After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Amisi giggled as she watched me "what’s gross Falen?" i shook my head trying to get those words to go away " i just got told i can change genders ewe i dont want to be a guy for a short time gross ide have a Willy ewe!" Reece fell of his chair his laughter echoed through the room "haha you a guy wow what would we call you what would you look like haha i want to know change into guy im curious" 'ewe no im never changing and with this ring i cant anyway ha " sorry Reece ring stops me so nope not changing" the door suddenly opened as a man walked through it he had light pale skin almost bluish his hair was a dark blackish blue color he was wearing a ripped black leather jacket with dark grey jeans and black combat boots his eyes were dark purple he glared at me as he punched the wall " some people are trying to sleep this is a medical wing not some nine year old slumber party so shut the hell up!" he shouted at the top of his lungs then walked out slamming the door behind him " who was that jerk?" Felix softly snarling gritting his fangs "new guy he came here a few months before you he goes by Havoc no one knows his real name or what species his is he’s very secretive and I’ve seen him talking with Alyaim quite a few times" 'hmm those too must be up to something and i need to know what "that guy was just plain rude Havoc more like big jerk!" Felix softly laughed "yeah oh ah can i join you when you go to Alyaim’s?" i could feel my heart get a little faster when he smiled at me "ah yeah of course Felix" Amisi giggled as she watched me "ah ok no boys aloud out" she rushed Reece and Felix out then locked the door " your clothes are on the chair also i saw that were you and Felix just flirting ooh do you like him Hehe?" I grabbed my pants from the desk and slid them on 'Missy’s question made my heart softly ache did i like him but then i also got that feeling with Reece i cant like them both ahh my heart makes me confused 'Halima do blood wolves only love one person or can we love many?' (That is an odd question but ill answered it we only love one person our destined one) 'Destined one how do we know who that is?' (The heart will tell you Falen) ‘Hmm well that doesn’t help much I finished getting dressed and left the room I glanced back at the rose ring “you’re going to bite me in the ass soon I just know it hey Reece ready to bust into Alyaim’s room so we can figure out what the hell her problem is and who’s side she’s really on?” we headed through the school and up to the highest room in the tallest tower our footsteps echoes through the stone flight of stairs small glimpses of light shown through the small windows Felix ducked trying his best to avoid the beams of sun light “ah Felix maybe you should go back there more light up ahead it’s not safe” Felix placed his hand near a ray of sun light barley toughing it I could smell the scent of burning flesh “Felix stop it!” i grabbed his hand out of the sun seeing him hurt himself like that made my heart ache “what are you doing you could of really hurt yourself!” He looked at me with a soft smile “its ok Falen the sun light only stings a little it’s not that strong yet your blood is still in me I can feel it coursing through my veins I can feel you inside me your thoughts your feelings I can feel them all so don’t worry im not hurt” ‘he can feel me inside him because of my blood my thoughts and feelings is nothing sacred ahh I let go of his hand and marched up the stairs leaving them behind “that’s horrible why dose my blood do all this weird stuff it’s not fair I just want to be normal” Reece ran after me “hey you ok your shouting I thought this was supposed to be a stealth mission?” ‘Ahh that just makes me feel sick “hey you listening?” Reece grabbed my arm “huh ah sorry I was lost in thought ah come on I don’t think she’s home we walked over to a big black door the words stay out were spray painted on the door in red paint at least i hope its paint and not something else "i dont think she’s in there" Reece quietly whispered i slowly opened the door it creaked like an old door from a horror movie i felt the door swing open Felix stood on the other side smiling "it’s nice and dark in here and she’s not here come on in" i walked into the room it was cold and dark just like her one at the old school the same old photos were pinned on the walls claw marks were all across the walls "what has she been doing in here?" blood bags were spread out on the ground empty next to a set of long bulky chains attached to the walls Felix stared " why does she have a restraining chain?" the room was freezing i could