After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Zynia laughed as we stared “what you guys never seen a witch before?” Reece and Amis shook their heads Reece stared at her tattoo “wait you have the mark of an elder witch but your just a kid?” Zynia glared as her eyes filled with flames Reece dropped to the ground in pain Zynia laughed “oh really just some kid am I!?” Reece snarled trying to stand up but it was like gravity held him down “that’s enough let him go Zynia now!” she looked over at Falen then smirked “oh fine but he started it” Reece stood up you could hear his back cracking “why you little bitch!” she laughed “no its witch wow Werewolf’s are as dumb as common dogs haha!” Reece and Falen snarled “you watch your mouth that’s my kind you’re talking about now who are you and why did you break into my home!?” she sighed sitting back down on the couch “you guys are way to serious anyway a little birdy told me that you were in pain so I thought I would pop around to collect some on your blood for my spells and potions Blood wolf blood is like a major supernatural boost but I came around too late but perhaps we could make a deal your blood for the location of your vampire friend?” Falen’s face turned to rage as she tackled Zynia onto the ground “where is he!?” Falen’s nails grew into claws she held them at Zynia’s neck “kill me and you will never know Blood wolf!” Falen snarled retracing her claws Zynia smirked “good girl now if you want the location give me the blood it’s as simple as that do we have a deal?” Reece snarled “no deal we don’t need this witch’s help Falen say no that leech isn’t worth it!” Falen stared at the Zynia the deal pondering through her mind as she stood up Zynia grinned “do we have a deal?” Falen walked into her room and slammed the door “that’s fine I’ll wait I have all the time in the world but your vampire friend doesn’t he needs blood before he shrivels up into an empty husk haha” ‘I heard her what Zynia says is true Felix he’s always been there for me now and in my past he knew me he cared for me before I lost my memory why do I feel this way my heart hurts when I think about him and it soars when I hear his voice do I care about him this much do I l… no I swore I would never say that word or feel it ever again he’s my friend nothing more and I should help him’ I walked out of the room and over to Zynia “alright deal how much blood do you want?” Amisi and Reece both stared at me “Falen no you barley have enough after what Halima did you can’t spare a drop it could kill you!?” Amis shouted her face filled with worry Reece stared annoyed “after everything I’ve done for you and you still choose that leech instead of me!?” Zynia laughed watching us “wow this drama is better than a soap opera haha he loves the girl the girl loves another but secretly there destined to be together by birthright ooh delouse haha” Falen and Reece snarled “shut up witch!” Falen pushed past Reece “it’s my blood and I’ll do what I want with it you’re not the boss of me future mate or not if you were even half the man Felix was then maybe just maybe you would stand a chance with me but you’re not your cruel you’re a dog Reece nothing but a dog and I will never like you ever!” every window in the house shattered all at once sending shards of glass all over the place Reece snarled tackling Falen to the ground protecting her from the broken glass Zynia’s eyes turned  ice blue as the glass froze in midair “you really should watch your temper Falen” Falen laid under Recce unable to move shocked ‘he protected me but why…augh my heart it hurts’  Falen’s chest arched up with loud snapping sounds as the bones tore through the skin Blood spat out like a spray gun covering Reece and Falen she screamed in pain as her flesh seemed to be ripped away like paper as her bones pointed to the surface rock like spikes shot out of Falen’s spine causing her to scream more violently her arms and legs grew in size and muscle as her fingers snapped and stretched into long razor pointed claws "augh make it stop ahh!!" she screamed in agony as her whole body seemed to expand in size and strength ripping her towel her fangs grew past her lips and her eyes turned a dark ebony and crimson her screams turned to snarls of pain she roared as she tackled me down she started sniffing my skin a soft smirk crept up her lips as she started licking my chest Amisi ran over to me "Reece are you ok?!" i tried not move as she continued licking my skin like i was a tasty ice pole "get back im ok just dont spook her" Falen's ears pointed up hearing Amisi she looked up snarling like a viscous dog with its bone Amisi stood back she snarled again then went back to licking me even though she was probably getting ready to eat me her practically naked body rubbing up against me and her tongue coating my body was a delightful sensation her long fangs scraped against my skin "ah Falen?" i could smell my own blood as it dripped down my chest Falen smiled licking up every last drop she bit into my chest tearing pieces of my flesh from my body i muffled my mouth as i screamed i could feel her tearing ripping chunks of my body straight out of me i bit down on my lips trying to conceal my screams i bit so hard blood filled my mouth Falen looked up at my lips my blood and pieces of flesh hanging from her mouth she leaned up to me and licked the blood from my lips i stared down at her even covered in my blood she was still beautiful "F...augh Falen i know your still in there augh" she snarled tearing into my flesh again "augh!!" Reece’s screams filled the room as we hid behind the couch Zynia went through her bag "hmm no nothing that could help us here i guess we have to wait until she’s full" i poked my head over the couch and saw it Reece screaming with his hand over his mouth as Falen tore chunks of his flesh from his body her eyes darted to mine i quickly hid back down "oh Ra she saw me" Zynia poked her head over the couch "she’s still eating the werewolf were fine but man that’s a lot of blood ouch he looks like a half-eaten drumstick" she laughed sitting back down "how can you laugh he’s in horrible pain and there’s nothing we can do about it why are you so cruel?" she looked over at me and smiled "because that’s