After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Falen’s sword vanished into mist dropping her to the ground “oww everything hurts augh all I can taste is blood?” i climbed down to Falen “hey are you ok please say you’re ok anything broken can you stand can you move say something?!” ‘Augh he’s loud my ears are ringing and I feel like a wet noodle {it would be wise that you don’t move that attack has severely damaged your body just rest until you heal} ‘easier said than done and I couldn’t move even if I wanted to I literally can’t move “F…Felix I can’t…move…” black feathers sounded us a figure dropped out of the sky “don’t touch her!” Alyaim ran over to me gently lifting me onto my back “hey looks like you’ve gone and hurt yourself you’re always causing me trouble silly girl” Alyaim softly smiled as a golden aura surrounded her I could feel it pass right through me it sent a warm tingling sensation through my body almost like I was submerged in warm water I could feel my eye lids getting heavier as everything turned blurry I could barely make out what Alyaim was saying it was all muffled everything was going quiet wait a scent I know it but where who is it coming from?’ “Come on you can do better then that!” ‘Huh who’s talking?’ a hand grabbed my shoulder “quit spacing out Falen your weapon could go rouge if you’re not paying attention? ‘My what where I am why does this place seem familiar I looked around I was high in the mountains surrounded by thick forest I could tell by smelling the air it was spring hundreds of flowers surrounded me “this place is beautiful” I felt pat on my shoulder “taking in the scenery again honestly Falen you will never master your weapon if you don’t concentrate” ‘that voice I recognize it but who is it?’ I looked up at a beautiful woman with long flowing white hair and golden eyes my heart started to ache as tears filled my eyes “Pyra!?” i collapsed in her arms her gentle caring arms Pyra looked down at me softly smiling “hush now Falen it’s alright I don’t know where you’ve been but your safe I have you now I will protect you I promise” ‘she’s so warm this is where I belong huh I was doing something or going somewhere but I can’t remember why…why am I crying?’ I got up wiping my eyes “im sorry Pyra I got lost in thought haha” Pyra stared still smiling “it’s alright now please concentrate when using your weapon and be careful Ashlin is still young I don’t want her to get hurt” Ashlin ran over to us “mum your embarrassing me and Falen would never hurt me when she zoned out I got away like you said and White Fang didn’t even react so its ok” ‘what was I supposed to be doing I know there something but I can’t remember “what did you call my weapon and what weapon?” Ashlin and Pyra stared at me slightly confused “Falen your weapon is a sword created by your monster energy you gave it the title of White Fang because when you first summoned it you said it was glowing and looked like a white fang I’ve been training you to summon it and control its attacks without damaging your body did you forget?” ‘What they say it’s true but I forgot why augh!’ “Augh my head!?” I fell to me knees blood gushed out of my nose as a searing pain filled my head images flashed through my mind I could only see glimpses the pain was spreading through my body it made me want to throw up everything was spinning the images got faster and faster everything around me was vanishing into nothing but white ‘what is this how do I make it stop Pyra Ashlin I don’t want to forget again please no!” my eyes shot open as I fell to the floor I   could feel blood dripping from my nose I looked around as the room softly stopped spinning I was back in my room “augh what the hell was that and why do I have a nose bleed?’ I helped myself up to the bathroom my face was covered in blood “eww gross booger blood” I washed my face clean and rinsed out my mouth then slowly walked back to my bed everything was still slightly spinning I looked down at my dresser and saw a note “Falen I healed your energy and sent you to sleep rest is the best thing whatever you do don’t use your powers it will damage you oh and your healing powers aren’t working they will come back eventually take care of yourself Alyaim PS I’ve arranged Amisi to be your room mate she moves in tomorrow I think being around your friends will help you” ‘hmm Missi as my roommate yeah why not she was at the old school cool I guess I should tidy up before she gets here hmm hey Halima you there?’ I got up waiting for a response but got nothing “hmm she must not want to talk ok just so you know Missi is moving in here” I walked into the Kitchen “hmm I should probably go buy some stuff she would like” a loud knock came from the door “hmm who could that be ah probably just Missi or Felix or even Reece checking up on me I hope Felix is ok he went without blood for a long time but I gave him mine so that should of fixed it hmm when I gave him my blood what was that feeling and why didn’t I let go ahh this would be so much easier if I understood emotions” The knocks became stronger "hmm all right I'm coming!" I walked over to the door opening it a girl jumped at me with excitement "Falen I missed you!" She tackled me to the ground laughing "ahh you’re stronger then you look who are you and wait my dream do I know you?" The girl smiled "I'm Ashlin I saved you before but you probably know me as beanie that’s what you called me back when you knew me and you did but now you don't well sort of haha" 'what is with this girl she looks around eleven years old with long whitish blonde hair she was wearing a dark blue jumper and black jeans with a white singlet top and grey sneakers she wore a silver crescent moon pendant she adjusted her glasses still smiling "wow look at you hehe you haven’t changed a bit well your hair is longer and your eyes there not red anymore hmm your probably really confused how about you pour us some