After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Kya glared at us from a corner as Zynia walked down the stairs she grinned as she spotted me "Ooh we have guests how lovely" she appeared next to me in a flash of rainbow flames "what brings you here Falen Mortem Omen descendant of the royal Mortem clan and first Blood wolf haha I did some research on you interesting blood line you have" 'i don't know why but my skin is crawling' 'be weary of witches head my warning' Kya smirked "oh were not that bad tell your little friend not to be scared Falen haha" Kya's eyes flashed a bright purple she and Zynia grinned at each other their eyes glowing I stood still watching them " wait you two can hear Halima but nobody else can?!" They smirked nodding there head "we are born with a sixth sense we see and hear things that others do not it's our special little gift" Zynia smiled "why are you here?" I walked over to her "you made a deal if I gave you my blood you would tell me where Felix is you witches never break your deals right" she stared almost disappointed " oh you know about that fine I'll tell you he's six feet under haha as in buried in the old cemetery on the other side of the school near the dark forest but be careful there's lots of beasties out there just waiting for a chance to taste your blood haha anyway good luck finding him" Kya glared "you have your location now go!" She walked of before we could say another word Reece stared he looked hurt Amisi grabbed his hand “come on mister mopey let's go find Felix haha cough!" Missi dropped to the ground coughing up sand "Amisi!?" I ran over to her she smiled still coughing up sand " I'm ok cough It's just a warning I need to recharge in my tomb" I helped Missi to her feat "sorry Falen I wanted to help find Felix" I softly shook my head " go home and rest Reece and I will look" Missi sighed softly nodding Missi headed back to the school Reece smiled " come on lets go find Felix" we headed to the outskirts of the school the lush green grass turned to barren rock and dirt the clear blue sky turned grey and cloudy Reece stopped "were outside the barrier" I stared confused " barrier what do you mean Reece?" He looked around keeping an eye on everything "the school is protected by the barrier it keeps students safe from everything not so safe like humans and other monsters if you were to walk past this forest you would find yourself at peak of a cliff near a tunnel go through that tunnel and your back in the human world the barrier keeps us hidden if a human where to accidentally wonder here through the tunnel and through the forest they would come to a clearing and where our school stands they would see nothing but more forest an endless forest then they would be compelled to leave that's the barrier it cuts of just near those trees right now we're out of the barrier and open to attack" Reece grabbed my arm and pulled me back I felt a tingling sensation run through my body he smiled " we're back in were safe Halima took him out of the barrier so we wouldn't follow only a stupid person would leave the safety of the barrier especially someone being hunted" I pushed past him "then call me stupid because I'm going to find him come if you want if not don't get in my way" I walked into the cemetery Reece made an annoyed sound then followed me "if we get attacked it’s your fault but a promise is a promise I said I'll do anything" I walked around the tombstones looking for fresh dirt "Reece look for loose dirt Halima would of been in a hurry" Reece ran over to me "try smelling him" 'hmm I never thought of that I closed my eyes and focused on all the scents around me the pine tree and musk in the air the scent of rotting flesh and decay burned my nostrils Reece stared "smell him?" I sighed " ah no all I can smell rot and decay this place reeks were just going to have to dig up all the graves till we find him" Reece smiled " then it's a good thing I found these" he tossed a shovel at my feat "let's start digging" we dug for what seemed like hours honestly I had lost track of time Reece laid on the ground covered in dirt and sweat his breaths heavy he looked up at me "how many of these things have we dug up fifty of sixty I gripped my shovel so tight you could see the whites of knuckles "i don't know I've lost track go home if you’re tired!" I continued digging Reece got p he stared "your pushing yourself to hard take a break before you collapse" 'a break no time Felix he needs me it's my fault I have to find him' Reece grabbed my arm "Falen take a break please" I tried to pull my arm free but it