just the way i am hmm i could call my sister she could probably handle the blood wolf she is stronger than me" he continued to scream unable to keep his hand up any longer "ah do it just make this stop!" i covered my ears i didn’t wants to hear his screams or the sounds of my friend devouring his flesh it made my stomach turn to knots Zynia placed her hand over her Pentagram tattoo on her left shoulder it glowed dark pink "Kya i need your help" 'hmm whose this Kya?' Falen’s door blew up open as a devilish female laughter echoed from a mist the shadows "hahahah im here little sister" a women emerged from the shadows she had light tan skin and dark red and brown hair that hung down her left shoulder she had dark grey eyes framed with thick black eye liner and dark purple eye shadow she wore a dark navy blue strapless long sleeved shirt and with a black one strap shirt underneath her dark black short skirt flowed in the shadows as she walked over to us her sliver belt swaying with every step she reached down her hand that had a fingerless black glove "little sister always getting into trouble haha" Zynia smiled grabbing her hand "sister im glad you’re here i need help with that" the girl looked over at Falen and Reece "gasp Reece..." her face seemed to fill with sorrow and anger she looked away "I’ll help let’s take care of that beast shall we sister" Zynia laughed nodding "wait you can’t hurt her she’s not in control its not her fault she’s my best friend!" Zynia sighed "Kya she is a blood wolf so perhaps we should try our best not to harm her spilling her blood would just be waist" Kya glared at Falen "Fine ill just paralyze her instead Zynia tome of entrapment!" Zynia and Kya walked over to Falen "by the power of the ancient moon the sun and sprit i command you lend me your power obey my command break this beast’s hold purify this land!" the girls eyes turned pure white as they seemed to form into many copies of themself the locked arms trapping Falen and Reece in a circle Falen snarled but was unable to move Kya's eyes were locked onto Reece as they turned dark blue white flames covered Falen and Reece then vanished "cough augh its all Smokey i can’t see?" the smoke began to clear Kya and Zynia's copies were gone they had returned to normal and so had Falen she laid passed out on top of Recces chest i ran over Falen and pulled her off Reece Kya kneeled down next to Reece her eyes filled with sorrow as she stared at his wounds "that creature did this she devoured him!" Kya pulled out a small Chibi skull bag and rummaged around in it till she pulled out a vile of grey dust "ah what’s that Kya what are you doing to Reece?" she ignored me as she opened the vile and sprinkled some of the dust over Reece’s wounds as soon as the dust touched his skin it become like cement filling his wounds "woe you saved him what is that stuff?" she put the vile back in her bag and watched as it filled all his wounds "that was crushed gargoyle blood not easy to get but incredible strong and fast for healing he will be ok now" she gently stroked his face "ah Kya do you know Reece?" she stared softly nodding "yes when we were younger we were friends i doubt her even remembers me" i looked down at Falen her form had shifted back to normal but there was still bruises from the bones they seemed to be healing quite fast i wrapped her towel around her Kya walked over to me "i require payment" she cut Falen's arm and filled a vile with her blood "hey what are you doing!?" she smirked " i told you i required payment and now i have it using magic comes at a cost and this will take care of my requirements" Reece groaned as he tried to sit up "Reece you’re ok!" i gently laid Falen down and ran over to him he smiled "yeah im fine just sore ah she torn into me like i was tasty steak haha but im alright now" he looked up at Zynia and Kya his eyes widened with shock "it can’t be Kya is that you?" Kya stood shocked "you remember me?" Reece slowly got up "what of course i remember you we were best friends then you went to your witch lesions and i went to my training i haven’t seen you in years wow just look at you all grown up and so beautiful" Kya's cheeks turned red as she hid her face "ah its very nice to see you again Reece who is that girl who was eating you?" Reece looked over at Falen "Falen is she ok?" Kya softly glared "i see this must be your mate why else would you allow her to feed from you?"  Reece looked up “ah yeah this is Falen my mate and I didn’t let her she was too strong to stop so I just had to bear it” I looked back down at Falen her cheeks were a soft rosy red and slightly flustered her skin seemed to be glowing “she looks so healthy but she just went berserk she tore into you without a single hesitation?” Reece sighed “yeah that is the true nature of Blood Wolf’s were just food to them like the humans are just food to us” Kya gritted her teeth and clenched her fists “come on Zynia were out of here before the werewolf tries to eat us cause of our human blood!” Reece shot up “wait Kya no I didn’t mean you I meant just normal humans ah no wait that doesn’t sound right I ah” Kya glared visiously as she held Zynia’s hand “I know perfectly well what you meant Reece Harper!” Reece stood there trying to apologize I lifted Falen onto the couch and ran to the bathroom Kya stormed out of the room along with Zynia Reece sighed sitting down on the floor “damm the first time I’ve seen her in years and she’s super pissed off at me ahh me and my stupid mouth!” I walked over to him holding a damp towel “hey it’s not your fault I think she was just jealous her face went red after you said Falen was your mate so she’s probably just jealous that’s all” Reece sighed “yeah that only makes it worse…” he went quiet just staring at the floor I sat down next to Falen gently wiping away the left over blood her eyes twitched as her breathing increased I gripped her hand tightly “Falen if you can hear me it’s just a dream wake up it’s not real wake up!” her claws ripped out slashing at the couch “woe that could have been me Falen wake up!” Reece stared “what’s wrong with her why hasn’t she woken up?” ‘Falen come on wake up Kya she must have done something’ “Kya!?”

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