tea and I'll explain" 'is this girl for real she must be from my past I dreamt about the order it was a memory so maybe what I dreamt before was also  memory from my life the first time I woke up maybe she can tell me what happened' "ah yeah sure Beanie I’ll make you some tea" she smiled laying down on the couch as I walked into the kitchen (Falen why have you let a stranger into our home get rid of her) 'oh so now you decide to talk and no I won't she's from my past she can finally tell me what I have forgotten I can finally understand everything that's happened and you can't stop me or her thanks to the Rosary so ha' (for now Falen but that ring won't protect you forever) I grabbed the tea and walked back into the lounge room "ah here tea now you explain everything" Beanie smiled as she drank the tea "hmm ok I’ll start at the beginning four years ago my pack found you thanks to our queen the pure white wolf Pyra you were lost high in the mountains in the woods you were also wounded covered  in gashes and claw and  bite marks and even burns you 'looked  like you had just escaped from a burning building filled with wild animals anyway my queen knew exactly what you were just by smelling you we took you back to our home the ancient temple of Lunira the moon goddess for all those of the Crescent moon worship her you were once a member after we took you to our home you awoke with horrible memories you told tales of a bloody battle and the death of a precious loved one you begged to have these memories removed and Pyra being the most powerful female in our pack was able to remove them and so you lived with us in a blissful time of peace but that peace was shattered when we were attacked by a group of nightmarish shadow creatures they were after you but that didn’t stop them from going after us either you saw me in the claws of one of these creatures and something happed your eyes went ice white and your ears and tail grew out shadow-ish markings covered your body you let out earthshaking howl as your aura erupted in flames a bright burning light sounded you and a long sharp sword appeared in your hands  but when you grabbed it a piece stabbed into your hand the sword glowed as it absorbed your blood you then charged straight for the beast and attacked it with your sword you disintegrated all the creatures and took out half the mountain you protected us by summoning your powerful spirit weapon you called it White Fang then you collapsed Pyra said using it took a lot out of you so Pyra began training you to summon it and use it without damaging your body and things were going well until the night terrors started you awoke screaming in pain this went on for weeks whatever Pyra did it was wearing off and your horrid memories were returning one night when Pyra went to check on you since you had become like a daughter to her she found your bed empty the walls covered in viscous claw marks the windows shattered and you gone the entire pack searched for weeks but you were gone Pyra only picked up your psychic scent last week and I rushed here to find you our missing sister" I dropped to the couch with a thud all this it seemed so close yet far away at the same time everything she said just created more questions why was I hurt and lost in the mountains what precious loved one had I lost why would I want to lose my memory!?' Beanie gently grabbed my hand "I'm sorry for putting so much on your plate like this it's just Pyra and I have really missed you Pyra saw you as a daughter and that makes you my sister as I am Pyra's daughter by blood next in line for Alpha and yes our pack is all girl werewolves were not extinct we've just been hiding you’re not alone I know we're not blood wolves but we are girls so we can relate a little” ‘is she real is this even real or am I just asleep somewhere and this is the dream what if im still trapped at the order and there just keeping me asleep doing who knows what to my body and mind what if im actually insane and this all just one massive hallucination and I’ve snapped nothing makes sense I don’t know what to believe anymore’ I stood up and walked into my room I heard Beanie walk over to the door “I’ll um give you some time to proses everything ok” I heard my door close my head my heart they both hurt im so confused Felix knows me from before I just know it and he…he kissed me could Felix be this precious loved one I lost and if so how what happened why was I hurt what happened to me I want to know and he’s going to tell me’ I stormed out of my room and over to his I bashed at the door till it opened Felix stared in the door way confused “Falen what is it do you need something Alyaim said you need rest” ‘Hmph the nerve caring about me when he’s hiding the truth from me “yes I do need something I need the truth!” I barged into the room slamming the door closed “no games no lies what happened when I first woke up when you knew me why did you kiss me when we met at that hotel what are you to me I want to know and im not letting you hide it anymore screw Halima and her threats I want to know it’s my past and you’re going to tell me!” Felix stared he slowly walked over to me “look Falen I understand that not knowing is hard I do I truly do and I want to tell you but there’s something ah someone who stops me I can’t tell you” ‘he’s lying he knows if he won’t tell me then I’ll force him’ I stood up walking over to him “you really should of just told me then all this could have been avoided but now you’ve gone and made me mad” I pushed him back into a wall and pinned his body with mine my fangs were inches from his neck “Falen stop I know you want answers but this isn’t the way please stop!” I could hear him but I didn’t care I bit down piercing his skin his blood flowed into me I could feel it his warmth fill me I concentrated drifting away into his thoughts his feelings his memories

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