After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



  “Wake up you’re going to miss the bus come on Falen wake up” ‘I heard a soft young voice as I opened my eyes “huh where am I?” I looked around, but I didn’t recognize where I was “hey Falen your up come on get ready” I looked up a young girl was smiling at me she looked eighteen or even nineteen, she looked really tall she had short brown hair with blond bits her hair was just below her shoulders a silk red ribbon was tied around her neck ‘wait I know this girl’ “Linda!” I jumped out of the bed and hugged her “you’re here but that means I’m home but where’s Felix and Amisi and Recce?!” Linda stared at me softly laughing “looks like you had one hell of a dream Falen don’t you remember your foster father was hitting you I came over and saw him I called the police he was arrested and now you live with me” ‘wait, what but the monster school Felix the others and that shadow man and the girl who looked like me it was all a dream, but it was so real’ “Falen hey snap out of it and get ready” ‘this doesn’t feel right Linda looks older and  It couldn’t be a dream it was too real’ I felt my arm being pulled “oww hey Linda!” she giggled pulling me out of the bed “you’re not skipping school now get ready!” she pushed me into the bath room and slammed the door I ran over to the mirror I widened my mouth looking for my fangs but they were normal instead of being sharpened to a point they were blunt “what is this where are my fangs my nails are short my fangs aren’t sharp it’s as if no it can’t be” ‘I closed my eyes and concentrated on growing my claws and shifting into my wolf form but nothing was happening “I’m normal but wait my mark” I looked at my right arm for my blood wolf paw print birthmark but it was gone “what no way it’s gone my mark this isn’t possible!”  (Knock…knock) “Hey come Falen were going to be late!” ‘This is weird but I’ll deal with it later’ I got dressed as fast I could and rushed out to Linda “hey sorry I took so long” Linda sighed checking her watch “Falen if were late you’re in trouble come on!” we ran to the bus station just as the bus pulled up “thank god we made it come on Falen!” I ran up to the bus but as I got on it I felt weird, and anxious I felt like someone was watching me I could feel something scratching my back but every time I turned around nothing was there my heart was racing I could feel my hands becoming all sweaty I felt terrified but I couldn’t figure out why Linda sat next to me as the bus doors closed my chest closed up as I stopped breathing I felt like I was choking I stared at the doors I couldn’t take it anymore I grabbed my bag and ran for the door  “open the door!” I screamed as I bashed on the doors glass the bus driver stared at me “you ok miss look why don’t you just sit down?” I couldn’t breathe my lungs were on fire my entire body was shaking “no let me out please open the door!” the bus doors opened I ran out and over to the bust stop and dropped my bag as I fell onto my hands and knees I heard Linda run over to me “Falen what the hell you totally freaked out back there?”  I stared at the ground I felt sick and confused ‘what was that feeling Linda’s right I did freak out but why?’ I slowly got up and grabbed my bag I walked of leaving Linda behind I stared at my black fingerless glove on my right hand I don’t know why I put it on there’s no mark but it just feels weird without it “hey Falen wait up” Linda grabbed my arm pulling me to her “what’s wrong with you Falen you freak out in the bus and now you just leave without saying anything!” ‘She’s not going to stop’  “look Linda I don’t know why I freaked out ok I don’t know I just want to get to school!” I grabbed my bag and ran from Linda I cut through the park. I waited till I was sure Linda was gone before going back to the bus stop I walked over to the map and its ,locater I spoke into the voice box “how do I get to Thanatos private school?” I waited for the locater to reply but it came up with no results “what no I know it was real wait that girl Halima” I sat on the bench and closed my eyes “Halima are you there please talk to me I’m freaking out here nothing makes sense please tell me it was real that it was a memory?” I waited but there was nothing “Halima please, will you just talk me!” I felt some one tap my shoulder “hey you shouldn’t talk to yourself and what is a girl like you doing out so late?” I looked up and saw a young man with pail skin and messy dark brown hair he was standing over me. His breath reeked of alcohol and his clothes were covered I stains “for your information you drunk im getting ready for school I was just waiting for a friend that’s all now leave me alone” the man stared at me I could see he was checking me out he had the same perverted look on his face that frank used to have “haha girl your hot but your weird its night its twelve o’clock you stupid bitch how about I give you a drive home?” ‘What it’s midnight but it was morning a few minutes ago?’ “I don’t think so creep!” I pushed past the man and walked into the park I looked back to see if the guy was following me I saw him walk off in the other direction I breathed with a sigh of relief  “how the hell did it go from seven thirty in the morning to twelve o’clock at night?” I heard a snap from the bushes the park was dark with barley any light the shadows were all around me my eyes were playing tricks on me I slowly walked through it I didn’t know where I was going I knew it was real I had to find it I had to find them I felt someone behind me as a shadow formed in front of me “hey girly where’s a fine piece of meat like you doing out in a place like this?”  