After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



I watched unable to do anything as Felix fought the Umbra’s I could still sense them all around us but couldn’t see them Felix laughed as he chopped another one’s head off sure he had one the battle but I could still sense one I saw it in the corner of my eye "Felix look out!” I threw my self infrount of him like a shield “Ahh!!" i could feel the Umbra’s teeth tearing into my flesh “ahh get of me!"  It pulled tearing chunks from my arm Felix shouted my name as he sliced his bladed hands through the creatures neck it dropped to the ground like a rag doll its razor sharp teeth still clamped onto my arm Felix tore its teeth from arms "ahh god!" Felix quickly grabbed a towel from the bath room wrapping it around the giant bite mark on my arm "Falen are you ok that Umbra im sorry if it scared you but it is gone you’re safe the wound should heal but keep the pressure to stop the bleeding and do you feel sick at all?" Felix stared at me his face raked in guilt he swore he'd protect me but he didn’t that Umbra bit me i was paralyzed by fear all i could do was scream like a scared little child watching a horror movie i felt something itching or crawling in the bite mark i could feel something digging into my arm " ok it just hurts but im fine..." my head started spinning as a burning sensation spread from the bite mark up to my chest " ahh what augh what is this i cant breath cough…cough…cough!" all air had been sucked from my lungs "Falen are you ok?!" She dropped to the ground like a rag doll her arm erupted in black flames "ahh what is this Felix?!" 'The Umbra venom it does affect her damm it "just relax Falen breath its Umbra venom it’s trying to turn you into an Umbra dont let it fight i know you can!" Falen screamed in pain i could feel it the Umbra venom flowing through her veins "please fight it please Falen" she become silent as her screams came to a holt and her body went limp "Falen?" she didn’t reply "oh no Falen dont you dare do this wake up!" as if struck by my words she woke up gasping for air "cough…cough Felix what happened?" i grabbed her to my chest the very thought of losing her brought tears to my eyes " Felix your bleeding wait no your crying Felix im alright you dont have to cry" Felix held my tightly but gently “Felix let go im fine really im fine cough" that feeling returned only it was in my through the soft tickle had turned into a raging burn "cough…cough augh what is this?!" 'i couldn’t stand it anymore i started to cough and heave the taste of blood filled my mouth and before i knew it i was coughing up a large amount of blood Felix ran to me his face stained by his tears " Falen stop your body needs a large amount of blood you already gave me too much stop!" Felix cut open his wrist and covered my mouth trying to stop me from coughing and feeding me his blood my throat felt like it was on fire but slowly cooling by his blood i tried my hardest to stop i covered my hands over his holding back my coughing (FALEN GIVE ME CONTROL AND I CAN STOP THIS VENOM FROM SPREADING HURRY!) ‘Very well Halima i give you control over my body!' Falen’s skin began to heat up as it changed to a light tan "oh great Halima" she looked up at me as soon as i said her name her emerald eyes sending daggers to my very soul she ripped my hand from her mouth "cough well that was unpleasant but your blood is quite delicious mmm" she licked the remainder of my blood from her lips 'to Halima i remind her of her lost lover Khait i guess that’s why she’s always playfully flirting with me' " Halima ah sorry about before when Falen gave me her blood and it drained you both i truly am sorry but we dont have time for you to bite my head off we were just attacked which means there’s a breach in the shield we need to alert Miss Grey right away" Halima softly smirked as she stretched "very well lead the way vampire and i shall follow" i left the room and headed to the main hall Halima followed me almost happily even though she was walking through the halls of a school that was responsible for the hunters that wiped out  her kind leaving only one remaining "Halima why are you so cheery?" she stopped still smiling " im going to tear this place apart brick by brick Hehe" she said with a childish yet threatening tone  “ah ok just dont let Miss Grey hear you say that" Halima grunted slightly as she stumbled into the wall holding her arm to her chest her breathing become rough "hey what’s wrong?" she fell to her knees "ah my heart it hurts Khait please help me..." a sense of fear washed over me by an unknown source i gently picked her up "dont worry I’ve got you" her body became ice cold and her tanned skin become a chalky pale " Halima what is this  wake up?" she didn’t reply she was now as pale as a ghost she weakly opened her eyes and whispered in the softest tone " im sorry please forgive me" ' who is she apologizing too and if Halima dies does that mean Falen dies as well? " wake up please!" i could hear Felix but just barely "where am  i?" i had felt such a strong pain then i awoke here trapped in this darkness no walls no doors just an empty void of nothing a feeling of dread spread through my body like wild fire ' where was i and would i ever get back "are you hurt?" a little boys voice filled my head  ' huh who said that?' i searched for the voice but all i found was nothing "dont cry im sorry" ' there it is again?' the void of nothing opened up to a garden covered in roses sparkling in the full moon lit sky there were two children a little boy  with pale skin and dark ebony hair he was wearing a dark blue sleeveless tunic his eyes were red with whites of his eyes replaced by black the other was a little crying girl on the ground holding her knee to her chest she had light tan skin with sky blue hair and crimson red tips through her fringe her eyes were emerald outlined by red her face was red stained by tears ' wait i know this girl and this boy its Halima when she was a child and that means the boy must be Khait' Halima continued to cry i noticed her knee was cut Khait kneeled beside her "Haili im sorry i didn’t mean it" Khait cried as he watched Halima she looked