After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



I watched Halima 'she’s doing the same thing i do hiding my feelings behind anger we really are the same Halima broke into tears she grabbed Khait like a scared child “Khait im sorry please dont leave me alone i dont want to be alone!" Khait smiled hugging her gently " i will never leave you i promise Halima because i...i love you" Halima looked up shocked "what Khait I...I’ve always loved you since we were kids but i thought you saw me as a sister and nothing more" Khait stared his face shocked yet happy " Halima the day my father brought you here was the happiest day of my life i have always loved you but feared you only saw me as my father’s son like Emutip" Halima wipes her eyes shaking her head " never Emutip and your father are so cruel you showed me kindness even though im an impure half breed" the room fell silent but was replaced by angered knocking on the door "Khait get your ass out here you dare defy father i should kill you brat!" Emutip smashed on the door you could see the cracks forming all over from the strength Khait guarded Halima as he waited for the door to break and it did the wooden door shattered into pieces flying everywhere i ducked a few times forgetting i was just a ghost watching a memory Emutip stood tall and furious he glared at Halima his eyes filled with anger and disgust “you half breed whore get out here or ill kill Khait and dont think i wont!" Halima sighed walking past Khait and over to Emutip "Halima no father will punish you!" Emutip laughed as her violently threw Halima to the ground "yes he will but first i will then I’ll kill you!" Halima looked “no you said you wouldn’t hurt him if i came to you!" Emutip broke into a malicious laughter “i was lying!" Emutip’s hands grew into rock like claws he slashed at Khait throwing him into the wall " Khait?!" Halima screamed as she ran to her wounded lover whose blood now dripped down the wall " you bastard you could of killed him ill destroy you!" Halima’s emerald eyes filled with a bright red liquid and the whites filled into pitch black she snarled like a vicious animal as her teeth began to grow and sharpen to a razor point same with her nails they grew in size and shape dark blue fur began growing over her skin Emutip watched his cocky grin was replaced by confusion and fear Khait slowly picked himself up from the floor he stared at Halima barley recognizing her the soft sweet girl he had fallen in love was being replaced by a blood thirsty creature he had never seen before Emutip ran past Halima and over to Khait " dont go near her brother she’s awakened her powers she’s becoming a true Crimson Lycanus she will kill anything in sight!" Khait watched as the fur began covering her all over and dark red armor was growing out of her skin like bone " im not afraid of the one i love Halima if you can understand it’s me Khait please stop whatever you’re doing and come back to me?!" Halima stared at Khait her vicious snarls were replaced by soft whimpers as the fur began to melt away the armor reacted back into the skin her nails grew back to normal length same with her teeth except her fangs they stayed long and pointed but grew a little shorter “Khait im sorry i didn’t hurt you did i?!" Khait smiled shaking his head "no im fine but now i know what you are but that doesn’t change how i feel about you Halima" Emutip tackled Khait to the ground ripping his stone hands into Khait’s neck " one wrong move he dies Halima your coming with me and now that you have awakened i can do this haha!" Emutip’s eyes glowed yellow as he snapped his fingered Halima’s eyes glowed as she stood like a statue with a black expression Emutip laughed as he retracted his fingers "haha yes it worked now i control you Halima follow me and ill introduce you to your parents!" Emutip walked off smiling as Halima followed like a mindless zombie the walked down into unground basement like room it was filled with cages the two main ones were filled with two people one was a very attractive looking women she had tan skin with bright red hair she was chained to the wall across from her was a skinny pale skinned man he had dark blue hair his eyes were drained like a starving person the women saw Emutip she snarled like an angry dog " Emutip why are you back here to gloat!?" Emutip laughed as he grabbed a blood bag and held it infrount of the sickly looking man "me gloat my sweet Femi why would you think that i actually brought someone to see you my dear someone you haven’t seen for a very long time your Daughter Halima Femi haha if you can hear me Halo I’ve brought your daughter down for a visit before my father rapes her and bares a son from her body haha!" Femi snarled " you lie you took our baby from us why would you allow her to know we exist?!" Emutip laughed stepping out of the way revealing Halima he snapped his fingers again watching as she returned in control " Halima these are your parents your mother Femi the werewolf and your father Halo the vampire my father kidnapped you as a baby and locked them down here say hello" Halima stared at the cages in confusion and anger she ran to the cage Femi ran as close as her chains would let her " mother its really you and father too you’ve been down here all this time?!" Femi tugged on her chains stopping her from hugging Halima "yes baby we have’ not a second has past where we haven’t missed you our baby blood wolf you have to fight Halima Femi you have the power fight baby fight!" the black smoke covered everything till I was alone again in the darkness “Halima wait what happened next what’s happening now where did you go Halima?!” there was nothing but darkness “Falen wake up please!” a soft light slowly filled the black void “hey she’s waking up guys!” ‘that voice high overly excited its Amisi the light grew brighter till it was blinding the light began to fade till I could see the siluet figures standing around me “hey guys” they were all here “Felix Reece Amisi Alyaim your all here?” Alyaim looked down from her book with a slight smile “but of course you were hurt we had to make sure you weren’t seriously damaged being the last of