After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Roy watched as the boys tore into each other visiously snarling drawing blood it was barbaric but its Wolf War’s someone must have challenged for their rank to be lifted hmm but who?’ I watched as the snow white wolf attacked the dark brown one “Carl but whose he fighting!” I ran over to Reece “hey what’s going on who’s that white guy attacking Carl!?” Reece smiled “oh that’s Winter I don’t know his real name everyone calls him that because of his hair its white in wolf form but dark muddy brown in human form” Carl pinned Winter he snarled baring his fangs showing he won Winter shifted back to his human Form “I accept I have been defeated” Carl got of him shifting back to his human form “don’t ever challenge me again you will live longer Jay!” ‘Hmm Jay that must be Winters real name?’ I walked over to Carl “who what was that about?” he stared at me “Falen I heard you were back but I never actually believed it wow welcome home” ‘home yeah I wish im living at a school created to kill my kind by my own kind nothing loving or anything close to homely about that “welcome back Falen” that’s voice I know it ‘no don’t turn around you know what’s behind you that man the one who claims to be your father no I had a father and he was cruel I’ll never go through that again!’ “Hey Falen?” he grabbed my arm “ah hi Chase” he stared at me “hmm Falen I am your father choose to ignore that if you wish but it won’t change now since you are my daughter you will be mated to my Beta to Reece by order of your Alpha!” ‘What me the mate to Reece ah no he’s a jerk I don’t like him that way?!’ Reece stared “so your my future Mate huh well can’t get any better than the Alpha’s daughter that’s makes me the future Alpha yeah top rank!” ‘Augh is everything about rank with these guys im Omega the last the lowest I could be an Alpha but I don’t want to be boys’ “Chase no I refuse I won’t be some piece of meat you can give to whoever you please im only half wolf and I choose to refuse your order by vampire blood!” Chase snarled “you dare disobey a direct order from your Alpha you may be my daughter but your still one of my pack you must obey!” ‘Gah he wants to be my father but he treats me like this that’s it I hate all fathers there ass holes!’ {That is not true my father died protecting me and my mother Falen he cares but it is difficult to show it you don’t even call him dad that is hurtful to him} ‘Shut up no one asked you Halima!’ “whatever I’ll be his stupid Mate doesn’t mean I have to love him or anything” Reece smirked “aww don’t be like that I’m sure with time you will grow to love me all Mated pairs do” ‘humph in his dreams “I do hope im not interrupting Boys and Miss Omen” ‘ahh Miss Grey she creeps me out hmm I wonder if Vicky’s here? I looked around but didn’t see “No not at all Miss Grey?” she smiled “ I need to borrow Miss Omen it about a punishment she received in Night Class” ‘augh just the thought made my skin crawl whatever that was the…Purity it hurt what did she do to me?’ “Miss Omen you require blood now follow me oh and don’t run off this time” I followed Miss Grey to the nurses office that women in the white coat with blond hair was here “Dusk please take care of Miss Omen” she looked over to me “a Blood Wolf I already said this I don’t know what to do with her kind there freaks of monster nature the only thing we really know about them is that they feed on us!” ‘Augh great more haters well at least Hope will have to deal with this crap as well “fine sit down I’ll get you some blood since you look quite pale” I sat down on the white chair Dusk came back holding a blood bag  it smelt off “ok now just relax this might hurt” she pulled out sharp needles and stabbed them into my arms “oww your meant to give me blood not take what I have left!?” she laughed “oh shut it freak” I attacked the blood bag to the multiple needles “see im trying to help just stay here for a few minutes then you can leave” she walked off leaving me alone “god I hate it here but…I have nowhere else to go im being hunted I’ll never be safe out there not on my own I wish…I wish I wasn’t a stupid Blood Wolf!” ‘Is that truly your desire cause I can make it happen’ “huh who said that?!” there was no one here but that voice? ‘Come to me and I can make this all go away’ “hmm there it is again?” I got up looking around “who are you?” ‘someone who can help I am Seth the Blood Wolf I have been here since its creation I can remove your Blood Wolf powers and blood you will be human all I ask is that you free me’ “you can…you can make me human!?” I pulled out the wires spilling the left over blood “where are you I’ll free you anything to have my life back!?” ‘Follow the Blood Wolf section down there now go’ I ran out of the room and headed to the Library I saw Grim I hid behind the book shelf’s and made it to the Blood Wolf section I quietly tried to open it but it was sealed shut ‘dam if only there was a way I could fit through wait im a vampire I can fit my bones will break and bend allowing me access but it will sting’ I walked over to the gate and pressed my leg through I could feel it squeezing as I pressed in closer I felt stuck but kept going I could feel my bones and hear them cracking my ribs shrank and broke as I squeezed my chest through i felt my head crush under the Bars but not break I was almost through I pulled out my arm as my body bent back to normal “huh too bad if I could of done that I wouldn’t of spent most of lunches in my locker” I walked past all the dusty old books I few titles caught my eye but I couldn’t risk anyone knowing I was in here I followed the voice till I can a to a room it scribed all along the walls were warning’s that read beware do not touch the destroyer mustn’t be released “hmm maybe this wasn’t such a good idea” ‘no you are so close your blood will free me just a drop put it on the tub that is all you need to do it!’ I slowly walked over to bath tub sort of it was like a coffin but filled with blood like a bath tub ‘yes so close one drop just one and you will be free do it!’ I couldn’t control my hand I felt like a puppet I wanted to run but I couldn’t move I felt my nails stab into my wrist my blood fell mixing with the blood below it turned a dark red I tried to pull away but my body was frozen the blood began moving around like it was alive it climbed out of the tub spilling onto the ground a broad figure began to emerge it grabbed me “why thank you now I will grant you biggest desire I will make you human by killing you!” I felt something rip into my neck I could feel my blood pouring out of my neck I felt my energy leaking right out of me my head collided with the ground "thank you now I am free!" The voice shouted with joy as he hysterically laughed everything slowed down I couldn't move I could barely breathe 'is this how I die...?' "Falen...?" 'Hmm who's there it's so dark Halima is that you...? "Falen hey wake up you will be late for Night Class?" 'Wait I know that voice from a dream?' I slowly opened my eyes everything was blurry "hey your awake?" I looked up following the voice Felix stared down at me softly smiling "Felix what are you doing in my room?" I looked around the walls were a creamy white with jet black curtains and blood red carpet 'this isn't my room I have black carpet?' Felix stared "Hey are you ok Falen I found you passed out on the foot of my door you were sickly pale and talking on your sleep I tried everything to wake you but nothing worked so i just let you sleep I hope I was comfy?" 'Wait what happened last night I...I can't remember wait did he say comfy?' I looked down my head was laid gently on Felix’s lap 'did he stay here the whole night just for me?' "Ah Felix I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep on you!?" He softly laughed "it's fine I didn't mind at all I did try to move at first but you grabbed me mumbling don't go so I stayed" 'I grabbed him saying don't go ah how embarrassing I hope I'm not blushing' I hid my face Felix softly stroked my hair "you loved it when I did this you said it relaxed you" 'aww yeah it dose but wait I told him no I didn't hmm oh that's right I knew him before I lost my memory only he won't tell me anything such an annoying boy but so hot though ahh bad thoughts' Felix smiles "what are you thinking about and what happened last night?" 'Hmm what do I tell him "Hmm the last thing I remember is Chase being an ass making Reece my future mate then I went to the nurses office then nothing" his jaw dropped "Reece is your what!?" His face turned from soft and gentle to angry and disgusted I could see his fists clenched ready to hit something "Felix clam down I don't have a choice I'm the Alphas daughter I must obey and he's the Beta so he has to mate with an Alphas blood unless I could get Chase to give him Hope instead" He stared with a slight smirk "now that I would be fine with Reece isn't the guy for you he only cares about himself!" 'That’s not true when we first met he was different I would of been fine being stuck with him but now the very thought makes me want to puke Halima is there any way I can make Chase stop' (try asking him father to daughter) 'no way "hey if I slept after werewolf class that means that I'm late for Night Class come on let go!" I grabbed Felix pulling him along I stopped at the door "ha yeah made it" we walked into the class I saw Miss Rose she smiled at me 'she's related to me but how' I felt someone bump into me' "Hey watch were you’re going!" I turned around Hope stood before me her skin was a sickly greenish pale i looked into her eyes they were a dull red her hair was a mess and her uniform was all crinkled she looked horrible "Hope ah are you ok you don't look so good and I'm not trying to pick a fight really you look sick?" She looked up at me "I'm fine cough just didn't sleep well" she pushed past me sluggishly walking to her seat she was slow and out of breath 'what's wrong with her Halima can Blood Wolves get sick like really sick?' (Yes of course we are creatures of pure power but even we fall I'll from time to time but nothing ever to serious we can't be killed by a virus) I looked back over at Hope "hmm normal ones maybe but hope wasn't born she was reanimated" (attention all students please head over to the main court yard for a special announcement) Felix smiled at me we were both thinking the same thing "New students!"

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