After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Alyaim had left I was still confused and shocked by what I had seen and heard Alyaim had just threatened me not directly but it was there but she was my protector what was with her?’ “Falen hey are you in here?” Reece walked into the room with a smile on his face he looked older just like Felix he was tall and ridiculously ripped why are all the guys here have to be so dam attractive Reece smirked as he stared at me “Falen why are you blushing?” ‘Ahh I did it again god I have to hide when im blushing like an idiot’ I quickly hid me face “ahh sorry it’s just hot in here” Reece smiled walking over to me I could see Felix softly glaring at him Felix pushed past Reece “you need to come with me Falen your back so you need to be reenrolled and get your uniform back” ‘hmm these two don’t like each other ‘I’ll have to keep them from each other’s throats and find out who’s this new guy that’s been biting Alyaim’ “you have got to be kidding me who let you back in half breed!” ‘No not her’ {will you let me attack this one please?} “Hmm tempting Halima but no she’s Felix’s sister and it wouldn’t be right” Felix grabbed my shoulder “Falen why are you talking to yourself?” his cold hand sent shivers down my spine “ahh cold ah I wasn’t I was talking to the girl who lives in my head” ‘wow that probably sounds bad I saw Valery staring at me softly laughing “honestly brother the company you have is pathetic and weird after all your favorite friend is a Blood wolf and Werewolf’s disgusting I must leave before I catch rabies!” Reece and Felix snarled “we are not friends Valery!” ‘Grrr she’s insulting my kinds’ {then do something about it im not allowed to fight but that doesn’t mean you aren’t take some action Falen!} “oww you don’t have to shout and fine I will hey bitch watch what you say to them and me your insulting both my kinds and that’s pissing me off you saw me almost turn in our old class and Halima beat you up before so get lost before I unleash my full power in your flat skanky ass!!”  Valery stopped dead in her tracks as she softly snarled clenching her fists I could smell the scent of fear and anger she turned to face me her fangs had grown longer and sharper and her nails had grown into knives she glared at me her eyes like daggers “how dare you address me that way you vile half breed I am Night class president Valéry Rose Craven an aristocrat to the vampire world I am important unlike you everyone wants you dead so next time you think of challenging me remember who I am and remember who you are if you hurt me you will be thrown out of Blood Wolf Hunter High!” ‘What the hells an aristocrat wait what did she just say “what did you call this school?” I could see Felix and Reece trying to avoid answering my question “I asked what did you just called this school!?” Valéry laughed as she appeared next to me she grabbed my hair pulling me down to her “I said if you hurt me you will be kicked out of Blood Wolf Hunter High a school created for the special reason of training and learning how to hunt and kill your kind half breed!” Reece stepped infrount of me snarling “that’s enough you leech leave her alone she didn’t need to know that!” ‘This school is for training monsters to kill my kind but that’s horrible {it’s disgusting let’s get out of here this is an insult and a threat on our kind let’s get out of here!} “No we can’t do that we would be killed on our own come on let’s just go and can you please keep your thoughts to yourself” I looked up they were all staring at me “I was talking out loud again wasn’t i?” they all nodded “see Halima your making me look crazy just stop talking for the rest of the day can you handle that?!” {Hmm fine I’ll be silent unless you require my intellect} “fine just shut up and Reece your coming with me the vampire bitch is pissing me off” I grabbed Reece’s arm and started pulling him out of the room Felix just watched me confused I could see him talking to Valery in the corner of my eye “so Falen why did you grab me I thought you would of taken Felix you seem more found of him then me and to be honest I don’t blame you I was a jerk before but now im here to serve you” I stopped shocked by what his said “serve me no you don’t have to do that you don’t I’m nothing special really you can leave me if you want you don’t have to stay or serve me really you don’t!” Reece stared at me confused “Falen what’s wrong are you crying?” ‘I hadn’t even realized the hot liquid that was running down my cheeks I tried to quickly wipe it away but my hands become bloody “what…what is this!?” Reece softly grabbed my hands “shh don’t freak out its just your tears your half vampire and vampires cry blood cause it’s all they have in their bodies so calm down Falen nothing’s wrong with you” Reece gently started wiping my hands with a cloth he softly laughed “you’re a mess come on let’s get you cleaned up” he took me over to a water fountain and gently washed away my tears “ah thanks Reece hey what did Valery mean when she called herself an aristocrat?” Reece sighed “it means she’s not an ordinary vampire she’s from noble blood she’s important you should of learned this stuff in your old vampire classes Falen?” I finished washing my face “nah we never got around to that stuff” Reece sighed “alright then come with me there’s a book in the library that will explain” we headed for the library I could smell Alyaim “Reece wait Alyaim’s here I wanna see if I can meet the vampire who’s been biting her” Reece softly growled “you must mean Adam he’s a pure blood pretty boy that just enrolled here apparently he and Alyaim had a fling a while ago but now that he’s back she’s back with him but he’s only using her that guys a dick” I saw Alyaim walking beside a tall young man with light violet hair and pail cream skin his eyes were a dark red with a tint of purple “Reece is that him over there?” Reece looked over where I was pointing he scoffed as he started walking off “yeah that’s the dick alright come let’s get out of here before he notices us” I kept looking at Alyaim her neck was bleeding and there was a fresh set of bite marks “Grrr she