was like pulling jelly from a brick my arms shook and my breaths were deep and heavy I was covered in sweat and exhausted my eyes felt heavy and my throat was parched "you’re hungry aren’t you?" I looked up at Reece I could see the pulsating veins flowing through him I shook my head and looked away he pulled me to him holding me firmly "it's ok I trust you" 'being so close to him I can smell it his salty skin and sweet blood I can still taste him from before when I tore into him like a ravines beast his screams echo through my mind as his blood flows through me why must I feast on my friends first Linda and now Reece why was I born like this?' Reece stared “Falen why are you crying?" I tried to wipe my eyes but it only covered my hands in my own blood I hid my face burying it in Reece’s chest my eyes overflowed with bloody tears I tried so hard to hide I felt Reece softly embrace me in his arms "shh it's ok Falen you’re not the monster you think you are I forgive you please don't blame yourself for what happened it wasn't and isn't your fault" his soft voice and gently heartbeat was soothing I managed to stop crying but I continued to hide my face my eyes stung with a burning sensation I knew that my eyes had changed to a fiery red and if Reece saw he would know that I was hungry he softly tapped me "hey you ok?" I softly nodded my throat was so dry I feel so thirsty "oww Falen not so tight" my hands gripped Reece’s arms I didn't even realize I quickly let go he softly smiled "hey it's ok if you’re hungry then please don't ignore it I'm offering my blood please take it" I pulled out the cloth from my pocket and started cleaning my face Reece tried to moved my hair but I stopped him "you ok?" I sighed dropping the now bloody cloth "im hungry" Reece grabbed my arm "then take my blood before you pass out" two ominous figures walked out of the darkness "well what have we here two little students wondering where they don't belong you two shouldn't be here" Reece's grip tightened as he held me close I could see his canines grown out and his nails sharpen he softly started to snarl the two figures laughed their faces hidden in the shadows but one laugh sounded like a girls "Reece come on let’s just take a few steps back into the barrier" two arms wrapped around me pulling me tightly "why leave so soon my Cheri the night is still young and I do hope you will play" i tried to move but I felt frozen I could feel the hot breath of my capture on the nape of my neck as he spoke with a strong French accent Reece snarled pulling me free into his arms "don't you touch her you Incubus!" The man grinned as he stepped back he was tall with broad shoulders and honey blonde hair he picked up a piece of my hair from his white suite "now…now little wolfy why so rough I was only playing my Cheri mmm she has a delightful scent" he voice was deep and masculine but soothing I don't know why but I could feel my legs trying to walk to him Reece held my arm tightly calling my name but I couldn't stop my body from moving'  "Armand quit playing with the girl” a tall young girl with a slender figure wearing a black skirt and white long sleeved shirt walked out of the shadows she looked over at me with a lustful glance Armand smirked “but sister she is so much fun to play with” ‘augh my throat its burning my legs feel like jelly what is this it hurts Halima?!’ Falen fell to her knees heavily breathing “Falen hey are you ok what have you done to her creep!?” Armand glanced at me then down at Falen he smirked “I didn’t do anything the wolfy is in pain hmm interesting?” Falen didn’t make a sound she just laid on her knees breathing heavily holding her arm to her chest I could hear her heart beat it was getting faster and faster as her breathing got heavier Armand kneeled down to her “what is wrong wolf…” blood spat out of his neck as Falen’s fangs ripped into it without a seconds notice Falen tore into his neck clamping her fangs down like a vicious animal tearing into its prey Armand screamed thriving in agony as his blood soaked threw his white suit and Falen she had no intention of letting him go no matter how hard he tried to free himself “Falen hey can you hear me or is this like what happened with me are you still here or is this a frenzy dam it I told you to feed on my before you snapped well too late now finish eating the guy then we can get out of here!” the girl snarled as a long reptilian tail grew out of her and wrapped around Falen’s throat “let my brother go you vile creature ahh!” Falen ripped her claws into the tail tearing chunks out of it dark green blood went everywhere seeping into the ground the girl screamed tearing her tail off to free herself ‘ah this is wrong I have to help them “Falen stop ok you’ve fed now snap out of it!” I ran over to Falen grabbing her arm she snarled her fangs still locked into Armand’s neck she shook her arm throwing me off her into a nearby tree ‘augh that hurt dam it she’s so strong how can I beat her?’ “Augh!!” Falen screamed as a set of morphic blades tore through her chest Felix weakly stood behind her covered in blood his hands molded into his morphic blades “Falen cough…please s…stop…” his bladed retracted  as he collapsed Falen dropped to the ground her chest heavily bleeding “oh shit Falen!?” I ran to her as the girl ran past me she grabbed Armand “you win this round but we will be back!” two jet black demon wings tore out of her back as she grabbed Armand she took of carrying him and vanished into the sky I ran over to Falen “shit that’s a lot of blood Falen hey come on wake up this isn’t a scratch to you?!” I waited as Falen’s chest healed she woke up with a gasp looking around confused “Reece what oh no please tell me this isn’t your blood?!” she stared with frightful expression she was actually really scared that she had hurt me “ah no it’s not mine I don’t have a scratch it’s yours and those two succubus’s blood you snapped into a frenzy till you were stabbed haha also I found Felix” Falen jumped up with a confused yet happy look “really where!?” I smiled pointing to the ground “he’s right behind you apparently he was under you and when the blood soaked into the ground it woke him up he stabbed you to make you stop feeding then he passed out haha he kind of reminds me of dried meat you know like beef jerky hey he’s leech jerky haha” Falen ran over to Felix pushing me out of the way “shut up Reece he’s really hurt and you go making stupid jokes it isn’t the time or the place so for once just drop it!” she glared at me with such anger I glared back turning around ‘hey I was only trying to lighten the mood and she’s yelling at me ah whatever she has her precious leech back what does she care if im even here’ I glanced back at her she held Felix to her chest with such care in her eyes as if he were class and would break with a single touch she gently moved pieces of  hair from his face “im so sorry Felix…” she stared at him as tears filled her eyes she stared with an emotion she had never shown me she stared at him with love I wanted to look away I didn’t want to see her looking at him like that but I couldn’t look away this was the reality she wants him she loves him even if she won’t admit it to herself I never stood a chance’. ‘His skin is so cold compared to mine’ I gently stroked his ice white skin and his raven black hair I could imagine his crimson red eyes staring back at me and him telling me im so silly for worrying about him haha’ tears filled my eyes as I held his body closer no matter what I did I couldn’t hold them back “im so sorry please im so sorry Felix…I need you to be ok please I need you your always there please” ‘he needs blood he will not wake without it im only telling you this because you’re a crying baby right now and it’s pathetic to watch so give him blood’ ‘what blood of course I’ll give him mine it will work faster but he’s unconscious i…i have to’ I bit into my wrist resisting the urge to swallow I looked down at his lips ‘well he did kiss me when we first met and it’s just so he gets blood…it’s just for the blood’ I lifted his face to mine my heart beat had gotten crazy fast and everything was getting hot ‘what is this feeling ignore it just do it!’ my eyes closed as our lips touched my blood spilled out of the corners of his mouth and down his throat I could feel him swallow his skin felt warmer he started to breath his breaths got stronger “yes its working now just pull away…I wanted to but didn’t it was like my body wasn’t obeying my brain I wanted to stop but wanted to continue what is why can’t I stop…why do I like this? I felt my body be pushed closer to him I could feel his arms wrap around me holding me closer I didn’t pull away I didn’t want to everything was warm I opened my eyes to see Felix staring back at me  his soft warm crimson red eyes stared right into mine ‘ahh what am I doing?!’ I pushed away from Felix knocking him to the ground I shot up avoiding eye contact “ahh sorry I was just giving you my blood and you were unconscious so I thought how I could give it to you and mouth to mouth seemed like the best idea but really it was a stupid idea anyway you’re ok now that’s great we should get back to school before anyone wonders where we are haha” I hid my face i could tell I was blushing like an idiot Felix just stared at me softly smiling “yeah ok thanks lets go” I walked in front of the boys my face is still red ‘what the hell was I doing back there what was that feeling it can’t be no I swore I would never feel that again but still what the hell was I doing!?’ Felix ran over to me “Falen are you ok my morphic blades I had to hurt you im sorry” ‘I hadn’t even realized I looked down at my chest I was covered in blood but some of it was a dark green “ah what the hell is this…?” I looked down at my hands they were covered in blood and trembling as black veins appeared ‘augh an electric shock filled my body sending me down to the ground a searing pain spread through my chest and down to my spine black blood spat out of my mouth as a long reptilian tail forced it way out of my body “augh what is happening!?” my fingers snapped and bent stretching out into long claws my jaw cracked open as what felt like hundreds of razor sharp teeth filled my mouth tearing my lips and cheeks my shoulders arched forward as my body seemed to stretch my legs bent backwards stretching into long reptilian feet pads of dead flesh began peeling of my body revealing scales my chest began to heavily bleed as the strain had reopened my stab wounds Felix shouted my name as Reece ran over I tried to speak tried to move but every inch of me was in pain ‘augh god what is this!?’ {Some Blood wolfs have the ability to absorb the powers and forms of those they feed from congrats you have this power enjoy becoming that Incubus true form oh and this will hurt quite a bit haha} “Don’t you ever shut up lady?!” A hand ripped through Falen’s chest surrounded by black mist the mist formed into a ball and crystalized Falen winced and dropped as the hand tore free from Falen’s body a young girl around eleven years old with long bleach blond almost white hair stood behind Falen she smiled holding the now glowing crystal in her bloody hand she smiled at us then looked down at Falen who had started shifting back to normal she weakly looked up her voice was torn and full of pain her chest was still bleeding but her wound started to heal Falen stared at the girl her eyes caught sight of the girls silver crescent moon pendant “who are you?” the girl slipped the crystal into her pocket and smiled “im Ashlin and we have a lot to talk about” a black mist poured out from Ashlin’s pocket “oops mother did always say don’t break the crystals guess I wasn’t strong enough hey Falen if your healed I could really use your help!” the mist formed into skeletons only they had see-through skin and long bone tails they surrounded us snarling black drool dripped down from there razor sharp teeth they had no eyes but seemed to still see us “great the demons essence is free bloody hell there’s like hundreds of them Falen please im not strong enough to take them all I need your help sister please help me I must protect you Pyra demands it!” Falen’s eyes shot open they were ice white but the whites were pitch black her wounds vanished as all the blood seeped into her skin dark black veins spread from her Blood wolf mark to her chest her body erupted in what looked like black misty flames they changed to a mixture of black dark red and blue and molded into the shape of a sword Falen reached out her hand grabbing the blade it took solid form it was a beautify crafted sword the helm was inscribed with different symbols and there was a long sharp piece that stuck out like a thorn on beautiful rose Falen grabbed the sword the long sharp piece stabbed into her hand and her blood flowed down into the sword there was a long embedded line all the way to the tip Falen’s blood dripped from the tip Ashlin stared in shock “she summoned White Fang get down!” Ashlin dropped to the ground as Falen raised her sword her eyes glowed as the sword was plunged into the ground a wave of energy exploded out of the sword tearing the demons apart and anything in sight I heard the energy wave hit the schools barrier and vanish Falen collapsed on her knees coughing up blood I quickly got up and ran over to her Ashlin tackled me to the ground right before I fell into the huge crater Falen was now in “woe did her sword do all this damage?’ I looked around at what was once flat rock and dirt was now just broken up ground like an earthquake Falen weakly helped herself up on her sword “what was that cough” I got up “are you ok those demons and then Ashlin wait were did she go?!”. 

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