After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



We walked out of the classroom and into the main yard Miss Grey stood waiting patiently with a group of new students each student had dark pale bluish skin that was like fish scales I stared at one of the girls her eyes were black with a little white dot their uniforms was a dark blue and aqua with wave patterns on the arms "greeting students of Blood wolf Hunter high I am proud to introduce the newest monsters joining our great school the Mermaids and Mermen of the great depths these wonderful monsters come from the great depths of the ocean I'm sure many of you have heard tales of these creatures I hope you welcome them with open arms now everyone the president of the new ocean class Miss Mirial Salt" a young women wearing the same uniform walked up to the Miss grey she had the same dark blue pale scale like skin and black eyes she was the taller than most of the other students she had long flowing light gold hair with aqua strips through it  "thank you everyone for welcoming me and my kind to your great school I am Mirial Salt but you may call me Miri if you like yes we are mermaids which means we do require water we can grow legs and walk among you but only till sunset since we require water there has been a new edition added to our school a brand new swimming center with access allowed to all monsters we do hope you will join us for a swim some time and don't worry we don't bite haha much" Felix stared "a new swimming center great more water!" He crossed his arms looking annoyed we followed Miss Grey and Mirial Salt to the new swimming center it was huge with ten different massive pools they stretched all through the area it was like a stadium filled with pools Reece ran over to me "Hey Falen join me for a swim they already opened we can go in now!?" 'Ahh no how can I tell anyone that I can't swim "ah no thanks Reece I don't ah like swimming" Reece stared then laughed "haha don't be stupid of course you do come on let's go try on some sexy bikinis but why wait in you go" he grabbed my arm pulling me away from Felix 'Ahh no I can't swim the great and powerful Blood wolf can't swim how can I tell him without looking pathetic' (you have bigger problems Falen there are now Mer-people here now be very careful with them your blood will entice them and they have the ability to absorb other monsters energy forget the Mermaid stories you've heard these guys are killers) 'Ahh great I can't swim the moment I go near that pool I'm toast wet soggy toast!'  Reece picked me up holding me above his head" I looked down "Recce what are you doing stop I...I can't swim!!" He laughed "sure you can in you go!!" He threw me out into the pool it's icy water struck me like a bullet I flapped my arms around as my breaths filled with water I stared up at the top I could hear Reece laughing as a I sank I couldn't breathe I couldn't swim all i could do was sink light grew dim as my breaths stopped I felt something grabs my arm pulling me up as my eyes closed. Hope shot up pulling Falen out of the water they were both drenched and coughing Reece stared at Hope she snarled growing out her wolf claws she grabbed Reece lifting him off the ground "you threw her in there right after she told you she couldn't swim I should kill you!!!" I ran over grabbing Hope she dropped Reece struggling to free herself "Hope I want him dead just as much as you but Falen needs our help she isn't breathing!" She turned to me "Fool wake up!!" She slammed her fist into Falen’s stomach her eyes snapped open coughing up water and a bit of Blood her skin was making crackling sound like electricity as her skin sparked "water dose affect her" I ran over helping her up "Falen are you ok??" Hope stared "she's fine just shaken up" she walked off Falen stared at the ground still coughing her eyes filled with tears and her face stained by fear Falen looked up "I can't swim cough" Reece stared as he broke into a laughing fit "haha please tell me your joking that's pathetic you can't swim hahahah!" Falen looked away 'He doesn’t have to laugh at me like that he's such a jerk!' "There I said I can't swim the powerful feared Blood wolf can't swim are you happy now!?" I broke my arm free and ran off. I watched Falen run off "Reece you upset her she's your future Mate and you do that crap!?" Reece looked over at me still laughing "so you know huh well yeah she's my mate so I can do anything and she can't complain about it I'm the Beta and her daddy's the Alpha she must obey haha!" 'Grrr his smug face and crappy attitude no how dare he!' I pulled out the gold ring with a blue gem attached to a metal chain I held it close to my heart "how dare you do that to the girl I love!" Reece turned around he death glared me "what did you just say leech!?" I gripped the ring tighter "I said how dare…you do that to the girl I love mutt!" He stared snarling "Falen is she is my mate and there's nothing you can do about it boys he looks a little hot in this summer breeze let's cool him off!!" They all lunged pushing me into the pool "ahhh augh!!!" .I slammed the metal door shut and ran to the corner my skin felt  like it was on fire I sat in the corner of the  girls bathroom my eyes over flowing with tears (Stop crying I know it hurts just wait it out) my skin crackled as sparks of electricity warped around my body it burned I coughed up more water the summer nights breeze sent chills down my freezing cold body "I can't believe he did that I could of drowned Hope she saved me but she hates me?" (I sense there is more to that girl then you believe but I too was shocked this dam rosary ring you must find someone who can remove it) 'You just want to possess me again no the ring stays on' "Wait I can hear someone they sound in pain augh..." 'Ahh my heart it hurts what is this that scream its calling for help ahh it hurts....Felix!?" I ran out of the room and back to the swimming center (Falen what is wrong?) "It's Felix he's hurt I can feel it!" I kept running Reece Connor and Winter stood laughing at the edge of a pool As sparks of electricity surged through the water "Felix!?" I ran to the pool but stopped at the edge "I...can't...." (Forget him he's not worth it) 'No your wrong he is "I care about him hold on Felix!" I ran jumping of the edge Reece stared "no don't do you have a death wish!?" I felt the water hit me like a lightning bolt the electricity shot through me the cold water made my body heavy I tried to swim out to Felix ignoring the intense pain coming from the water I went under sinking to the bottom I looked around holding my breath 'Felix please be ok I wish I was strong enough to save you...' I felt my lungs burn as i lost my last breath 'I failed him...  The lights grew dim like a setting Sun embracing the night my hand was gripped tightly shocking my eyes open Felix stared at me pulling me to his side the water had drained us both we couldn't move he held me tightly in his arms 'I don't want to die I'm scared' Felix hugged me tighter staring into my eyes he grabbed my hand webbing his fingers through mine I felt the Rosary ring move Felix stared he grabbed the ring pulling it off my finger 'He removed it?'.

