that voice it can’t be I looked up and saw Felix standing at his desk his face was filled with rage as he glared at Dane who had just lifted me up and over to him he was hugging me “oh yeah Craven Falen tell the whole class what you are to me” Dane threw me to the ground I felt too weak to fight him and we did make a deal’ “Tell them…” Felix ran past me attacking Dane as he pinned him to the wall his fangs were inches from Danes neck “Felix don’t!” I ran to Felix’s hand and tried to pull him away from Dane I saw Miss Ater run over to them shouting “Mr Craven release Mr Night Wing right now!” Felix loosened his grip he was still glaring at Dane but he released him “don’t ever call her your blood whore Night Wing or I’ll rip your head off!” I stepped back leaning on the wall my neck was throbbing with pain as the room started to spin I felt someone gently grab my arm and lead me out of the class “Falen my god it is you your back I thought I lost you after that girl attacked us and took you look at me please” I weakly opened my eyes and looked up Felix was gently holding me in his arms his eyes were covered by his hair which had grown past his shoulder I brushed his hair away from his eyes “you look like a wreck Felix what happened to you?” Felix softly laughed “don’t worry about me Falen” I heard footsteps running over to us “Falen your back!?” I know that voice I looked up Reece was standing over Felix he looked puffed out “Reece did you just ran here cause you heard I was back?” Reece smirked “ah yeah last I saw you some crazy monster girl who looked a lot like you was carrying you off in her claws what the hell happened to you Falen?” ‘I don’t remember any of what they’re saying “guys I don’t remember what happened I just woke up at my friend’s house then I ran off and got attacked by Dane then I made a deal with him that if I let him feed of me he would take my here cause I couldn’t find it on my own so Felix you attacking him was wrong we made a deal I don’t like him calling me his blood whore but that’s practically what I am and I don’t feel so good” Felix lifted me up “you need blood that dick drained you” Reece smiled “your fathers going to flip when he finds out your back  ‘what no not that man again “no you can’t tell him!” I tried to run but Felix held me “Falen calm down you need to feed and Reece Falen said don’t tell her dad so don’t tell her dad!” Reece softly growled “don’t give me orders leech!” ‘Oh great there fighting’ Felix walked off leaving Reece behind “god I hate that guy sorry about that Falen hold on? Felix ran to a large room it was covered in white “ahh where are we?” Felix smiled “the feeding booth hold on I’ll grab you something to drink” Felix gently sat me down on one of the large white sofas ‘this place smells if blood but there isn’t any?’ “Here Falen” Felix handed me a white coffee cup filled with blood “ahh Felix i…” Felix covered me mouth “Falen I don’t want to hear I know you don’t like drinking human blood but you have to and if you won’t drink it from the cup then how about from the actually person?” ‘What was he talking about do they have actually people here that they feed off?’  Felix smiled “The cup or a person your choice Falen?” I took the coffee cup it smelt so good “oh what the hell I fed of my best friend I don’t even know the person who’s blood this is” ‘the taste was so bland compared to Linda’s it was like drinking moldy milk “ahh yuck!” Felix jumped back I had spat the blood out and it got on him “oh Felix im so sorry I didn’t mean to do that it just tasted so horrible” Felix removed his now blood stained shirt and jacket he was very muscular his abs were perfectly chiseled in set of six Felix smirked staring at me I hadn’t realized my cheeks had gone red and my heart beat had sped up ‘what was this feeling I got around Felix god he’s so attractive but no forget it Falen he’s just your friend’ a girl walked into the room “Craven get back to class!” wait I know that voice it can’t be I looked up Alyaim walked past Felix and over to the fridge she didn’t seem to notice me she did have a book infrount of her face she pulled out a blood bag ‘what does she need a blood bag for?’ Alyaim laid her book down and poured herself a cup of blood ‘what the hell she doesn’t drink blood? “Alyaim why are you in here last I checked you don’t drink blood?” Alyaim smirked gabbing the cup and her book “check again Craven” she lifted the cup up and started drinking from it “what the hell Alyaim you drink blood now!?” Alyaim dropped the cup and her book as she looked over at me “Falen how when your back!?” ‘ I stood up glaring at her I remember seeing her in that awful place that experimented on me I know she’s working with the bad guys “yes I am and apparently a lot of things have happened since I was taken like you starting a blood lust what the hell are you I thought you were a griffin or something?!” Alyaim picked up the cup and her book “a lot has changed since you were taken Falen” Alyaim tucked her hair behind her ears reviling her neck I could see bite marks they were faint but they were there “you’re a vampire?!” Alyaim laughed as she refilled her cup “no Falen im not a vampire I was just bitten by one repeatedly and as im sure your aware when your bitten it weakens you so I drink blood to heal myself and it doesn’t taste that bad either its better then coffee so you can calm down you too Craven and get to class before I call Miss Grey” Felix stood behind me he was glaring at Alyaim like he knew something about her and so do I ‘Alyaim she’s the bad guy she works for the Order “I saw you Alyaim after I escaped from that experimental room I saw you with those white coats and I quote make sure those undead brats don’t escape I want full lockdown be on guard she escaped once Lord Shadow will not forgive us if we lose her again now go you said that I saw you I trusted you and you were working with that shadow man form the beginning!” Alyaim stepped back “Falen what are you talking about?” {She’s lying give me control I’ll make her talk} ‘Halima your finally talking to me look just please don’t kill her I just want to know the truth that’s all’ “Alyaim I don’t like liars and neither dose Halima so she’s going to make you tell that truth!” Falen smirked as her skin turned to blue fur her nails turned into long sharp red claws. I ran infrount of Alyaim “Falen don’t she was possessed when she attacked us and helped the shadows she was possessed!” ‘Possessed Halima stop I’ve changed my mind!’ {Do you really believe that you saw her and she admitted to experimenting on us before let me get the truth out of her!} ‘No Halima I said no!’ Falen’s claws retracted as her blue fur melted away into skin “you’re lucky I convinced her to stop Alyaim or Halima would of tore you apart!” Alyaim grabbed her coffee cup and walked past Felix “I would of knocked her out before she had the chance you’re not the only one here who has power Falen and you don’t even know what I am so don’t fight something without knowing everything about them”. Felix walked over to me “Grrr ever since she started hanging out with that new kid she’s been a total bitch”. 

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