After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



My heart ached as the words repeated on an endless loop my body became like jelly dropping my to the floor I couldn’t move it hurt my eyes became wet with crimson tears as they spilled down my cheeks {I tried to warn you Falen they will all use you it is best to be alone when your one of us} ‘maybe she’s right if they all hate me so much I’ll give them something to hate “they want the monster I’ll give it to them!” I picked myself up wiping away my bloody tears my heart still hurt but i ignored it walking to the bathroom I stared at my reflection “time for a change!” I rummaged through my cupboard ‘hmm there’s nothing here I can use we need a little pit stop at the school shop” I marched out of my room still covered in my own blood but I didn’t care if it made the other monsters crazy so be it I’ll take them all down no one pushes me around “not anymore!” I made it to the store Amisi was at the back going through magazines “Falen are you ok there’s blood on your uniform?!” ‘She’s like the others ignore’ I pushed past her over to the makeup and hair die “Falen hey did you hear me hello Falen what’s up where like best friends?” I pulled out the letter Felix wrote and threw it at her “read that then piss off” she stared at me shocked and hurt I knew what I said had hurt her {my your being cruel good you will stay safe this way now continue whatever you were doing} I grabbed everything I needed and walked out of the store the owner ran over to me it was a student only older perhaps a senior she had dark brown hair with light pale skin her arms chest neck and sides of her stomach were covered in tribal tattoos mostly covered by her black sleeveless shirt and baggy black shorts with black combat boots she stared at me with her light grey eyes as her hands turned into talons “hey you better pay for that or my furies blood will awaken and devour your evil doing soul!” ‘Is this girl for real “send the bill to room BW1 I’ll pay then” I walked off back to my room and dumped my products on the bed {Falen what exactly are you doing?} I pulled out the black hair die “changing myself no more miss nice Blood Wolf they want monster I’ll give them monster!” The door slammed shut as I ran up the stairs “what had gotten into Falen back there she wasn’t like herself and her monster aura was darker the usual” I looked down at the scrunched up letter “hmm perhaps I should read this before I talked to her” I sat down on the red sofa and un scrunched the letter what I read was horrible “no Felix would never say or write this it isn’t him wait that L Felix always loops his L’s this is a fake!” I ran to the door “Falen open up I know you’re in there this letter its fake Felix would never say this to you Falen!” the door flung open Falen stood infrount of my only she didn’t look like herself her soft eyes were framed by thick dark eye liner and mascara they sent shivers down my spine her lush pink lips was a dark crimson red darker then blood her coco brown and crimson red hair was now a jet black I looked down at her uniform it was torn up with slightly stylish looking claw marks on the end of the skirt all the way up her black leggings and the base of her shirt the shirts sleeves were torn off completely and replaced by a long dark red fingerless glove in her left hand with a metal spiked bracelet holding it in place on her right arm was a red spiked bracelet above her shoulder and a short black fingerless clove with a hole and small metal spikes that revealed her Blood Wolf mark a long metal spiked belt hung on her skirt and a black choker wrapped around hair neck a small black thorn earing poked out of her ear matching her sharp black fingernails she didn’t look anything like my Falen this was a dark version of her a very cool looking dark version “F…Falen I ah nice new look I read Felix’s letter and its fake he would never hurt you like this” she stared at me not saying a word she just slammed the door in my face “that’s rude I’ll prove its fake by finding him and you will have to apologize for acting so mean!” I heard her walking off {she’s trying to trick you there all going to hurt you don’t listen be the new you Falen} “your right I don’t have to listen to anyone im going for a walk” I walked out into the warm Spring night it was empty all the other students were probably studying or feeding or just hanging out with their friends  I continued walking till I came to the schools gates they were sealed shut they reminded me of the gates back home that would trap me and Linda every day in classes ‘hmm Linda that’s someone I haven’t thought about since I came here the last thing I did was feed from her then use my blood to save her life and had Dane erase me from her memory Linda I hope your safe “well that’s not something I see every day the great and powerful Falen Omen staring out in a daze looking like she’s going to cry hmm nice look though very punk gothic haha” I looked over into the shadows a man with light pale skin almost bluish with dark blackish blue spiked hair wearing a ripped black leather jacket with dark grey jeans and black combat boots with dark purple eyes stared at me “hey I know you your that jerk Havoc” he smirked walking over to me “I’ve been called a lot of things but never jerk though I was pretty rude when we first met still you were being too bloody loud so I had to shut you up” ‘this guy is a bad guy’ “well bad guy is little crude dont you think he smirked again “you can hear my thoughts?” he nodded “yeah I can and you are feeling hurt betrayed confused you need a long session of star gazing its very relaxing and I promise I’ll be ah nicer” ‘hmm what the hell it beats going home and crying again’ I followed Havoc to a small hill near the library the grass was soft not like I expected he smiled laying down “so you’ve got some deep pain to make your mind so chaotic ide recommend twenty minutes then break then