After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Valery screamed as a chunk of her arm was missing “you bit me you vile half breed!” Falen roared like vicious beast she tackled Valery to the ground her eyes where pitch black with fiery red pupils Reece ran over grabbing her “no Falen calm down you can’t eat the Night class president man you not feeding has made you snap but im still stronger then you Amisi get chains big thick chains from the Night class!” Amisi ran off Falen snarled and roared trying to break free Valéry screamed below us “get her away from me she’s a beast!” I struggled holding her “you shouldn’t of pissed her off couldn’t you see she was darker the usual come on Falen lets chain you up and get some food in you!” I carried her back to her room Amisi had finished setting up restraining chains in the lounge room “great Amisi now we will just chain her up wait for this frenzy to stop then attempt to feed her without being bitten hah easy!” Falen snarled biting at the chains she roared in pain as they burned her “you got the sliver ones I see good nice touch these will weaken her make her easier to handle” Amisi sighed watching Falen “I never thought she would become so well feral like this we have to find Felix” I walked out of the lounge room and into the kitchen “that leech left how could we find him?” Amisi shook her head “no the letter that made Falen this way is fake forged by someone he’s still here probably hidden all we have to do is find him before Falen completely loses her mind” ‘I don’t want him back I just need a little longer and she will warm up to me like when we first met I was different nicer wait that’s it I’ll just act like Felix and then she will like me’ “ah yeah sure we can start looking once we take care of her I’ll go heat up a blood bag she needs to start feeding” Amisi walked back out into the lounge room “ahh Falen no don’t bite yourself Reece help!” I ran back to the room Falen’s wrist was torn open her wolf ears and tail had grown out and her brown and red hair was back her nails had grown into claws and her teeth turned into fangs “Falen no biting Amis grab that leftover chain she needs a muzzle!” she tossed me the leftover chain I lunged from behind wrapping the chain around her mouth “ahh!” her claws slashed at my chest “Reece!?” I jumped off and stepped back she snarled trying to break the chain I covered the slashes on my chest “ahh these actually hurt” Amisi ran over to me with a wet towel “here Reece let me” she gently pressed the towel over the wound “wow ah you can defiantly tell you work out your lucky she didn’t get your heart hmm you know if you actually acted nice around her she would like you again haha when we were roommates she would talk about you all the time she really liked you Reece but then you acted all mean and it hurt her so now she hurts you by rejecting you like you rejected her” ‘hmm wow it all makes sense “ah thanks Amisi come lets go check on her” we walked back into the lounge room Falen laid unconscious “hmm she must have drained herself she will be fine once she wakes up” Amisi walked over to her she gently stroked her hair “oh Falen you shouldn’t push us away were trying to help you we thought we got through to you before but apparently not” ‘hmm I hear Amisi huh ah not this place again the last time I was here I had to watch Halima’s life experience’s “yes you did but only cause I showed them to you but this time you’re staying you snapped allowing the beast to be free your weak practically powerless and its time I took what’s rightfully mine!” her voice echoed around me as a figure appeared in the fog “what the hell you have a solid form where like the same just different hair eyes and skin what do you mean take what’s yours?!” Halima stood before me her cream and gold strapless dress swayed gracefully as she walked over to me "in this world i am as real as you and you will feel what’s it’s like to trapped here!" her foot impaled my stomach kicking me to the ground blood spat out as i breathed "ahh cough what the im bleeding and that hurt but i thought this was a dream world?!" Halima laughed as she continued walking over to me "wrong this is the Vail of Somnium a point in which you and i can physically interact and now im going to beat you till your bruised and bloody inches from death then i will possess this body claiming my life back!" ‘what she wants to partially kill me in here giving her control of my body no way I mustered up the strength to stand my stomach ached so much I wanted to scream she laughed “you stand no chance against me im the original!” she was too fast another kick sent me flying ‘ahh this reminds me of when Frank would beat me cough oww she’s kicking my ass I have to fight I stoop again my legs were shaking my chest ached with pain Halima snarled “stop getting up just stay down!” she ran to hit me again I shifted my arms deflecting hers “haha yes my powers work in here my turn!” my paws burnt as my claws shot out stabbing into Halima’s chest she snarled in pain still coming for me I shot more claws but she dodged them “your pathetic in the eyes of my people I am a goddess your out of your league little girl!” my breath stopped as her claws ripped into my chest I could feel them tearing my skin like it was paper I wanted to scream but it was too painful for words to escape she laughed digging them deeper blood filled my mouth gushing out I couldn’t control it “that’s right choke on your own blood then I’ll be the one in charge” . Blood spat out towards us Amisi stepped back "what the hell she looked in pain then blood spat out through the chains!?" I pulled off the chains her mouth and lips were cracked and burnt covered in blood her face was torn with discomfort as she screamed like a bone had just been snapped I stood back as more blood gushed out her eyes were still shut she was still asleep but something or someone was hurting her "Falen can you hear me?!" Amisi ran over to me as one of her bandages flew off attaching its self to Falen it glowed a light blue Amisi's face filled with fear "my Ra her mind form is being attacked so her physical body is taking the pain!?" The bandaged started glowing red Amisi screamed in pain "ahh I've been seen ahh!" I ripped the bandage from Falen Amisi dropped to the ground breathing heavily her arm burned resembling a hand I helped her up "cough Halima she's the one hurting Falen she has trapped Falen in the Somnium a world were dreams and reality connect Halima will defeat Falen and possess there body trapping Falen in Somnium forever!" 