see my breath "wait Felix a vampire needs permission to enter a home who did you get in here?" Felix smiles looking around "simple i have permission me and Alyaim used to be friends she said i could come over anytime so i have permission haha" 'who in their right mind would come here on purpose "Hey Falen i found her black book she usually has this with her" Reece shouted as he walked over to me he handed me the book but it was locked i pulled on the lock hoping my strength would break it but i was wrong it didn’t budge " hmm well that’s no help let’s keep looking" i walked over to the photo of her and my mum her face seemed so happy and full of life not like she is now i went to remove the picture when a sudden shiver crawled its way up my spine " i would appreciate it if you didn’t touch that Falen and about breaking and entering i never expected this kind of behavior from you of all people?" Alyaim glared at me her face disappointed and angry Felix and Reece ran over to me " ah hey Alyaim i love what you have done with the place it really brings out the psychotically creepiness of the room haha" Reece was trying to change the subject but it didn’t work Alyaim sighed walking over to the picture she slid her fingers over my mum "oh Scarlet your daughter is quite a trouble maker Hehe just like you Falen ill ignore the face you broke into my home if you tell me why?" ' hmm i guess i should just tell her " Alyaim i broke in to figure out who’s side you’re on" she looked at me confused " hmm curiosity killed the cat Falen are you sure you want to know?" her eyes were different it was like they were warning me not threatening concerned " yes Alyaim i want to know everything why you were so nice when we first met but now your different you attacked Felix back when the old school was under attack and when i was locked up you were there saying you worked for the Order!?" Alyaim sighed "it’s complicated you see Falen i have a split personality sort off sometimes im i control other times she’s in control she works for the Order she was the one who attacked Felix and threatened you i can’t control when we switch and usually there’s no way to tell that weave switched im sorry if she did anything wrong but i can’t control her Falen" 'she has a split personality just like me with Halima only she’s not a personality she’s real just living in my brain "Alyaim?!" a girls voice came from outside the door it sounded a lot like me "Hope im here ah wait out there please sweetie Falen its time you knew the truth you are not the last Blood Wolf there is another" 'what there’s another Halima did you hear that!?' (Oww yes i heard Falen please not so loud with your thoughts) loud knocking come from the door as the girl yelled again “Alyaim come on…im running out of time?!”She sounded scared Alyaim sighed as walked over to the door “ok Falen meet Hope” she opened the door reviling me a girl who looked almost identical to me except her eyes were red her hair was dark red with brown strips and her skin was paler then mine she stared at me as we both gasped in shock of seeing one another Felix and Reece both stared just as shocked as I was I turned to Alyaim she smiled watching us the girl stared at Alyaim then back at me she sounded freaked out “Alyaim what…?!” Alyaim softly sighed “Hope please come here?” she slowly walked over to Alyaim and stood beside her I stared “what the hell you have a clone of me!?” the girl glared shouting “humph im no clone!” Alyaim smiled “she is correct Falen she is not a clone meet your identical twin sister Hope” I couldn’t speak all I could do is stared Hope glared “that’s her!?” Alyaim nodded “yes Hope this is your big sister Falen” she stared at me “i…I have a sister a twin?” Alyaim smiled “yes identical twin sister you and hope look almost identical to each other there only a few differences like the red eyes the red hair and the paler skin” Hope glared “that’s what happens when you have been locked up since you were born!” Alyaim sighed “Hope if you’re going to fight can you not do it in my room I know it looks like a bomb went off but I actually like it this way” Hope nodded “only cause Alyaim said I will hold my tongue” ‘what is this girls problem Halima did you know about this?’ {That there was another Falen no I only sensed one} “She’s not another me she’s my twin!” Reece stared “that’s not possible” I turned around “what do you mean Reece?” he fixed his hair “Blood Wolves there can only be one you are the last one how did she stay undetected?” Hope glared “oh I was perfectly detected I was just kept around like a pet!” Alyaim sighed “she’s been held by the Order since she was born…” Hope butted in “I think since you mean since I was reborn!” ‘What does she mean reborn?’ “You see Falen in the birth of Blood wolves there is only one born twins or more can’t survive one devours the other in the womb and absorbs the others power if one or more children are born only one will retain the blood wolf gene throughout its descendants down to its newest member the others will have no Blood Wolf blood in its descendants the first born is not always the chosen one it could be the second or the fifth or even the seventh but one out of all the children one will be and retain the blood wolf blood when Falen and Hope were in scarlet’s womb you began devouring Hope absorbing her which resulted in Hope dying and becoming a still born” ‘I what?’ Hope smirked “hmm did I taste good!?” ‘She’s blaming me’ “hey you can’t hold that against me I was a…fetus I couldn’t even talk I can’t even remember anything from when I was six!” Hope snarled “that’s no excuse you ate me!” Alyaim grabbed up pulling us apart “girls let me finish ok Hope was born a stillborn there for she was never technically born she died before she was born and so the Master of the Order found her using there genetics and advanced cloning and reproductive experimentation brought her back to life but at a price” ‘Hope the sister I never even knew I had hates me “hmm what price?” Alyaim walked over to her fridge “she must feed on fresh blood every two hours to sustain her body without this blood her flesh will decay and her body will shut down oh speaking of which” Alyaim slit open her wrist with her nail the smell was so strong and its scent was different to anything I had smelt before “Alyaim what are you doing?!” I resisted the thirst as I watched her blood drip down her arm “Hope you’re getting close to your two hour time limit don’t ever cut it that close again I didn’t bust you out of that horrible place just to have you die now!” Hope stood back as if afraid “im sorry I got lost” she obeyed every word Alyaim said like an obedient child “one time when she took over I awoke in the Order I don’t know how but I managed to gain back control I found Hope alone scared experimented on I couldn’t take it I busted her out she’s been hiding with me ever since like all Blood Wolves Hope needs blood but not any blood will do she need pure blood of the richest kind in purity and flavor human blood will keep her alive for a few days but my blood keep her alive for seven months only problem is she has to take quite large doses of it which is why I have been drinking blood refill my body of the missing blood in my system all creatures need blood to survive it is the life of everything” ‘she’s been feeding hope for seven mouths every day “but what about the vampire bite marks?” she softly giggled “oh those there from a friend of mine he gets a little rough ha-ha” ‘oh that’s why “so she hasn’t fed from your neck?” Alyaim shook her head “never my neck only my wrist” Hope stumbled into the wall “Alyaim it smells…so good” Alyaim ran over to her “im sorry im making you wait this is probably torture for you here hmm would you like some Falen?” I stood back shaking my head “ah no” she softly giggled again “your mouth sais no but your body betrays you I can see it the thirst it’s in your eyes” I quickly looked down still shaking my head “no thanks im good” she raised her wrist to Hope “ok then here drink Hope…” before Alyaim could even finish her sentence Hope tore into her wrist devouring every drop she could get I walked back over to the boys who just watched Reece stared grossed out “wow Falen your sister has quite an appetite and that’s coming from a Werewolf haha” I watched confused “why would Alyaim let her feed from her “Alyaim why are you doing this?” she looked up smiling “she’s my god daughter and I promised Scarlet that I would look after her daughter but now it’s daughters I don’t care that I’ve only recently discovered who Hope is she is Scarlet’s daughter my god daughter and I will not let her be hurt!” Hope stopped and looked up “all full Hope?” she nodded licking her lips Alyaim’s skin instantly healed the bite mark “woe that was fast you heal faster than even I do?” she smirked “oh that a little power of mine among other things now I don’t want you two to start fighting your siblings and I hate when siblings argue” Hope smirked licking the remainder of the blood of her lips that face made my blood boil “so what now that Hopes in the picture you’re going to shut me out!? Alyaim sighed “no she just requires more attention than you do” i looked away “I liked being an only child” Hope smirked

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