After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Reece opened his hand reviling Falen’s rosary ring “woe her ring but I thought only Felix could remove it that’s why she snapped the ring keeps her powers in control without it they explode that’s why she went berserk and attacked you” I held Falen down “put the ring back on Reece!” I grabbed Falen’s hand sliding the ring on Falen’s eyes snapped open as they were a bright emerald she looked around in a frantic panic “where what…” Amisi covered Falen’s mouth “shh its ok Falen just breathe and then I’ll let go ok calm down” it took a few minutes till Falen calmed down Amisi helped her to the couch and explained what happened I felt so horrible “ah look Falen im sorry I accidently took off your ring im so sorry” Falen softly smiled “hey it wasn’t your fault Reece don’t worry about it ok” she looked up at me smiling “ah Falen you seem well different your smiling at me I thought you hated me?” Falen started shaking her head “no Reece I was angry I don’t hate you I guess I was just blaming all my problems on you and with Felix gone you were just pushing yourself onto me and it really annoyed me so I snapped im sorry can we be friends again maybe start over?”  I couldn’t stop myself from smiling “you want to be my friend a second chance ah yes Falen yes im so sorry for the way I acted I’ll be better I promise anything you want I’ll do it!” Falen smirked “hmm anything ok then help me find Felix you said anything” Amisi stared “Falen but Reece hates Felix” “I’ll do it I said anything and I meant it but first since you ah were eating me I’m actually hungry so how about I treat you to a fun Barbecue  and then we will find him” Falen softly nodded “ok Barbecue then we find Felix but we are finding him” the meat sizzled as it hit the smokey hot barbecue steam filled with flavor evaporated into the air filling the area with a strong potent mixture of meat and blood the scent was strong enough  to visualize everything that was cooking on that barbecue and that's what made my stomach turn "Blaugh!" ‘Augh that smell is fowl it's like cooking rotting flesh "Hey Falen are you ok?" Amisi shouted from behind a tree I held my stomach spitting the remaining vomit from my mouth " augh yeah I'm alright just that smell!" Amisi walked over to me she stared confused "what smell it can't be the Barbecue it smells delicious" ' just hearing her say delicious made me want to hurl "yes the Barbecue it reeks!" She softly giggled "Hehe you’re so weird" ‘yeah im the weird one there cooking human meat’ Reece ran over to us “hey Falen you ok you looked sick then ran off” “augh “augh no that smell is fowl I don’t get it human blood smells delicious to me but human meat smells fowl!?” Reece broke into a laughing fit “haha Falen it’s not real human meat its artificial cloned organs it’s not from a living human so you don’t have to feel bad and that’s why the meat smells different ok just come back with us I’ll cook something else if it’s really making you that sick” Hours past as Reece and Amisi continued eating and talking I couldn't stomach anything Reece cooked Amisi run over to me "hey your tummy feeling better?" I softly smiled "yeah I feel much better you two seem like you’re having fun" Reece ran over to us carrying large sticks” hey girls watch you talking about?" Amisi giggled "just you haha kidding Hehe" Reece softly laughed as he threw the sticks on the ground and sprayed some liquid "ok well get ready for the bang haha!" Amisi looked up " bang what do you mean why did you bring those sticks?" Reece laughed as he lit up a match "haha just watch" he threw the match at the sticks my eyes widened as the match hit the ground everything went white "Falen run!" 'What where am I the woods changed to a fiery inferno my lungs filled with smoke and my eyes stung filling with tears "Falen run get out now!" 'Who is that it sounds so familiar "Falen hey are you ok come on snap out of it!?" 'That's Reece cough cough augh I can't breathe "Falen wake up!!" My eyes shot open "cough cough Reece Amisi what happened there was fire and someone screaming?!" Amisi tackled me into a hug "oh thank Ra you’re ok after Reece lit the bon fire you screamed falling off your seat then you went into some type of shock it was like you weren’t even here what happened!?" Reece run up and hugged me "Falen I'm so sorry I had no idea you were scared of fire are you ok?!" ‘There both so worried about me’ "you two I'm fine I guess the fire just spooked me haha don't worry really I'm fine let’s just enjoy our Barbecue" ‘the night fell quiet like a shadow it had been hours since Amisi and I had returned to my dorm she said she was going to talk to Miss grey about becoming my roommate that made me happy but  I couldn’t shake this terrible feeling filling my chest my heart ached as I stared out the window ‘what is this feeling’ “Hey Falen you ok you’ve been staring out the window for hours?” ‘She’s right I have been what am I looking for why can’t I look away what is this feeling’ “Falen hey!” Amisi tugged me from the window “you in there Falen?” she stared a worried expression written on her face “huh ah yeah im good I just zoned out sorry Missi” she gave me that childish glare “hah well that’s a relief  hey besides the whole bad taste and fire thing that was actually a fun Barbeque don’t you think?” I softly shrugged sitting back down “yeah I guess” Missi flopped beside me “hmm are you ok you haven’t been yourself since we got back?” ‘i haven’t been able to shake this feeling ah’ “was it right I finally get Reece to agree to help me find Felix and here I am having a barbeque I’ve wasted so much time I don’t even know where to start Felix…he could be in a lot of pain or worse and all I’ve done is waste so much time!” Missi listened to my every word she sighed softly hugging me “Falen for starters it isn’t even your fault that he got taken or whatever Halima did it to him don’t beat yourself up” ‘how can she say that it is my fault “it is my fault Halima is in me the phsyco nut case is in me and she’s hurt him just to get to me!” Amisi sat up she death glared me “it is not your fault you have