shouldn’t let a vampire feed of her its wrong” I saw Adam look straight at me his eyes froze me like ice I couldn’t move I could barely breath what is this Alyaim gently grabbed his hand shaking her head as if to say no to something as she also looked over at me Adam softly laughed as he started walking again the coldness melted from my body “what was that did that Adam guy do it hey Reece wait up!” I finally caught up to him “there you are why did you take off like that?” Reece glared at the ground “I don’t like that Adam guy I get a really bad feeling about him that’s all come on welcome to the library” the library was huge it was filled with columns and stair cases and every column had books rows and rows of books “wow it would take you forever to read all these books” Reece laughed “haha yeah it probably would come on I’ll take you to the vampire section” we walked through the library without a guide you would defiantly get lost “wait is there a section for every monster?” Reece smiled “yep every single monster has its own section some are available to everyone some are only allowed access by that monster and some are locked up from everyone” we finally reached the vampire section everything was either red white or black “ok here this is what you want” Reece threw down a large thick black book and written in red it said “The Laws and Factions of vampire races what does that mean?” Reece laughed as he sat beside me “it means all the laws for being a vampire and all the different kinds of races of vampires you see Falen there are different kinds of vampires so there are different rules” ‘oh that make sense “Falen…” ‘Huh I looked around everyone was busy reading and Reece was too busy looking for any vampires that would see him in there section “ah Reece did you um hear someone call my name just before?” Reece kept looking around “ah no Falen i didn’t why?” I quietly got up and started walking around “Falen…” ‘There it is again who’s calling me Halima do you hear it too?’ {Do I hear what Falen all I hear is your thoughts?} ‘Hmm weird’ I followed the voice through the library till i reached a dark section hidden in a corner it was blocked by a large metal gate attached to it were two statues on the right there a was a very angry howling wolf on the left there was also a very angry snarling bat and on the gate right in the center was a sign it was marked Crimson Lycanus and under it was the translation Blood Wolf “this is the Blood Wolf section but it’s been blocked off!?” ‘Hmm Reece did say certain species areas were blocked off and mines the most hated so no wonder it’s been locked off but what is that voice “hey you get away from there this area is of limits!” I turned to around to a tall man he was hidden by a dark cloak he looked like a cartoon death “ah sorry I heard a voice calling me from here and im a Blood Wolf so I should be allowed in here” the death man grabbed my hand pulling me away from the area “no girl I don’t care if you were the founder of this school you’re not going in that section now get!” i ran away from the creepy death guy and back over to Reece "hey where did you go Falen?" Reece smiled watching me i he was different before he was mean and cruel but now he treats me the same before he found out i was a Blood Wolf "ah i went to the Blood Wolf section but it’s been blocked off even to me" Reece softly smiled handing me the black vampire book "here if the vamps see me caring this they will go crazy" i held the book closely to my chest "hey dont you need to go see Miss Grey?" 'ahh he’s right i need to go and re-enroll to this school' "haha oh yeah your right i got distracted lets go now" we headed to the grand hall the building was huge it was like a giant old castle there were dark stone walls and giant steps it made you feel like you were living in the medieval days with knights and castles "woe carful!" Reece grabbed my hand as i missed the step and almost fell back "dont zone out like that you could of really hurt yourself you’re the last of your kind dont be so reckless!" 'What was that the only reason he was being nice to me cause im the last of my kind?' (Of course that’s why you’re just a rare creature to him nothing more than a trophy forget you’re so called friends they will just hurt you Falen) "that can’t be true is he really...let go of me i dont need your help!" i ripped my arm free from Reece’s hold Reece just stared at me confused as i ran up the stairs "Falen wait what’s wrong what did i do!?" i ignored his cry’s as i ran up the rest of the stairs till i reached a dark grey stone door i went to open it "stop!" two voices shouted from the door as it moved a girl and boy walked out from the stone not the door the actual stone they morphed out of it i stepped back shocked and examined these new creatures they looked almost identical except one was a boy and the other a girl they both had dark grey stone like skin that matched the door their hair was dark blue with light purple tips the boy was broad and very muscular he wasn’t wearing a shirt just a dark grey pair of pants and black combat boots his hair was slick and spiked back his eye brow was pierced and he had what looked like chips and small cracks on his face chest and arms that blended into his skin the girl wore the same only with a matching T-shirt she didn’t have as many cracks or chips but there were still some her hair was tied in a long pony tail they both stood there glaring at me with arms crossed like bouncers at a club that knew i was under age "do you have a pass?" they both asked in sync 'pass what are they talking about "ah no i don't im new here and im lost i need to see Miss Grey" they looked at each other then back at me "Victor check if she can pass I’ll keep an eye on her" the boy nodded as he melted back into the door the girl looked back over at me she examined me and give slight smile like she liked what she saw she uncrossed her arms and laid them at her side she smiled again this time with an intriguing look in her dark purple eyes "my name is Victoria Stone grail its very nice to meet you" she held out her hand.

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