After being captured by the Order Falen awakens looking for the others sensing there presence she searches for them by a girl who looks almost identical to Falen what happens when Falen awakens in her home town without her powers or her Blood Wolf mark is she human was it all a dream what happens when a mysterious voice summons Falen to the secrete room in the Blood Wolf Hunting School what will happen Felix has vanished and the thirst is rising will Falen be able to resist the temptation or will she snap can the blood lust be controlled or will the beast reveal its self again? The shadows are back and a young woman with dark red hair watches from a distance with Felix gone how will the Blood Wolf handle the thirst in BLOOD LUST



Reece stood shocked frozen in fear I had the same reaction when I first met Halima she smiled squeezing out the water from her hair "honestly do you know what this water dose to my fur I can't believe you were able to remove the Rosary ring you of all people you’re not selfless you've hurt her more than anyone else but since she doesn’t remember I guess your of the hook Felix haha" Felix snarled bearing his fangs "hey what happened that day wasn't my fault I never meant to hurt her!" 'What the he'll are they talking about?' I ran over to them "hey what are you two fighting about?" They both turned away "none of your business!" I looked over at Halima she looked just like Falen only different skin colour different eye colour and blue hair instead of brown she saw me staring at her "you wish to know why I look like Falen and why I can possess her correct?" 'How did she know I slowly walked over to her nodding "yes I do Falen is my future mate" she snarled kicking me to the ground "like he'll I've seen the way you treat her…this heart body mind and soul belongs to Khait no one else!" 'Owe that really hurt all she did was kick me I taste blood god she's more powerful than I thought Felix laughed "haha for once it isn't me getting kicked" Halima grabbed me by the throat "you’re not getting off that easy next time you get thrown into a pool do me a favour drown instead of risking our life to save you!" She threw me to the ground then walked off I quickly got up and ran after her "where are you going you need to give Falen back?" She stopped dead in her tracks "I don't have to do anything without the Rosary ring I'm free as a bird" 'What she's not going to give back Falen I opened my hand revelling the Rosary ring in perfect condition "my what is that delightful scent?" Halima and I stopped a bunch of Mermaids watched us from the water Halima softly glared I saw the president Mirial Salt swim up to the edge she looked up at Halima smiling "you smell positively ravishing ide love a taste" she licked Halima’s leg "oh my your delicious more!" Halima snarled kicking Mirial back into the pool "not on your life a pathetic Mino like you doesn’t deserve my sweet taste or my time!” She continued walking off Mirial stared "Mino me small how dare she you will pay for that!" The water turned a murky black as it covered Mirial she remerged hissing her moth split open revelling rows of small sharp teeth long sharp fins grew out of her arms and her ears became webbed same with her fingers "you will pay girls grab her!" A swarm of other Mermaids swam up grabbing Halima’s legs pulling her into the water she screamed in pain as the water covered her she screamed again as her body started sparking with electricity she thrashed around Mirial laughed "haha so you’re a vampire now who's pathetic girls give her a drink!!" The other Mermaids dunked her head under the water she thrashed around again I ran to help but stopped as I hit the edge "I can't I'm too weak from before Halima you can take it!" The water turned to red with blood as three of the mermaid girl screamed in pain Halima pulled herself free ripping her claws into the girls tails she threw them away like they were nothing Mirial hissed " how dare vile!...." Halima grabbed her head covering her mouth "you shut your face I am not a vampire your piece of plankton I am a Blood wolf do well to remember it or I will turn you into sushi now get out of my sight!!" She threw Mirial out of the pool and climbed out I ran over to help her "are you ok?" She looked up at me her body sparking from the water "like you care" she got up ignoring the sparks and walked over to Reece "you Reece I want you to leave Falen alone you’re a little boy who only thinks about his self why don’t you try taking her feelings into consideration she was crying her eyes out" Reece stared speechless she snatched the Rosary ring from my hand "I need to rest I'm exhausted" she placed the Rosary ring back on her finger then collapsed Reece watched confused as her