another fifteen and you really want to calm yourself” ‘hmm he’s a jerk but not dislikeable’ “thanks you’re not bad yourself haha now shut up and watch some stars!” ‘Yep there’s the jerk’ surprisingly watching the stars dose make me feel better maybe my mum is up there somewhere’ we stared at the stars for what seemed like hours till big dark grey storm clouds filled the sky Havoc got up “time to go!” before I could get up it was pouring down rain we ran down the hill trying not to slip “ahh where can get out of this rain?” Havoc grabbed my hand pulling me into a small room “ahh the boy’s bathroom im a girl I shouldn’t be in here!” I looked around the walls were filthy  “well Havoc im going to go now ok” i started walking off but i was stopped when a soaking wet ice cold hand gripped mine i looked back shocked as Havoc gripped my hand tightly “please Falen dont go please” he wasn’t the same man as before he was weak and helpless like a sad lost puppy his eyes were cold almost lifeless and raked with guilt i softly sat back down on the ground “alright Havoc I’ll stay” he shook his head  “Harry” he said in a soft tone “what?”  i replied he stared at me not threatening or sad just plain “my name is Harry Veroc” 'Harry Veroc wait Havoc haha smart guy I got up and grabbed a small towel from the sink i softly smiled as i gently started drying his soaking wet body with the towel “it’s nice to finally meet you Harry you know havoc i dont know why you were so mean to me when we first met but im glad we did meet even though you’re an ass most the time you can be actually nice” he looked away “no im not i can’t be not anymore not after what i did im nothing but a monster” his voice was breaking he was so sad and angry “Harry whatever you did to make you feel this way you have to forgive yourself or else you will just cause yourself more pain” he grabbed my arm tightly squeezing it “owe Havoc your hurting me let go?” he glared at me squeezing harder “im hurting you do you forgive me no of course not i could kill you right now if i wanted!” he threw me to the ground and pinned me under him my heart was racing from fear “i attacked my pregnant fiancée and killed my unborn baby can you forgive me can you!?” i couldn’t speak i was to afraid he stared with a devilish smile shaking his head “no of course you can’t so how the hell can i ever forgive myself tell me!?” his grip loosened i felt water fall onto my cheeks i looked up and saw Havoc tears flowing from his eyes like an open wound “how can i ever forgive myself tell me please?” he slowly got up and walked outside leaving me still on the floor shocked and confused “what just happened Havoc?!” i ran out the door and into the storm the thunder roared as the sky lit up like fireworks the rain pelted down on me like tiny bullets socking me head to toe “Havoc?!” my scream’s we unheard blocked by the storm i ran to the dormitories as fast as i could but i was drenched i ran to my room and searched through my pockets but ide lost my key “ahh dam it if i break the door Miss grey will want to see me and i have to avoid her office at all costs wait maybe Felix is still up” i ran to Felix’s room the lights were off “oh man Felix hey are you awake if you are please let me in its Falen!” i waited the storm getting stronger i heard the locks from the door open Felix stood in the middle of the door way topless his rippled chest shown perfectly his black silk pants were barely hanging of his hips he looked up at me his hair was all messed and he didn’t seem fully there he saw me and softly smiled while yawning “oh hey Falen come on in out of this storm” I went to hug him but smacked into the door “it was just a trick he’s gone I wanted to see him so bad I imagined it no pull it together Falen don’t go crazy!” {Your thirst is becoming a problem you need to feed more or these hallucinations will keep coming and you will lose sight of reality and imagination} ‘ I don’t care I just want him back I want this all to be a bad dream’ I sat down on the porch away from the rain the storm’s thunder was roaring like a vicious beast I could still hear those cruel words in my head ‘would he really hurt me like that…’ “Felix?” .The sun rose so peacefully as it did most days I slide into my army cargo pants and green singlet “hmm Falen missed training I better go find her" I ran off to the school the misty fog washed over my face like cool breeze I past the boys dormitories through the fog I saw a glimpse of brown and red hair "Falen?" I ran over to Felix’s dorm and there past out on the door step was Falen her skin was pale and sickly her hair was a mess and her clothes were soaked it was like she had spent the night in a storm "Falen you did this for him you stayed the whole night out here during a storm for him when he hurt you why...why can't she care about me like this?" I gently picked her up and held her to my chest "hmm your freezing I'll take care of you" I quickly ran back to my house and laid her on my bed "hey Reece are you home?" Carl shouted I walked over to the door quietly opening it "shh Falen’s sleeping what is it Carl?" He walked into my house quietly sitting on the couch "ahh well you know how I was with Alyaim but I broke it off cause we knew it wouldn't work I'm still crazy about her how do I get her out of my head like you did with Falen?" 'I'm not over her I just wasn't sure of my feelings till now "look Carl truth is I was never over her I was just confused so I pushed her away but now I have her asleep in my bed because I'm taking care of her after that leech hurt her" my bedroom door swung open "he's not a leech quit calling him that now where am I and how did I get here?!" Falen glared at the both us her as she looked around Carl smiled "hey Falen Reece brought you here and you’re in his house" her eyes darted over to me "you brought me to your house why?" 