After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



She was still staring at me like some drunk guy checking me out i slowly grabbed her hand it was cold and felt like smooth stone with a few dints "ah im Falen Omen its ah very nice to meet you too Victoria ah is there anything else you prefer me calling you?" i felt her jump with a hidden excitement  at my question "Vicky you can call me Vicky i dont let anyone other than my brother Victor call me Vicky but ide love it if you did Falen!" i felt her grip tighten then she quickly let go going back to het threatening glares and crossed arms but she still gave me a hidden smile the boy appeared next to her he stared at Vicky seeing her try to hide her smile "you can go in Miss she’s been expecting you for some time now" Vicky and Victor moved aside letting me pass "just walk through the door" wait what? “Wait through the door?" Victor gave an annoyed grunt "yes through the door like this!" he grabbed the back of my shirt and threw me at the door i waited for the impact of my face against stone but nothing happened i slowly opened my eyes and saw i now stood on the other side of the door in a large room everything was grey the walls and furniture even the book shelf’s and desks "well they certainly got Miss Greys office the right color" i felt an eerie sense like all warmth had been sucked from the room "Miss Omen long time no see i was beginning  to think you weren’t coming back after taking off the night my school was attacked last year still im happy to see you’ve returned" i slowly turned around still feeling that coldness washing over me the room its self-seemed to lower in temperature i was starting to see my breath "ah a little cold in here dont you think miss?" Miss grey laughed as she removed her dark grey leather jacket "not at all child its quite hot your just so hot blooded you get cold easy haha your uniform is in your new room it was saved especially for you by your mother room BW1 you dont have any room mated but if you would like some just bring them to me and ill arrange it oh and for future reference please grab a pass from the bottom of the stairs i hate having my gargoyles waste there powers alerting me to a student without pass ok" as soon as Miss grey said gargoyles Vicky walked through the door "you called Miss Grey?!" Miss grey smiled shaking her head “no Victoria i did not oh Victoria if it doesn’t bother you could you become Falen’s roommate you’re a good girl to help Falen get to know her new school?" Vicky's face light up like fireworks “yes oh my Miss Grey yes i would love to!" Miss Grey laughed not expecting Vicky's reaction "Ah Victoria um i dont feel comfortable having you as my roommate we ah we only just met" Victoria’s face instantly went out she looked away "i told you Falen call me Vicky and i understand but i do really like you" 'dose she like me or dose she like…like me either way i want to get out of here im freezing (Falen this cold it isn’t normal leave now i feel your powers being drained one of the relics of my time must be here they are draining our powers and strength get out now!) i ran to the door as fast as i could and jumped through it " that was to close not to self-avoid miss Greys office at all costs Halima what was that what are the relics of your time seriously who are you and why do you poses my body and live in my head?!" 'Halima didn’t reply she was silent as a mouse "Falen why did you run of like that?!" i saw Reece standing across from me he looked concerned ' no dont fall for it Falen he’s a jerk he’s using me " i dont have time for you leave me alone im not your trophy monster and i never will be!" i pushed past Reece and slid down the stone stairs thankfully my skin had become tough so it didn’t hurt i ran as fast as i could looking for room BW1 " Blood wolf one haha very funny Miss Grey!" "do you always talk to yourself?" i turned to a young pale skinned girl with light red hair and dark red and purple eyes that glistened in the light her slim figure was framed perfectly by her black night class uniform a long black shirt with matching short skirt. she smiled at me revealing her fangs 'vampire of course " ah yeah it’s a bit of a habit ah do you know where room BW1 is do you?" the girl smiled again reaching into her dark purple handbag "of course i do im right below it looks like where neighbors haha im Ebony Rose  but you can call me Ebbs or Ebbi dealers choice" ' this girl seems nice for a vampire but then again not all vampires at this school are like Valery Craven i followed Ebb to my room "here you are i live just down the hall so dont be afraid to visit i dont bite Hehe much" she revealed her fangs again before walking off i stared at the door it was already unlocked i slowly opened the door to reveal a huge apartment like room there were five different areas that made one big apartment i slowly examined my room the walls were a cream white and the carpets was crimson red i walked into the bed room and saw a king sized bed " this place is amazing!" i excitedly jumped onto the bed smacking my head into the pillow " oww there’s something under here something hard?" i pulled out the pillow from my head and went through it pulling out a metal black box it was engraved with initials F.M.O out of rubies " this must of been my mums she must have left it for me?" i quickly undid the latches and opened the chest inside i found three envelops a key a vile of red liquid and photo album i blew away the dust of the photo album and started