skin turned pale tan and her hair went back to brown and red "what the he'll just happened Felix!?" I walked over picking Falen up "you will never know come on Falen let's get you home" I ran back to Falen’s room "hey the door its open but she always locks it?" I slowly walked in as quietly as possible the kitchen light was on 'Someone is definitely here' I gently laid Falen down on her couch and headed to the kitchen a smashing sound came from there I ran through the door shouting Hope screamed jumping back into a wall knocking her out "oh man Hope why are you here?" I picked her up and lay her next to Falen "haha two sleeping sisters hmm Hopes paler then before like greenish?" I saw Falen open her eyes she yawned getting up Hope fell onto her lap like a child "ah what the Hope...she looks awful Hope...Hope wake up can you hear me Hope!?" Falen stared scared as she rocked Hope she winced waking up "Falen I feel so weak and I can't find Alyaim I didn't have anywhere else to go" Falen pulled Hope to her softly hugging her "it's ok Hope I'll take care of you just stay here and rest you’re going to be fine come on you can sleep in my bed" Hope looked up "your acting so nice even though we hate each other it's confusing?" Falen smiled "it's called love we may not get along but where still sister's and sisters love and take care of each other no matter what Hope" Falen helped Hope up resting her on her shoulder "Falen I don't feel well...augh!" Hope dropped throwing up blood "Hope!?" Falen screamed trying to help her up "Falen go find Alyaim she's the only one who would know what's wrong I'll take care of Hope!" Falen nodded as she ran out of the room I grabbed Hope carrying her to the bathroom I leaned her over the bath tub "augh why I've never missed a feeding I've followed all her instructions why is this happening to me!?" I turned to Hope the left half of her body had partly shifted into her werewolf form pads off bloody skin laid on the ground like they were torn off "Hope what the he'll change back!!?" She snarled in pain as a huge black bat wing tore out of her shoulder blade "I can't augh I can't control them my halves there taking control ahh!!" One half of her body was werewolf while the other was turning into bat 'her sides must be taking over will this ever happen to Falen?' I ran through the school screaming her name "Alyaim where are you if you can hear me show yourself Hopes sick please I need you!?" I looked around for her charcoal black wings but there wasn't a feather to be found "her room she must be there unless Ally took over which means she won't help I'll have to figure this out myself my little sister needs me I won't fail her!" I ran back to my room "Hope Felix!?" Felix came flying through a wall "Felix what happened!!?" I helped him up as he shook the dry wall from his hair "ahh hope she mutated half of her is wolf the other vampire I was trying to hold her down but she's way to strong I believe her Blood wolf blood has become unstable I believe her Blood wolf blood has become unstable!" 'What the No Hope!' I ran through the hole in my room and faced the gruesome creature my sister had turned into "ahh Hope what has happened to you!?" Her skinny slightly muscular body was mutated into a mixture of dark brown and red fur with jet black oft skin "Hope my god this must be a side effect how do I fix it!?" She roared tackling me to the ground Felix was right her strength was unnatural "Hungry!" She roared trying to bite at me neck "ahh Hope you want my blood ok have as much as you want little sister I hope it helps you!" I turned my head giving her easier access I felt her razor fangs tear into my neck I wanted to scream but covered my mouth 'ahhh god this Hurts please let it work (what are you doing this could kill you that creature isn't your sister!?) "I don't care augh cough this my fault I'll take her punishment cause I love her cough…cough do you hear me in there Hope I love you!" Her fangs ripped away from my neck her muzzle now dripping with blood softly snarling as she looked down at me I couldn't move my breaths were sharp I tried desperately to keep my eyes open 'dam it she took too much I feel so sick my stomach and heart hurt I feel so cold and tired everything's all blurry at least I helped her after what I caused her Hope I'm sorry...' I ran back to the kitchen Falen laid on the floor her Blood was splattered all over the floor and her neck was torn open "Falen oh my god!?" I ran over to the bench grabbing a wet tea towel pressing it on her neck "what happened?" Hope stood in the corner her mouth was covered in blood her eyes were a jet black "Hope look what you've done hey you look normal only partially nude Here put this on!" I threw her my jacket it smacked her then fell to the floor she stared at Falen "why is she hurt there's so much blood did I do this?" 