at him her face still covered in tears " Khait what happened why is she crying!?" a man shouted from behind Khait he was three times taller than me with arms the size of tree trunks his skin was also pale and he had the same black and red eyes as Khait his hair was dark brown he glared at Halima who had stopped crying and was looking to the ground in fear "get up you half breed!" he grabbed Halima by her hair and lifted her to the ground she struggled to hide her pain Khait looked away hiding his anger i could see his fists clenched and him gritting his teeth as Halima cried out saying  "it hurts" she was silenced by a smack to the face which knocked her to the ground "shut up just cause my father allowed you to stay doesn’t mean you’re one of us you will always be just a vile Half breed whose parents didn’t even want!" Halima looked away trying to hide her tears her eyes turned a vibrant crimson "big brother please leave her alone!" Khait shouted helping Halima to her feet "what is going on here Khait Emutip?" Halima ran to a man death staring the two boys his skin was pal tan his hair was a light brown slightly covering his face and eyes he wore a gold and black tunic "Father Emutip was being cruel to Halima he called her half breed again and made her cry!" Emutip grabbed Khait by the neck " you little brat!" the ground cracked knocking Emutip to the ground "you stupid boy haven’t i made myself clear Halima is not to be harmed unless by our fangs i took her in as an orphan because of her blood it is the only one of its kind and if you harm her with anything but your fangs i will harm you!" 'wait what ok so Emutip is Khait’s older brother that guy is there father and Halima is an orphan blood slave' Emutip softly snarled as he let go of Khait and walked off Halima stared at the man and softly smiled as she laid her arm infrount of him the man smiled as he licked it his fangs gently grazing against her skin he looked up at Halima with a grin " your all mine" he bit down into her arm Halima whimpered  but hid it Khait watched as blood flowed from Halima’s arm and spilled onto the ground Halima fell to her knees as her whimpers got louder Khait rushed to her shouting " father that’s enough you will kill her!" the man stopped and let go of her arm Halima toppled to the ground the man smirked " go feed and replenish your blood for tonight’s dinner" Halima weakly got up and walked off i was nothing but a ghost watching a memory but i felt all her pain i followed Halima to a small room it was dark with only one small window Halima reached her hand onto the beam of moon light reflecting through the small window her hand seemed to change slightly it was like i could see a ghostly shadow of a wolfs paw surrounding her hand "what am i?" she whispered softly to herself the bite marks on her arm healed instantly as she bathed parts of her body in the moon light 'the moon heals you?' the scene changed it was like i was a watching a play the dark curtain of shadows covered everything as the scene changed i was still in this weird Egypt like place but it was daylight Halima was now a teenager she looked just like me only her skin was a light tan and her hair was sky blue and blood red i really am her reincarnation this proves it Halima smiled as she walked in the sun light singing " it’s so wonderful today the sun is out to keep you safe everything’s going to be ok as i hold you in my arms and keep you safe from any harms and I’ll watch you run and play each and every single day everything going to be ok it will be ok"  Halima stared into the sky holding her arm to her chest  "if you meant this when you sang  to me why did you abandon me?" I saw Khait watching her from his window careful not to let the sun in Halima looked over at his window and saw him watching her she quickly ran to his room “Khait you should be asleep its way past your bed time!" Halima glared at him like an upset mother Khait softly laughed " haha Halima you’re not my sister or my mother so don't act like it ok" Halima stepped back Khait sighed "oh Halima im sorry your parents they..." Halima smiled "no its fine really"  Halima’s fist softly clenched as she spoke Khait saw it too he averted his eyes " Halima you should go back into the sun it made you smile it made you sing" Halima’s face went red " you heard me singing?!" Khait softly chuckled " yes i did you have such a beautiful voice it’s a shame you hide it" Halima sighed trying to smile " i only sing when im happy and the only times i be happy is when im free from your brother and father when Im not trapped as a slave in the night during the day they can’t hurt me in the sun im truly free" Khait watched her his face filled with guilt he whispered to himself “i am truly sorry..." Halima left his room she glanced back with a soft smile “please gets some rest Khait bye" Khait watched as Halima walked off his smile faded as he lost sight of her “Halima!” Khait looked out hearing his father’s stern voice he called out to Halima but got no reply he shot out of bed and rushed to his father’s room there he found Halima standing infrount of his father slowing removing her clothing ‘this is just like what frank did…to me?’ Khait stared shocked gripping the stone wall so hard cracks began to form “s…stop it right now father!”  the king snarled ripping Halima’s clothes straight off her like paper i ran into help but i just passed through them i was forced to watch this horror Khait pushed past his father grabbing Halima into his arms her tattered clothes barley covering her trembling body "Father you were out of line she’s here for our food that’s what you said she was not made for your sexual pleasure and i will not allow the women i love to be your sex toy father!" Khait grabbed her bridal style running to his room he gently laid her down on his bed and went to his cupboard Halima covered herself with his blanket hiding her face Khait ran back to her examining her cuts and bite mark "im fine just leave me alone!" she shouted hiding her face Khait stared ignoring her order he gently hugged her "shh its ok Hali you dont have to hide your pain im here for you"

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