'What no "Amisi is there any way for me to get into this Somnium place?!" Amisi stared softly nodding "yes drinking Falen's blood will connect you to her and allow you to enter Somnium but if you get hurt in there it will affect your physical body if you die in there you will die out here do you understand Reece?" I looked over at Falen her clothes were being torn up and socked with blood her skin was being covered in cuts bruises and blood she needs help "yes I'm ready I'll bring her back" I ran over to her and bit into her wrist my eyes widened as the sweet hot succulent blood flooded into my mouth bathing my tongue I could feel it's taste drifting me away to an oasis of flavor' my body felt hot then numb my sight became blurry and everything went cold Falen’s room faded replaced by a dark void of fog and shadow I heard a women's laugh echo all around me "Falen where are you?!" The fog covered my body lifting me off the ground "woe hey you put me down you creepy Fog!?" It dropped me at the feet of that terrifying women with soft tanned skin and dark sky blue and crimson red hair with dark emerald eyes the one Falen calls Halima "my this is unexpected if ide know we would have company I would of held back haha!" Her skin was covered in blood and a few claw marks she grinned picking me up "hmm I know you you’re the stupid wolf boy who put my body in jeopardy all well kill two birds with one stone haha!" She threw me like it was nothing I smacked into the ground dragging my body into the dirt "augh ok I remember when she kicked me I should avoid her cough owe" I went to get up but my hand felt skin I looked across Falen laid unconscious next to me her skin bloody and bruised her clothes torn up and soaked with blood "my god Falen no wake up Falen can you hear me?!" I gently brought her closer to me laying her on my lap "Falen come on I know your stronger then this don't let her win don't give up fight your strong!" Halima walked over to us "no, thanks to me she's weak getting rid of the Vampiric lover crushed her and made all this possible now I will claim my life back and you two can keep each other company for the rest of eternity haha!" I grabbed Falen’s hand 'if I'm going down then at least I'm going down with my girl' Halima raised her hands as an enormous fire ball formed she grinned "you ready to die?!" I closed my eyes and held Falen close "ahh!!" My eyes shot open as Halima screamed in Paine two massive paws covered in bright blue flames ripped into Halima’s stomach lifting her of the ground "go now protect Falen Pyra demands it go!" A girls voiced filled the area I grabbed Falen and ran till we were away from Halima her screams we're just whispers in the background I laid Falen down and gently shook her she winced as her eyes opened "Reece augh how what..." I covered her lips "not here I'll explain when were out of here just focus on waking up I'll see you soon” I ran over to Reece "hey you ok you look pretty banged up?" Reece winced as he sat up "cough yeah I'm alright how's Falen?" I walked over to Falen her breathing had become lighter but she didn't seem in pain "Falen you awake?" I felt her hand grip mine as her eyes snapped open there pitch black with glowing red pupils she snarled like a wild animal the blood from her mouth mixed with drool on her razor sharp fangs "ahh Falen it's me Amisi please don't claw me again!" Her grip loosened as the black from her eyes seemed to fade away her snarling became silent and her face became still “Missy you’re ok right?" She weakly asked her voice torn and rough the wounds Halima gave her were still there more blood seeped through her clothes "I'm fine but you’re not here I'll remove these chains there probably hurting you” I unlocked the silver chains I heard a sigh of relief the moment they came off Reece smiled as her helped Falen up her soft winces hurt she was trying to act like it didn't hurt but I knew better I felt her pain when I connected to her "I’ll take it from here Reece” I walked Falen to the bathroom and removed her torn bloody clothes she snarled in pain as I washed her wounds some were knife deep and others just scratches her ribs were bruised and made such horrible sounds when Falen pushed them back in the right place "Missy I blacked out did I hurt anyone?" I rinsed out the bloody cloth "ah no only Valerie you took a chunk off her arm ouch” I saw a soft smirk on Falen’s face "ah Reece saved you he was really worried he's changed Falen" I saw her glare at me "ah I'll stop talking now” she shook her head “no please don’t I miss this I miss us I’ve been so wrapped up in my thoughts and denying my feelings that I haven’t left much time for anything else im sorry…” I smiled gently hugging her she softly winced but didn’t pull away {knock knock} “hey you too done in there?” Falen softly laughed as she stood up wrapping a towel around her waist “yeah we will be right out Reece she softly shouted we walked out of the room and into the lounge room Falen looked over at the chains and shuttered as she sat down Reece walked over to her “are you sure you’re ok Falen Halima she beat you up pretty bad?” Falen looked up at Reece “im fine this isn’t the first time I’ve been beater and I guaranty it won’t be the last” Reece softly snarled “well excuse me for caring about you!” Falen snarled “I never asked you too!” the seat next to mine erupted in multicolored flames “Woe Falen is that you doing that!? I childish laughter filled the room “nope that was me haha!” a young girl appeared from the flames her long curly brown hair hung perfectly over her slim soft peach skin her eyes were a light blue framed with thick black eye liner she wore a dark long sleeved purple shirt that sloped below her shoulder black singlet straps hung it perfectly above her chest she giggled adjusting the black head band with a little pink bow on her head her hair was long with two long pigtails and a dark grey and purple flannel skirt with grey side ripped leggings she tightened her black chocker revealing a pentagram tattoo on her shoulder she dropped a little black bag next to her feet then grinned stretching out on the couch “hey everyone im Zynia the witch haha” we all stared shocked “you’re a witch?”.   

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