your kind” ‘augh she sounds like a robot when she talks like that “im just glad you’re ok Falen!” Amisi shouted as she jumped onto me “oww easy Missy haha” Felix softly sighed a sigh of relief as he stood in the corner his dark hair covering his eyes his white shirt slightly see through from sweat he glanced over at me “Falen are you ok when you were unconscious you seemed in pain?” ‘His voice was filled with guilt “im fine please don’t blame yourself you protected me” Reece softly snarled “it’s your fault you got hurt if had stayed with me you never would of got attacked I don’t think of you as a trophy Falen and who ever told you that is just trying to isolate you” ‘Halima is trying to isolate me or protect me there are secretes enemies everywhere I don’t know who’s trying to protect me or kill me “I don’t anything at this place except one thing im not safe there’s a breach in the shield Miss Grey must know right away” I jumped out of the bed only to hit the floor “oww what the hell wires?” there were wires filled with blood attached to my legs and arms “Falen carful don’t rip those out it will hurt like hell” Alyaim shouted as she put down her book I yanked at the wire on my arm it felt like electric shocks shooting threw my blood “augh!” ‘She softly laughed “haha I told you so you should listen to me it might save your life one day” ‘hmm I can’t tell if that is advice or a threat? “Miss Omen im glad to see you are unharmed now about my school being under attack by Umbra’s how did they get in did they say anything?” ‘Those things can speak I thought they just snarled “ah no Miss Grey all they did was trash my room and bite me” they all stepped back their faces instantly filled with fear Amisi stared at me shocked she could barely speak “they…they bit you?” i looked around confused " ah yeah they did i collapsed and saw some ah some old memories then i woke up here why are you all looking at me like im holding a bomb?" Amisi stared at my blood soaked bandaged arm “no one ever survives being bitten by an Umbra you must be even more powerful than the stories say your incredible Falen!" 'im not incredible i just screamed when that Umbra attacked i hid like a scared kid im not incredible im pathetic...PATHETIC!' the windows cracked all around me "ah oops i forgot i could i do that when im mad sorry Miss Grey ill pay for that" Miss Grey glared at me with a slightly sinister smile “no my dear its fine but we do have to keep your powers in check i want you to wear this" she held out her old wrinkly palm on it was a silver ring with a dark red and black rose it glowed as she brought it closer to me "ah what is that?" Miss Grey softly laughed as she grabbed my hand for an old women she sure was strong she slipped the Rose ring on my middle finger it glowed and tightened onto my finger i tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t budge " what is this thing i can’t get it off?" Miss Grey laughed again “ this is the rosary Rose an ancient charm for concealing unruly powers in the host the ring can only be removed by someone of pure intentions and a bond to you some will be able to take it off by force but that will cause serious harm to you dont try to remove it yourself the consequences could be dire haha" 'im stuck with this ring forever and if i try to take it off it could kill me who comes up with stuff?' (The Rosary ring they still exist my an oldie but a goody as you would say be careful with that Falen its very dangers to us it will block most of your powers but not our bond) 'Hmm Halima will it block you from possessing me?' (Yes I cannot protect you when you wear the ring find someone who can take it off and keep them close to you) 'hmm who is of pure intentions and close to me ahh that’s not going to be easy no one is of pure intentions I’ll never get this thing off "Miss Grey can you take the ring off?" she smiled again as she grabbed her cane "only a bond to you and pure intentions i have neither so that would a no Falen good day dear" Amisi tugged at the ring " hey it won’t come off but im your best friend and im pure why isn’t it coming off?!" she tugged harder i could feel it sticking to my skin like super glue “oww Missi stop pulling its starting to hurt” she stopped and sat down with a pouty face like an upset kid “augh this sucks im defenseless now Halima can’t even transform anymore if im attacked im dead!” I softly removed the other wires from my arms and legs when suddenly a phone went off Alyaim stared at her screen as she her face suddenly turned to fear she slowly answered the call trying to act like nothing was wrong but the as the seconds past her face became paler small beads of sweat began forming on her brow her breathing increases and her hands started to tremble she took a deep breath saying only three words “I understand master” she quickly rushed out of the room leaving her book behind “what was that about did you see her face she was terrified?” Amisi grabbed her black book from the chair “she’s been getting a lot of those types of calls lately she was helping me in the library then suddenly she got a call and rushed out forgetting everything that she was doing before its strange yet also intriguing” ‘hmm Alyaim is a bad guy I saw her and heard her yet she still acts like my friend not so much my protector what is with her I have to figure it out” any of you guys want to help me sneak into Alyaim’s room to find out what she’s hiding?” Reece smirked “that’s against the rules haha im in” Amisi sighed “sorry Falen she’s my friend I can’t do that but ask Victoria she will jump at a chance to help you your all she can talk about its like she’s in love with you or something haha” ‘yeah or something hey Halima has a girl ever ah loved you before?” { yes our species gives off certain scents that increase our chances in mating so yes I have been loved by both male and females alike but I only love males I only love Khait don’t worry if you feel feelings for both its natural for our species Falen we can change our gender after all } ‘What I can turn into a guy?’ Haha yes we can but only for a short time “ewe gross”
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