I turned around a tall muscular man was right behind me he was in covered I blood and his eyes were a fiery blood red “ahh you’re a vampire!?” the man laughed as he grabbed my arms pulling me to him “why what a smart girl he-he yes I am and your number five tonight I’m such a pig but I just can’t stop myself you girls are just so tasty!” I tried to break free but his grip was like an anacondas “please stop I’m a Blood Wolf!” the man smirked as he grabbed my hand “you don’t have the mark so you can’t be one but how do you know about them wait, why am I talking to my food!” I felt his sharp fangs rip into my neck “ahh!” his hand covered my mouth muffling my screams I could feel my energy fading as my body become limp “ahh oh god your delicious I’ve never had blood like yours I feel…alive?” I felt dizzy I pressed my hand against my neck to stop the bleeding the male looked down at me smiling “your still alive wow I thought I drained you dry maybe you are a Blood Wolf but your mark is gone and aren’t you guys meant to be extinct?” I tried to stand up but I was too dizzy “look you had your feed on my rare blood now please tell me Thanatos private school its real isn’t it?” the male looked at me still smiling “it used to be but that place got destroyed a year ago” ‘what a year ago no’ “where there any survivors!?” the man laughed “yeah there all at the new school I go there hmm I’ll make you a deal I’ll take you with me if I can feed on you whenever I want and I mean whenever since we will be in the same class if I get hungry I can feed of you right there in the class deal?” ‘Hmm I’ll be his personal blood bag but it’s the only way back to them’ “ah deal and hey do you know why my powers and my mark are gone and why do I seem human?” he laughed licking the remainder of my blood from his lips “hmm well have you fed recently cause if you don’t feed you become weak sick and close to mortality that’s why if you don’t drink you die!” ‘So that’s why I need to feed but I can’t feed of a human but if I don’t I’ll never get my mark or my powers back I’ll be weak’ I tucked my hair behind my shoulders away from the bite marks and blood “alright lets go to the school also you can come out of the shadow now and what’s your name Mr?” the man stepped out of the shadows and into the light he was tall probably two times taller than me he had dark black hair with blue tips he was wearing a black tank top and grey jeans his skin was a light cream, he was the first vampire I’ve seen that actually looked alive I could even see his chest moving as if he was breathing “ah are you breathing?” he looked down at his chest and saw it was moving “oh my god I’m breathing and my heart…feel this!”  He grabbed my hand and pulled it to his chest I could feel his heart beat “oh my god your alive did my blood do this?” he smiled almost grinning “yeah it did so the rumors are true anyway I’m Dane Night wing and your Falen Omen the last Blood Wolf” ‘how did he know…oww’ I fell to the ground I could feel something tearing at my throat “augh not this again oww!” Dane grabbed my arm and pulled me up “you need to feed your body is screaming feed me or die come one let’s get a you a tasty human to snack on” Dane pulled me through the park till we were on the street “look you obviously haven’t fed on a person man I hate newbies I’ll teach you it’s pretty easy” Dane dragged me over to bar “ok you wait here I’ll grab some drunk bring it out here then you drink” I walked  over to the alleyway and hid in the shadows I can’t do this but oww I’m so hungry” someone grabbed my foot I jumped back but fell to the ground my head smacked on a dumpster “oww what the hell!?” an old man was still holding my foot “get off me you bum!” my head was starting to spin the man started crawling onto me “ahh get off me get off!” Dane punched the man of me “wow you’re so weak you can’t even beat up an old man god just drink this!” Dane threw a young girl at my lap I stared at the girl my throat was throbbing I gently picked up the girl and moved her hair away from her neck she smelled of vanilla ‘wait I know this sent’ I moved the girls hair away from her face ‘what Linda!?’ “Ahh Linda what the hell you want me to eat my best friend what the hell is she doing at a bar?!” Dane stared at me confused “look will you just eat the girl you’re a monster so start acting like one!” I stared at Linda’s unconscious body “no I won’t!” Dane smirked “fine if you won’t I will” Dane grabbed Linda from me and bit into her neck “no!” the smell of her blood was intoxicating it set my throat on fire “ahh no please stop it Dane leave her alone!” he laughed as he stopped and threw her at me “there I stopped now hurry up and feed before she wakes up” I held Linda gently in my arms “im so sorry but it hurts “ I gently bit into her neck ‘this taste oh god’ I could feel her blood flowing into me it was hot and sticky with a sweet taste I could hear Dane laughing “about time girly now finish up so I can erase her memory then get out of here” I bit down harder looking for more blood but there wasn’t any Linda’s body had become cold I could barely feel her heart beat I pulled away “Linda?” I tried to wake her but she didn’t respond “oh god no please tell me I didn’t Linda wake up come on Lindy please wake up!” Dane grabbed me “hey shut up your making a scene im sure she’s fine!” I stared at Linda’s lifeless body she looked so pale ‘What have I done’ “she’s not breathing oh god I killed her let me go!” I threw Dane into the wall and ran over to Linda “Linda no im sorry I won’t let you die!” I bit into my arm I placed it over Linda’s mouth “please let this work!” Dane walked over to me “bitch that hurt what are you doing if you do that she will turn you will make her a vampire Falen” I pulled away my arm “im not trying to turn her my blood brings people back to life so I’ll bring her back to life!” I waited for a response till finally Linda started breathing again “she’s ok alright let’s take her to the hospital then go to the school and Dane when you erase her memory can you erase me from it too?” Dane smiled as he lifted Linda up “yeah fine I can do that hold on” Dane vanished I looked around “augh this place is filthy and it smells horrible augh god my heightened sensed are back ahh god I think im going to be sick!” Dane appeared next to me “if you throw up its only going to smell worse haha” I smirked pulling my hair over the bite mark “hmm you know im kind of hungry how about a snack?” ‘Augh this guy “fine but after we get to the school” Dane smirked “alright come on lets go catch the bus” I stepped back “bus no I can’t I freak out when I travel!” Dane laughed “haha oh my god really you still fear traveling that’s such a newbie fear wow we have a long way to go with you lets go”
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