no control over Halima what she does isn’t your fault you didn’t make her now stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something if you feel so bad then go right now and find Felix with or without Reece’s help just stop blaming yourself for everything!” ‘Woe she changed so much the childish girl had become stern and cold almost forceful “ah ok I’ll stop just never talk that away again it’s so grown up?” her glare turned to wide eyed smile “yeah I know but sometimes the only way through to you is aggression hmm hey I need to ask you something and don’t get mad at me ok?” she sat back down and stared into my eyes “Felix is more than just your friend isn’t he?” ‘Ah what why would she ask that and why is my heart beating faster my cheeks feel warm ah no please don’t let me be blushing again’ “gah what i…I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Amisi giggled as she poked my cheeks “ooh flustered face haha you’ve got it bad for him” I stood up my heart was still racing I couldn’t stop it “no I don’t it’s not like that!” she smirked as she stood up “ooh ok then then what is it like is he a brother?” ‘Augh why does that make me feel sick “augh no!” she laughed giving a slight smirk “ooh so he’s defiantly out of the brother category haha” ‘Grrr she’s starting to annoy my nails dug into the window sill “ah you promised you wouldn’t get made now spill it what is he to you why do you care so much about him?” my heart beat began to slow down why did it rise in the first place “ok I’ll tell you Felix he knows about me and about my past I was unconscious for three years at least that’s what I was told but now I know that I was awake I was awake and different Felix’s knew me in my past before my memories were locked up so I guess im close to him because he’s always been there for me in my past he was there for me I don’t know what he did but he’s always been there and there’s just something different about him a way I’ve never felt before haha I know what you’re probably thinking I sound like a school girl was some crush but it’s not like that were connected I feel a sincere true deep connection to him and I don’t even know why it’s like my heart remembers something that my mind cant and its infuriating!” the window cracked behind me “ahh woe easy don’t break  the windows just ah go on Falen” Missi sat down waiting for me to continue “ ah ok I don’t know why I care for him so much I just do god I sound so stupid” ‘im talking like a school girl in love with the popular guy god its infuriating why do I feel this’ Amisi grabbed my hand pulling me onto to the bed she softly smiled “I understand you don’t sound stupid it makes perfect sense he’s the key to your past and I understand completely ok so stop making that face you look like your about to cry?” I hadn’t realized my eyes had become wet I had almost cried but why what caused these tears? The silence was broken by three loud knocks coming from the door Amisi stared “were we expecting someone?” I shook my head walking over to the door slowly opening it Reece stood in the door way his bare muscular chest flexing as she smiled “hey Falen well I promised ide help find the vamp boy so here I am haha” as he laughed his muscles tensed everyone ripped and chiseled like a rock “gah for god’s sake put a shirt on!” Amisi laughed as she laid on the bed “haha your face is so red Falen haha Reece put a shirt on before she becomes a tomato haha!” Reece softly laughed “alright sorry I was just running before I came here hold on I’ll be back also you look cute when you’re blushing” ‘he ran off before I could respond I ran to the bath room “ah I do look like a tomato god that’s so embarrassing how dare he call me cute he’s a dead man!” Missi giggled lying upside down “oh come on you like it and we both know deep down secretly you love it when guys swoon over you hehe you act different but you’re still a girl surrounded by super-hot guys im impressed you haven’t blown off your head from blushing so hard haha” ‘oh please there just guys im not some stupid school girl that blushes every time a guys around that’s just dumb’ {I see times haven’t changed I see females still swoon over attractive men it’s pathetic just because there cute doesn’t mean  there good or nice ide rather love someone for their heart then there face and body getting both is just a bonus} “Halima I don’t want to talk to you and I don’t care about your opinion you can go to hell after what you pulled you tried to kill me so just shut your trap cause as of now you don’t exists to me and I will continue to ignore you!”  Amisi stared "ahh Falen is that Halima you’re yelling at or me?" I stopped realizing I was talking out loud again “ah sorry Missi it was Halima the nerve she tries to kill me now she's acting like none of it happened ahh I hate people like that" Reece ran into room " hey I'm back and I've got a shirt you ready to go?" Missi smiled “yeah were ready so where are we going?" Reece sighed " we're going to East witch manor on the other side of the school there is a girl there who can help us find Felix" the grass was long and jagered like blades the sky's gloomy and grey like all life was washes away in a sea of darkness the giant stone manor stood in the center its bulk structure and gothic design was impressive but also sent chills up my spine we walked up to the dark purple door Reece nervously hit the buzzer a cold and threatening female voice responded “what do you want!?" Kya shouted through the voice box Reece took a deep breath responding “ah were here to see Zynia" it fell silent as soft breathing was the only thing coming from the voice box "fine" the door opened reveling a olden style medieval decor it felt like I had gone back in time Kya stood in the center her eyes glaring sending daggers straight at us especially Reece he slowly stepped forth like he was walking to the mouth of a beast "ah hey Kya your sister here we really need to talk to her she made a deal and hasn't kept it so were here to make her keep it" Kya sighed "witches deal we must obey very well Zynia you have guests!"   

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