"She jumped in to save that leech!?" The water turned a vibrant blood red as it turned into violent waves "woe what's going on that light?" Connor ran over to me "Reece get away from the pool!" A huge set of black bat wings burst out of the water and flew into the sky vanishing into the dark red clouds "what the he'll was that?" Felix dropped out of the sky smacking onto the ground a loud screech come from the clouds as a huge jet black bat creature flew through the sky it had the body of a women but more muscular dark blue fire grew out covering it's breasts all the way down to its thighs like a fury V bikini dark sky blue and crimson red hair flowed in the wind Its ears were pointed and slightly bent upward like a bat it's hands and feet were stretched out into talons and its mouth was molded slightly up to reveal razor sharp fangs it screeched again flying down to the ground it smashed into the ground flapping its huge wings Felix got up coughing up water "cough Halima you saved us thank you" the creature looked down at him she screeched again only this time it was softer her muscular physic shrank down to smaller version her talons also molded back to normal hands and feet Felix took of his jacket and ran over to the girl her fangs slightly shrank as her ears bent back to normal she yawned grabbing Felix’s Jacket covering herself "oh it's so good to be out man that water really drained her I feel so sleepy oh thanks for the jacket though I don't need it" Felix glared "yes you do you’re not walking around naked Halima!" She smirked "well is that anyway to talk to the women who just saved your life and you fur ball even put our lives in danger again I'll tear you up and drink what's left with a straw!" She smirked glaring at me  "I can't move her monster energy it's so strong she's only glaring at me and I'm shaking it can't be the tanned skin the blue and red hair the emerald eyes the immense monster energy she's an O class monster an Original?!" She laughed "your smarter then you look yes I am an Original the very first of my kind I am Halima Femi the first Blood wolf!”

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