'She sounds so angry "because I found you passed out on Felix’s door step you were cold so I wanted to take care of you Falen I know I was mean before but I've changed truly I have I want to be a man worthy of your hand please give me a chance to prove it?" Carl stared softly smiling Falen’s face didn't change she just glared crossing her arms she was acting so cold she shook her head "not interested I don't need anyone I can take care of myself" I softly growled "no you can't you don't eat you barley sleep I found you passed out from staying out in a storm you need help now stop pushing everyone away and let us help you!" Carl grabbed my arm "Reece stop look" he pointed at Falen who stared at the ground her hair covering her face as drops of blood dripped onto the floor "you made her cry Reece you really have to watch your temper" I stared at the small puddle of bloody tears "Falen I didn't mean to make you cry I'm sorry" she clenched her fists softly snarling Carl stepped back "what do you know of my pain my reasons to cry everyone I let into my heart is taken away I swore I would never care for anyone again I would never love again I can't lose anyone else there's only so much you can cry till you run out of tears you don't know anything about me so don't pretend you care!!" 'She’s right I don't how can we ever be friends or something more "your right Falen I'm sorry I too have felt pain I lost my father at a very young age and I never knew my mother my uncle adopted me but he can never truly replace my dad" she stared the tears had stopped and she didn't look like she would tear us apart anymore "why tell me that stuff Reece?" Her voice was filled with confusion I softly smiled "friends should know stuff about each other I know you lost your mum at a young age and were adopted were a lot alike you know" she stared glaring but I could see a smile creeping up her lips "yeah I guess we are don't expect us to become friends over night though" Carl laughed "so does this mean you will listen to Reece and let him help you?" Falen walked over the to the door "yeah I guess I have to go find key then clean my room there's blood all over my kitchen" I ran over to the door "I'll help" Falen smiled "yeah if you want ah do you know where my key is?" ' Hmm no but maybe Amisi has it" Falen smirked "all right see you when you get there she zoomed off leaving only a dust trail "woe practically powerless and weak and she's still amazing" I ran after her till I reached Amisi's dorm "hey Amisi you home the door was open so I let myself in Falen and Amisi were talking on the bed and she had a scrunched up letter "see Falen this letter was forged someone wants you weakened and I bet we both know who" Falen stared at the letter "Halima this reeks of you tell me where you hid him!?" (I don't know what you’re talking about and even if I did I wouldn't tell you) "Ahh I know it was you fine I'll find him myself!" Amisi stared "ah Falen you ok?" She sighed nodding "yeah sorry we have to find him now that I know he didn't write those words it's like a cloud of negatively has been lifted ah guys I'm sorry for how I acted I just felt so betrayed I shut myself off to keep safe “Amisi tackled Falen in a hug "Falen I'm your friend you’re like a sister to me I would never hurt you" my phone buzzed in my pocket “it’s from Roy Reece Carl and Falen just the pups I was looking for our newest member needs to test his strength he insists on fighting you three one on one so get ready and meet me at the center ring!” Reece smiled “let’s go kick his butt!” I hugged Amisi and walked out of the room “yeah sure why not lets go”  Winter threw me to the ground like a ragdoll “point Winter my god Falen what is with you you’re fighting has gotten pathetic our weakest wolf is able to beat you!” Roy shouted as she watched us fight my strength was gone I could barely move my breaths were heavy as my heart raced Reece ran over to me “hey what’s up with you you’re getting your ass kicked by our weakest member its embarrassing?” I coughed up a small amount of blood as I cracked my rib back in place “im fine no businesses of yours get out of my way!” I tried to push past him but he was built like bricks “its cause that leech left isn’t it dose that guy really mean so much to you that you destroy yourself cause he’s gone your my mate not his we talked about this you said you would try to be better Falen!?”  Reece softly snarled “am I not good enough for you huh you don’t even want to be in the same area as me what do I have to do to snap you out of this funk!?” ‘Amisi says the letter was fake but how can I truly know right now all I know is that that he left me why am I feeling like this?’ I stared over at a large oak tree he stood there softly smiling “Felix he’s real he’s right over there…” he was gone Reece sighed “you’re seeing things he left he’s not here you have to admit it Falen he’s gone and he hurt you he’s not worth you hurting yourself I’ve seen it you haven’t fed in days you don’t sleep except in your classes were all really worried about you were your friends please let us help” ‘lies all lies there just using me “let me go I don’t need or want your help I don’t need anyone!” I pulled my arms free and walked off “Falen wait!” Reece ran up to me carrying my bag “im not leaving your my mate and im going to take care of you and that’s final” I ignored him and kept walking till I reached the cafeteria Amisi ran over to me “Falen there you are how was the fight are you feeling better?” I snatched my bag from Reece “the fight was crap I got beat up now I don’t feel well just leave me alone” I walked through the cafeteria while the other students watched me Valery grabbed my arm “you half breed tell me where’s my brother he was always with you so where is he!?” I snarled pulling at my arm “I…he left now let me go!” I snarled biting into her arm tearing my arm free “ahh you bit me!?” her blood dripped down my lips i could feel it the beast inside awaking “hungry!”

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