'She doesn’t remember hmm "yes Hope you did this you fed of here her she must have let you because she cares about you even though you dont give a shit about her!" Falen grabbed my hand "don't talk to her like that this is my fault..." Her hand trembled it was ice cold "no Falen just hold on wait Halima I'll bring her out she can save you!" I grabbed the Rosary ring and tried pulling it off “ah why won't it come off ah blood you need blood just stay awake!” Hope pushed past me “hmm you saved me for that I’ll save you id the ring won’t come off then just take of the finger it will grow back” Hope pulled tearing Falen’s finger from her hand Falen tried to scream she was too weak to make a sound Hope held up her finger as the Rosary ring started glowing “see its technically off so now whatever this ring dose won’t affect her so now she can heal faster though she will still need blood that is up to you im out of here she’s not my problem” Hope dropped the finger and walked out of the room not even covering herself ‘man she has issues’ I grabbed Falen’s ringer removing the ring a surge of bright red light filled the room I watched as Falen turned into Halima her eyes snapped open but they were drained “Halima can you hear me?” her arm lunged up grabbing my throat she tore into my neck like a feral beast “ahh easy I may be dead but that still hurts!” I pulled my neck free and stood back her eyes were a fiery red as she glared at me I could see her neck stitching back together “oww that stings are you crazy im not your personal blood bag!” she smirked getting up “you…I asked you to protect this body and all you’ve done is put it in danger I think it’s time I found someone else!” ‘What does she mean by that?’ I stood paralysed as her eyes sent daggers into my very soul this was her auras power to overcome all other monsters to trap them like fly’s in her web she appeared next to me grabbing my throat lifting me into the air “hmm you’ve become nothing but a nascence it time I got rid of you!” ‘Ahh my heart I can feel her clawing into my heart no I must stay with Falen I won’t lose her again ahh!’ “Haha yes you will Felix Craven I’ll make sure of it haha farewell!” felt her drop me into the rain I could move or talk whatever she did to me completely paralysed me I felt the darkness wave over me as a lid sealed above me ‘what is she doing to me help Falen please hear me Help!’ “Haha oh don’t bother I’ve severed your connection no one will even find you Felix now sleep for all eternity!” {What is this I feel weak…?} “No she’s waking up hmm I have to hurry!” I tossed the last shovels of dirt burring that nascence forever ‘I can still feel her hmm she should be weaker dam it!’ I ran back to the room and went through Falen’s draws I pulled out a shit of paper and a black pen and quickly wrote a heartbreaking message leaving Falen to crumble upon awaking “haha once she reads this and believes he has abandoned her she will break and I will be free no longer trapped in her blood I will be free to find you Khait we will be together”  I grabbed the severed finger and the ring and placed them back on the bone melded back together as if it never came off I laid back on the floor making it seem like I never moved and closed my eyes I felt the ring burn as it glowed I could feel it sucking me back into the void ‘soon I will be free’. “augh oww” I awoke the sunlight shown through my kitchen window filling the room “ahh that’s too bright augh what happened…ah yeah Hope went crazy and I saved her hmm where’s Felix?” a glimpse of metal caught my eye over in the desk I pulled myself up using the walls to keep my balance I walked over to the desk where a letter laid under a metal chain with a gold ring with a blue diamond attached to it “wait that’s Felix’s what it doing here and this letter it addressed to me?” i picked up the letter “hmm it Felix’s handwriting Dear Falen after seeing your sisters hideous mutated form I have become repulsed by the very thought of you and of your kind I can no longer lie acting as your friend when in truth I have been disgusted since the day we first met  saying I liked you and even smiling around you made me want to hurl…why is he saying this Felix no he wouldn’t would he…I have left this school so I can finally be free of you and your foul blood I can no longer bare being in the same school as you and I hope I never see you again for the rest of eternity” ‘why would he write this we were so close I trusted him I liked him I cared for him more than myself why wold he hurt me like this it was all a lie’ “Felix why?”

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