going through it. it was filled with old black and white pictures of a little girl with dark red hair i carefully pulled the photo out but as i did the girl vanished from the photo "what the it was there a second ago?" i placed the photo back in the album i waited and the girl returned " that’s so weird?" i went through all the other photos they were so old like they would crumble if i touched them i kept going threw it till i found a section filled with different photos these ones were filled with baby photos of me (your mother kept these for you all these years your lucky to have someone who loved you so much) staring at the photos of my mother holding me brought tears to my eyes but i didn’t feel sad i felt angry i sudden urge to rip the album to shreds filled me “if she loved me so much she never would of gone away!" i threw the album at the wall and raced out my door i ran for the forest this feeling i had to find a way to get rid of it i began running as fast as my feet could carry me i felt free the wind flowing through my hair this is true freedom i stopped dead in my tracks i could smell it danger something bad was very close the woods suddenly feel dark the shadows played tricks on my eyes " who's there dont bother hiding i can smell you?!" the woods feel silent there was nothing but the wind so why did i feel this tingling sensation of fear "why are you out here?!" the fear caused my hands to shift into claws without thinking i went to attack my stalker i felt my claws stop midway caught and held in place " I’ll ask again why are you out here?!" the woman’s voice was threatening her face was clocked by shadows " oww let me go your hurting me!" i  tried to pull my arm free but it wouldn’t budge "i mean it let go you bitch!" i pulled the girl into the light it was the same girl who helped Alyaim when i attacked her in the nurses office yes im sure it was her she had flawless white skin her eyes were a gleaming gold her hair was light blond she glared with a threatening smile i looked down at her hand but that were talons with gold caws that were inches from ripping into my arm she wore a dark pink leopard patterned shirt with dark blue jeans and gold flats "your Alyaim’s friend Angel wasn’t it let me go?!" her eyes become a fiery orange as her grip tightened sending her talons into my arm "you’re the girl who attacked Alyaim I’ll kill you for that!" her talons went from my arms to my neck i could feel then ripping into my flesh drawing blood my throat started to burn as my whole body thrived in agony i couldn’t even scream for a verbal escape from this pain "ENOUGH RELISE HER NOW!!" a loud male shouted from above us he flew down stretching out his dark long charcoal black feathered wings Angel looked up shocked “but she..." the man sent daggers at Angel with a cold glare " i said release her now!" Angel removed her talons causing even more blood to escape the pain became unbearable i was begging Halima would take over so didn’t feel this anymore the man stared at me keeping his distance “hmm you need blood or else you will go into a frenzy hold on I’ll get you some" i couldn’t wait i needed it now and knew were to get it the pain from arm was nothing compared to my throat i bit down as hard as i could causing a river of blood to flow into me bathing my tongue with its sweet sticky hotness the pain lessened the more i drank till it finally went away the man watched me unable to stop me he looked disappointed “you shouldn’t have done that it can make you very sick im sorry my friend attacked you that was wrong of her but please dont feed of yourself again please control your blood lust" ' why did this guy remind me of Alyaim the black wings the fare skin warm feeling of protection she used to give me it’s like Alyaim turned into a guy “ah that feels so much better ah who are you?” the man smiled as his wings stretched out “a friend” he vanished into the air Angel softly growled as two pure white wings appeared from her back “stay the hell away from us!” she flew past me smacking me to the ground with her wings “wow that girls a bitch" the guy and girl were gone but i still felt that eerie feeling someone else was here watching me i swear i saw the figure of a man in the shadows i ran back to the school as fast as i could everything become a blur “woe im fast like super-fast haha take that all those mean kids that called me slow in class “Falen there you are you disappeared with Reece where were you?" Felix stared at me with a hurt expression he was trying to hide his anger but it didn’t work ‘well i knew he was mad i left him to go with Reece  “i went to Miss Grey and got reenrolled met some new people like a very flirty gargoyle and a bitchy bird girl but i met a nice vampire so that was good and if i stayed i would of ended up either killing or brutally hurting your sister" Felix sighed “yeah about that im sorry Valery got out of hand and i dont know why she hates you there’s nothing wrong with you your beautiful and smart and powerful maybe that’s what’s Valery hates she gets jealous easy" “i do not how dare you say that about me im not jealous im disgusted i saw that vile true form from last year half breed the fact that my brother likes you is repulsive!" 'What did she just say Felix likes me or he like likes me? I saw Felix grab Valery by the throat and slam her into the wall his eyes looked like fires and his fangs were protruding from his mouth his face was terrifying but also embarrassed “shut your mouth Valery you know nothing of my feelings dont make accusations that i like Falen as more than a friend!" Valéry glared over at me and smirked as she ripped Felix of her his body erupted in flames "Felix?!" Valery kept smirking as Felix dropped to the ground i could feel the agony is his cry "let him go you bitch!!" my hands shifted instantly i could feel my claws ripping into her neck the sensation of the wolf was taking over ‘no control it Falen control it if i turn i can’t beat her up' “let me go you vile half breed im an aristocrat your just a vile half breed!" the flames vanished from Felix's body his skin was burned and steaming “your nothing but a bitch Valery a stupid bitch you pick a fight with me without even knowing what im capable im going to let you live just this once but mess with me again I’ll kill you got it!" i threw Valery to the ground and grabbed Felix ' thank god for my super strength i ran to my room and gently laid him on the bed the fire was so intense it knocked him out he wasn’t breathing but he’s a vampire they dont need to breath do they ahh why didn’t i read that vampire book i ran to the fridge “please let there be some blood in here!" i opened the fridge it was filled with all kinds of food and snacks and in the bottom draw were blood bags “yes blood thanks mum i grabbed the bag and heated it as fast as my microwave would i rushed it to Felix “Felix hey come on wake this will make you better" i poured the blood and waited he was still dead not a single breath or flinch i felt a pain in my chest as a stared at his possibly lifeless body “Felix come on wake up please!" there was still no response (Falen why are you wasting your time he’s just a vampire there’s million’s like him) "no there’s not he’s special he’s different i lo....i really care about him!" i ran to the kitchen and grabbed  a knife my heart was racing ' what did i almost say a word that i swore i would never say a feeling that i had long forgotten “no he’s just a friend stop thinking about that crap!" i cut my wrist the smell was so strong but i resisted the urge to drink i ran to Felix and placed my wrist to his moth i saw my blood flow into his mouth but still no sign of him healing " Felix please dont do this to me please!..." I felt something gently touch my face ‘I must be crazy he’s gone…he’s gone I lost him the pain in my heart become stronger it caused tears in my eyes "Falen why are you crying" ' great now im hearing things he’s gone i lost him "you haven’t lost me Falen" ' it can’t be i looked up and saw Felix smiling at me his face and lips were covered in my blood his burnt skin was healing till he looked like himself only wearing a burnt uniform "you’re ok!" i grabbed Felix into a strong bear hug i felt him hold me back "yeah Falen im fine i thought i was gone but you brought me back thank you" ' he’s alive he’s alive Felix softly chuckled holding me tighter "yes Falen I’m alive your blood brought my back we are now bonded forever” ‘he’s ok I saved him “Felix ah what did you mean when you said don’t make accusations that you liked me more than a friend?” Felix tried his hardest but I could hear his heart beat increase his cheeks were turned a dark cherry “ha-ha you’re blushing its ok Felix forget I asked also you can let go now” Felix let go his cheeks were still red it was kind of cute “Falen would you ah um be my date for the summer Solis dance?” ‘What had he just asked (don’t fall for it Falen he’s just like Reece he’s using you he wants your blood that’s all say no) “ah Felix I want to say yes but I can’t I’m sorry” I could sense the disappointment in his sigh as he looked away “its Reece isn’t it he already asked you like he thought when you took him from the feeding booth instead of me I understand Falen sorry I asked again thanks for saving me” I quickly shook my head “no Felix your wrong Reece didn’t ask me it’s just I don’t really um how do I this say without hurting your feelings I don’t like people anymore i mean I’ll be your friend but I don’t ah love people anymore if that makes sense” Felix stared at me like I was talking in another language “ah yeah I understand Falen its fine really” (Falen we are in danger I sense them there all around us!) “Wait Halima what?” the windows simultaneously shattered all around us “Falen get down!” Felix tackled me to the ground as glass went everywhere “ahh what’s happening?!” Felix covered me I could hear the glass slicing up his body “Felix?” “Im ok Falen just stay down and close your eyes!” Felix shot up he told me to close my eyes but I couldn’t I had to make sure he was ok Felix snarled as his hands stretched and molded into blood red long blade like swords there were these shadow like creatures surrounding us they looked like huge humans with long bat like wings and a long stretched tails covered in spikes “you vile Umbra’s always attacking who do you work for why her why do you keep attacking her?!” ‘Umbra’s is that what those shadow creatures are and they have attacked before wait the old school those creatures are the same as the ones from the old school they work for the shadow man who wants me dead ‘Halima take over kick some ass’ (I can’t the amount of blood you gave has weakened us we can only pray the vampire keeps us safe) “ahh Felix I can’t transform!” Felix lunged at the Umbra’s slicking threw them like a knife through butter “don’t worry Falen I’ll keep you safe I promise these guys are nothing just hold on I’ll get rid of them haha bring it!”       

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